NYSC 2022 Batch ‘C’ Registration Portal (Detailed Guide)

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NYSC portal

NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ Stream Online Registration Date Announced

NYSC 2019 Batch 'C' Online Registration

The registration portal for the NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’

Event Meta
NYSC 2019 Batch C Online Registration
Event Status
Start Date
October 21, 2019 12:00 am
End Date
November 1, 2019 11:00 pm
Event Location
Attendance Mode
NYSC Website
Postal Code
All States
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NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ Online Registration Portal

The registration for NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ starts Monday 21st October 2019. In this post we are going to give you detailed step by step guide of how to register, registration requirements, how to print call-up letter, how to get exemption letter and many more.

How To Register For NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’

  1. Visit the official NYSC registration portal here NYSC Portal
  2. Click on the red button with “Mobilization Batch C 2019”
    nysc 2109 batch c
  3. Complete all the forms
    nysc registration form
  4. The revalidation link is for those who has been mobilized in previous batches but did not go to the orientation camp.
    nysc registration revalidation
  5. If you have registered previously and for one reason or the other you did not complete or submit your registration, do not create a new account just click on “Login Here” instead to continue your registration with your initial Username and Password.
  6. Make sure you did not thumbprint by proxy.
  7. Make sure you verify all your details before submission.

NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ Registration Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for registering for the 2019 NYSC batch C. Just go through them to see if there is any you have not ticked.

  • You need to have an active email address cos this is where the National Youth Service Corps Portal will use as a communication tool during and after registration.
  • An active phone number.
  • Your correct Matriculation Number from your institution.
  • Also verify that your name is listed on the Senate List 2019.

How To Verify Your Name On NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ Senate List

To verify your name on the NYSC 2019 Batch C Senate List, follow the steps outlined below

  • Visit the NYSC 2019 Senate List Portal by clicking “NYSC Senate Portal
  • You will be taken to a form so the next step is to select your institution from the drop down menu
  • Enter your school matriculation number.
  • Fill in your surname in the third box
  • Then select your date of birth and click on the search button
nysc 2019 senate list

How To Print Your NYSC Call-Up Letter

Follow the steps outlined below to print your call-up letter on the NYSC website

  1. Go to the NYSC website portal by visiting http://portal.nysc.org.ng.
  2. Locate the Login tab.
  3. Login to your dashboard with your registered email and password.
  4. Click on ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link to access and print your call-up letter

2019 NYSC Camp Registration Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for registration at the NYSC orientation camp. Make sure you have all the requirements to avoid any story that touch

  • Original Call-up Letter either the one you collected from your school or the one you print online.
  • Your School certificate or Statement of Result endorsed by authorized officer with authentic signature.
  • School Identity Card, including traveling Passport for Foreign-trained graduates.
  • Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Optometrists are to produce evidence of Registration with their Professional Bodies.
  • Prospective Corps members should go to Camp with Functional Account Number and Bank Verification Number (BVN) to facilitate online payment of entitlements.
  • In addition, each prospective corps member MUST present Certificate of Fitness from a Government or Military Hospital showing his/her health status before he/she will be registered and admitted for the orientation course.
  • PCMs that graduated from Monotechnics and Polytechnics should note that their National Diploma (ND) certificate will be presented with other relevant documents as pre-condition for Camp Registration at the Orientation Camps.
  • All Prospective Corps Members are to note that henceforth medical fitness/medical report submitted to NYSC must be affixed with Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) stamp. This is to authenticate the reports and curb quackery.
  • All prospective corps members slated for the 2019 Batch ‘C’ Orientation Course are advised to proceed to their respective Camps as stated on their Call-up Letters. Foreign-trained graduates are to report to the Camp with their traveling Passport for Identification as well as their Transcript for verification.
  • In the event of any loss of Call-up Letter, the Corps member who collected the Call-up letter from his/her Institution is advised to obtain Police Report and Sworn Affidavit, thereafter, report to the Institution of graduation for further necessary action. Those who initially printed their Call-up Letters on-line can re-print the Call-up Letters as many times as they want in the case of loss.

How To Correct Spelling Mistake In Names On NYSC Website

If there is any mistakes in your name you can correct it by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Login into your Dashboard using your username and password
  2. Click on Apply for Name Correction: Fill the required fields
  3. Click on Place Request to submit and wait for approval

Please note that NYSC does not attend to addition, replacement or removal of names. After applying from your dashboard, contact your Institution to process it and forward to NYSC online for final approval

How To Correct Date of Birth Mistake On NYSC Website

To correct date of birth mistake you will need WAEC verification. Follow the steps below for detailed guide

  • Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC verification pin from any First Bank branch
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth
  • Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number
  • Click on Verify button
  • Then click on SUBMIT

How To Correct Wrong Course of Study Issue On NYSC Website

If you encountered mistake in your course of study you can correct it on the NYSC portal. Just follow the steps below

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;
  2. Select Course of Study; and

Please note that this approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer 

If you have any question or issue you need clarification on, feel free to drop it in the comment box below and we are going to respond quickly

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  1. The portal is showing no active registration while batch b stream 2 registration should start today…what is the reason for this?

