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Student Finds Human Poo On Her Car For Second Time In Ten Days

the car was parked in a different place each time


8Aren’t Students vile creatures? Known for necking shots of sick, probably, and eating food way past its use-by date (definitely). Oh, and in this particular case shitting on cars.

Hang on a minute – I don’t remember the latter. This lady has found herself faced with the disgusting realisation that maybe times have changed, after she found ‘human faeces’ on the windscreen of her car – twice in two weeks.

Rachel Holmes, a student of Swansea University first cleaned the poo from her Renault Clio last week and was ‘angry’ when she saw that the same thing had happened again.

The 22-year-old parks her car on a small road behind her house in the Brynmill area of Swansea.

She said: “I am convinced it is going to happen again. I have no idea who is doing it – not many people know that I have a car.

“I do not know if it is a personal thing or not – I am just confused. We have no problems with our neighbours and the car was parked in a different place each time.

“I do not know if it is drunken vandalism.”

Credit: Media Wales
Credit: Media Wales

Rachel is convinced that someone is placing the surprise on her car windscreen rather than actually climbing onto the vehicle to leave it behind.

Her friends helped her to remove the first lot of faeces and on the second occasion she had help from a man on the street whose car had been egged.

Caring Rachel has even analysed the second poo and advised the perpetrator to seek medical help.

She explained: “The second one was huge. That person does need to see a doctor but it was more fibrous so we could just chuck it on the floor.”

Convenient for her – worrying for the pooper.

Credit: Media Wales
Credit: Media Wales

The fourth year English and French student added: “I am just so confused, it is such a strange thing to do.

“I was thinking of putting a camera in my car to see who is doing it but then my car would get broken into instead of shit on.

“The first time I thought it was weird, the second time I was angry.”

Credit: Media Wales
Credit: Media Wales

Although Rachel doesn’t use her car every day, she is now making a point to go and check on it.

People have offered advice to Rachel, with one person suggesting she needs to take the poo to the police for DNA testing – like you do.

Another told her that the parking spot is the reason she’s become the butt of the joke.

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