DO YOU WANT TO MAKE CONSISTENT AND REASONABLE MONEY FROM FOOTBALL EVERY MONTH? then read this post carefully and you will be glad you did. I am going to keep it short and straight to the point. This may be the best post you will read this year and I’m sure you will thank me for this.

I know you must have heard it several times that there is lot of money to be made in Football. I want to tell you today that this is the complete truth. In fact Football is multi-billion dollar spinning adventure with lot of people smiling to the banks every week as thousands of Football matches are being played across the world.

But one thing you need to note is that in as much as lot of people are making money from Football, majority of people are losing money. The following categories of people are those making money from Football; The club owners, the managers, the Footballers, the league and club officials and workers, TV channels and YouTube channels owners, the bookmakers, the Football traders.

For you to make consistent and reasonable money from Football you have to belong to one of the listed categories.

I am going to show you how you can begin Football trading and get a guaranteed profit of between 30%- 700% monthly.

You will noticed that I did not include Football punters (those who bet on Football) among the list of those making money from Football. This is because punters loose lot of money on Football betting. They are the ones that contribute to the wealth of Football bookmakers. 99.9% of punters are on the losing end if they subtract their loses from their winnings in any given year and the 0.1% that would say they are in profit will soon go into loss. This is simply because Football betting is designed to favor the bookmakers and against the punters.

Let me ask you this, have you ever seen a bookmaker (the betting companies) go bankrupt? Majority of the sponsorship deals that Football clubs get are from betting companies, how do you think those betting companies make such a huge amount of money to be able to sponsor those premium deals for big Football clubs?

They make their money from the losses of the punters of course. In Nigeria for example there are over 100 popular Football betting companies and yet every year new betting companies are sprouting up and none of them have gone bankrupt. Do you think the number of betting companies will keep increasing if they are not making huge money daily?

To further affirm this, one of the foremost owner of a bet company in Nigeria, Akin Alabi (the owner of Nairabet) posted on Twitter last year that he has paid over 100Million Naira in personal income tax within just 3 years. Can you calculate how much his income would be if he paid such huge amount of money in Tax?

Don’t be deceived with 2 or 3 people winning every week over 5 million people are losing every week and that is making up for whatever amount those few people win. The owner of bet9ja recently bought a Football club in Portugal, this shows you how much these people are making from punters.

Stop contributing your money to Football betting companies, start making consistent and reasonable money from Football. Stop betting on Football today and Start trading on Football.

What is Football Trading?

I will simply describe Football trading as the process of following proven principles and procedures to make consistent money from Football. This is the process of making monthly profit from Football regardless of the outcome of matches in the month. Football trading simply guaranteed you will make money no matter the results of matches in the month.

Difference Between Football Betting and Football Trading

  • In Football trading, you can predict your monthly returns whereas in Football betting you can not, you are not even sure you will have any returns and in most cases you suffer loss.
  • In Football trading you are guaranteed of between 30%- 700% per month whereas in Football betting you will most likely lose.
  • Betting companies love those who bet on Football cos you make them money whereas they don’t really like Football Traders cos they make money from them.
  • Football trading is a business and you grow up your business and scale up whereas football betting is a game of chance and you lose most of the times.
  • No matter what happens in a month you are confident of profit when you trade Football while this is not so when you bet on Football.

So What are you waiting for? Join our Football trading group today and start enjoying 30%- 700% monthly profits.

If you join our Football trading group, I will show you the step by step technique you will be using to trade on Football and make monthly guaranteed profit.

If you follow our step by step guide strictly then you can be sure to be smiling to the banks at the end of each month.

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