      • Please , I was made to understand that I can’t register now for batch b stream 2, till Nysc hard copy of the list arrives at my school, so, should I wait or I should go ahead for my registration?.
        And please is it possible that batch b stream 2 will go to camp this month of July 2019?

  2. Please I registered for batch B stream 1 but there was a mistake in my date of birth. and I was advice to go and purchased a waec verification pin, please can I still buy and submit now for this stream 2?

  3. I have completed the registration on stream 1, but i wasn’t mobilized due to i don’t have all my documents available to be uploaded as a foreign student, kindly advice me on how to carry on the process.

    • Hello Tobi,
      You need to login and upload all necessary documents, then you will wait till when printing of Call-Up letter for stream II is out and then you will print yours.

      • Even after uploading the said documents, this message is still there “You have not yet been mobilized because you have not uploaded valid documents”
        secondly. i’am using GCE and i dont have original WAEC result, what i uploaded was the statement, hope its not an issue?

  4. When I tried to register for stream 1 I got no information found… Pls I want to know if I’d strt the registration all over again or what… Main while I went back to the previous email sent to me to continue the registration and still gets no information found…. It’s frustrating

    • Hello Purity,
      If I understand you correctly that means your registration was not successful so you need to follow the step by step guide and register for the stream 2.

  5. I try to register dis wat I find on ma page wat shld I do You are in Stream 2. However, your institution has not submitted hard copy, be patient.

  6. OK….I have gotten the waec verification pin and submitted but nothing showed up…please how long will it take them to reply me and is it visible that they will reply soonest?

  7. Am try to do my registration there’re saying the spercify name has previous be entered that i cannt register pls want is a way out.

  8. I do my nysc registration successful ,but I print callup leter she say your not in this streem you will be notified went u print you callup leter.y what I will do

  9. I have being Register in batch b stream 1 and I was exemption I tried to correct the DOB at that time can I correct now and it will be corrected

  10. Pls I registered for this batch b 1 but i got a messg from nysc saying you have not yet been evaluated and also my weac certificate is rahimat while my other ducument is rahima they complained of that too pls what do you advice

  11. Thanks boss really appreciate ur wonderful work….but u hav any idea when registration would be ending? Cos u said

  12. I am a foreign students,i registered for NYSC batch B stream II since on Saturday but since haven’t been evaluated,so I can print my green card,but other course mate of mine told me there’s was sent under 24hrs…I don’t what could be the delay in mine…any possible solution?

  13. Hello here, I registered and in my dashboard I was told I was in stream two and will be notified on when to print my call up paper, so my questions is am I going to do the registration all over again??

  14. pls after the revalidation,will a new green card be printed?or would u gt a msg telling you if d process was successful?

  15. I had issues with my thumbprint in stream 1 and I was told to write a letter so as to follow stream 2 but haven’t seen anything..

  16. Trying to check my name on the Senate list but its showing “no records found” pls what do I do?

  17. It was neco result i used during my admission process in school and also my four years in sch. I want to change my date birth on my Nysc portal…
    Can i use the Waec verification pin gotten from first bank to change d date of birth since it was Neco result i used

      • Thanks TrendyNaija for ur quick response,
        I also have another question to ask

        During my four years in the university i was using a age which is rightfully my real age due to the error started from my jamb which i didn’t rectify because of the delay i will get and also bot wanting to loose my admission in university, i was made to understand that if i should go to jamb n before jamb will rectify my school that i got admission into might have taken back the admission cos the delay in clearance so I decided to go with age the way it is and also that was the age i used in graduating last year. The age difference is 4 year, csn i still change my date of birth on my Nysc to my rightful age… Then after i will go do an Affidavit of age declaration in court before leaving for camp cos i have already registered for BATCH B STREAM 2….
        Plss i need a helpful reply on the above stated


  18. Good Afternoon, pls I tried printing my green card today but its blank .. The only information I can see is the next of kin that’s all. Pls what do I do?? Foreign graduate ..

  19. please my name cameout in first batch senate list but i didn’t register rather did regularization due to DOB Since march uptill now is still showing waiting approval please will it affect me?

  20. Please i was shifted to stream 2, batch b 2019. I have printed my green slip but for me to find out that my account has been suspended today. Please what do i do?

  21. I can’t login anymore to check my dashboard if i have been given a call-up letter yet. It jst keeps telling me ” your account has been suspended, contact your institute for rectification “.

  22. Good evening pls I have an issue concerning my registration am a full time degree but I mistakenly click on part-time and they asked me to wait for my exclusion letter which is not suppose to be cus am suppose to go for service pls what can I do, is there a way they can rectify it for me

  23. I was mobilize but I was told have not been evaluated please what should I do and have sent my clear documents to them

  24. Comment Text*please my login to the nysc portal has been suspended wah is the reason for this can you help me out

  25. I can’t log in again it saying my account has been suspended..that I should contact my school for rectification… pls am confused

  26. please, I mistakingly click on that my informations were correct at the start of my registration on the portal and submitted, while actually, there was an error on my informations submitted to the portal, please what can I do?

