how can i open my flight ticket?

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Hello, I booked a return ticket but something came up and I won’t be able to travel back on the date of the return ticket again, how will I go about it?

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Why People Open A Ticket

People opt for an open ticket for many reasons. For instance, when a round trip fare is cheaper/better than a one-way ticket. Secondly, when there is an emergency, a traveller may decide to open the return ticket. Whatever the case may be, an open ticket is not a new phenomenon. Unfortunately, most airlines do not offer open ticket again but there are still ways of getting an open ticket.

How To Open A Ticket.

There are several ways to open a ticket. All are discussed below.

Through Airline

If you booked any of the domestic airlines like Arik Air, Air Peace, Aero, Dana etc and along the line, something came up that will not all you to travel as proposed. All you have to do is to contact the airline and ask them to open the ticket for you. A service charge may apply.

Through A Travel Agent.

Most travel agents can get you an open ticket. Why I recommend a travel agency is because they have a booking platform assigned to them by the airlines to carry out bookings on their behalf. With that platform, they can make bookings, change tickets and others with ease. For instance, if you book Arik air flight and the airline change flight time, automatically, you cannot have access to the ticket again. If you book through an agent, and there is a change, the agent can still have access to the ticket and work on it anytime.

The Airline Website

You cannot open a ticket on the Airline (Arik Air, Air peace, dana or med-view) website. But if you want to open your ticket, this is how to do it. Go to any of the domestic airline website (Arik Air, Air peace, dana or med-view) enter your departure date, then select a far return date that is less expensive and completes the booking. When you want to return, change the ticket and pay the charges (change and fare difference fee if there is any). That’s all.

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