How can I make bookings for future dates at Viva cinema and how much is it?

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I want to know how I can book days in advance at Viva cinema and how much it will cost, if it will be cheaper

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You can make bookings in advance online at Viva cinema. Viva cinemas make provisions to buy tickets online but although you can buy tickets days in advance you can only buy within the present movie week schedule. Viva cinemas across the country releases new movie schedule every Friday. The schedule runs from Friday till Thursday. So if you want to buy a ticket it can only be from Friday till Thursday.

To buy Viva cinema movie ticket online, just follow the steps below

  1. Visit then select the movie you like to watch
  2.  Select the state, cinema then select the day and time
  3. Make payment and input your email and phone number where you will receive your ticket.

For full details on movie showing at Viva cinemas, ticket prices and promos visit

If you book online or days in advance the ticket is still the same price with if you purchase at the cinema.

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