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Amazing!! Japan Releases World’s Thinnest Smart Phone

See This Amazing Thiny Smart Phone From Japan


8In a bid to to offer a so-called companion mobile devices to those who already own larger smartphones, A 5.3mm (0.2in) thick 4G phone has been announced by Japan’s biggest telecoms firm NTT Docomo.

The smart phone which will be released next month in Japan is a compact device that is designed to fit inside a card holder.

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The phone features an electronic-paper touchscreen which is similar to e-books and it weighs just 47g (1.6oz).
Although It will have limited functionality, with calls, texts and internet connection available, it will not have a camera or facility to work with mobile apps.

The phone has been named Card Keitai KY-01L – and it will be made by electronics firm Kyocera.

NTT Docomo  has described this  “simple, easy-to-carry” card phone as a useful extra device for people who have already purchased large-screen smartphones.
Although NTT Docomo has described the mobile as the “world’s thinnest” but that claim is likely to be disputed by other phone makers.

The Oppo R5 was 4.85mm thick when it was released in 2014, followed the same year by the Vivo X5 Max at 4.75mm.

And in 2016, Motorola released the Moto Z which was just under 5.2mm thick.

The KY-01L will cost $280  (£216, 32,000 yen)

and that is about NGN 101,000

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