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Students Were Shocked As Teacher Mistakenly Plays P0rn Video To Class



You might be wondering that there could be nothing more embarrassing than the p0rn you were watching the evening before mistakenly popping up on your laptop for a room full of people to see but when the group of people is an entire classroom of your students then you can conclude its your worst experience ever.

To make matter worst, this accidental display was not from afar on a shitty little computer screen but it was beamed on to the big projector screen. Oh no!

The perplexed teacher can be described as mortified as he struggled to close down the window to the x-rated film that was showing on the big screen.

This poor guy accidentally started playing the wrong film. The completely wrong film – in fact it was what some would call a catastrophic mess up.


According to the video that was uploaded to the video sharing website LiveLeaks, where it has been watched more than 50,000 times, the teacher was meant to be playing a presentation for the student but the huge projector screen, which was connected to the teacher’s laptop, showed the x -rated footage in front of an entire lecture hall full of students. Who undoubtedly had absolutely zero sympathy.

In the footage, some of the students can be seen holding books up in front of their faces to block out the n@ked people doing their thing.

The Mirror also reported that the teacher, who had earlier left the room as the clip started, came back to the lecture hall to try to savage the situation as the jeers and laughter of the students got louder.



The teacher, a young-looking male can be seen rushing back to the laptop before closing down the video. We’re actually pretty impressed that he persevered without smashing or damaging his laptop

It is not clear how or when the footage of the teacher’s mishap was filmed and who uploaded it. But some people believed that it may be a planned scenario to ridicule the teacher and the assailants may the people who filmed the footage.

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What do you think about this situation, has something like this ever happened to you?

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