  27. please, I mistakingly click on that my informations were correct at the start of my registration on the portal and submitted, while actually, there was an error on my informations submitted to the portal, i dindt do the thumbprint or biometrics. please, what can I do?

  28. Good morning Trendynaija, you are doing a great job here thanks.
    I have checked my name on the senate list for Batch B stream 2 and it is there with the instruction that I can now register. But, when I open the registration portal, there is no column for new member login details, it is only existing username and password that displays.
    Should I be worried about this?

  29. good evening. during my registration I corrected my name that was wrongly spelt,I changed the’u’ to’a’
    all those I registered with have gotten their call up number except me.would the correction I made affect me or what..I’m really nervous

  30. hello well-done for the nice job you are doing I was mobilise weeks ago I did all the necessary registration and my status was I have been mobilise I just login last night just to receive another message on my dashboard that have not been mobilise please am confused what should I do am a foreign student

    • Good morning Trendynaija, you are doing a great job here thanks.
      I have checked my name on the senate list for Batch B stream 2 and it is there with the instruction that I can now register. But I don’t want to go now till oct/nov. Pls what can I do
      Note:I have not register

  31. pls eny batch b stream2 isfop student here pls kindly indicate if ur account has been suspended

  32. Good morning, pls I noticed that my school made mistake when uploading my course of study, they uploaded agric business instead of agric science and I have corrected online since last week Friday bt it has not reflected on my dashboard yet…
    I am so worried because I didn’t print my call up no because of the mistake

    Pls how long will it take b4 it reflects?

  33. Comment Text* is it still possible for me to do correction on my date of birth on my nysc I have already done my registration

  34. good day pls I have already done my nysc registration is it still possible for me to do correction on my date of birth on my nysc website

  35. Comment Text*please my school made a mistake in my jamb reg number and name …I have corrected it….will I go with stream ll….

  36. Please my waec date of birth is wrong instead of 25th of June they put 20th of June. I have sworn an affidavit since last year in it and written to waec through my school. Hope it will not affect my nysc

  37. Please my waec date of birth is wrong instead of 25th of June they put 20th of June. I have sworn an affidavit since last year in it and written to waec through my school. Hope it will not affect my nysc

  38. Please I had admission in 2007 but we started in 2018… And as at the time I registered for jamb that year I filled awaiting result….so the waec wasn’t good as I didn’t make maths and physics so I decided to combine it but I did pit in waec again years after…so I decided to use the one I wrote after I have already been in school for DOB verification but it’s getting to 3weeks now I have not gotten any respond. Is it that I can’t use the one I wrote after gaining admission?

  39. Comment Text*please is like I made mistake on my year of study please will it affect me??

  40. please my wife is registering on the NYSC portal but the thump printing device is not accepting her thump, kindly assist

  41. Hello. Can schools stil upload names? Or there wil be no uploading for this batch b stream 2? Because it was just last week we finish writing our exams at Bayero university kano. I want to knw if i stil get chance to join next batch.

  42. Good Morning,i Really Commend Your Dedication And Ur Effort. Last Year,i Was Involved In An Accident I Cldn’t Go For Camp,this Batch B Stream II I Did Revalidatn,i Was Unable To Fill My Health Status.What Can I Do?

  43. Please how long does it take for exemption certificate to arrive my institution after registration?

  44. Can I change the date of birth to which I was mobilized with, 1989 , this is the date of birth which I have both in my waec and also in my jamb, but my real date of birth is 1992, can I change it

  45. Good day sir, please there is a problem with my state of origin. Please how do I correct it though am done with my registration. Waiting to print call up letter.

  46. pls i registered and make payment for batch b but can’t see the link for printing callup letter in my dashboard

  47. Please will we use the same call up number given in stream one after being posted to stream 2,cos it’s the same thing on the green card.thank you

  48. The date of birth to which I was mobilized with was 1989, and I was told that I fall under exemption, how can I do this because I really want to serve, this is what I also have in some of my documents, but the one I am having in my waec is 1987, which is a very big problem can I correct this to enable me to serve…???

  49. Comment Text*thanks for your response, please I just want to know if it’s compulsory to go to nysc camp with original ND certificate because I have the statement.. thanks in anticipation

  50. Please I really want to know, my school is Benson idahosa university, some students are going for nysc camp August because they already have their result and they didn’t do the summer program for failed courses. Please I want to ask is there a batch going November pls I really want to know if there’s any November batch

  51. Good day,sir am having an issue with my registration, since batch b stream 1, that I should upload my traveling document nd olevel certificate which is done so.but still yet to be evaluated. Pls help

  52. Good Evening Sir. I Did My Registration On The 29th Of July For Batch B Stream 2 And I Cannot Print My Green Card Up Till Now. On My Dashboard It Is Showing “awaiting Call Up Number” What Could Be The Problem. Pls Reply Me

  53. Good afternoon sir, Please my name just came out on my school senate list, but i dont want to go this August, but in the next batch. Does this mean i will skip registration now and preferably register in October against November??

  54. Please, my name is on the senate list, hence I continued with registration. After successfully creating an account, I cannot seem to login in to my account. The error message says “Invalid email or passcode”. I am very sure of the account details I used. When I tried to reset password, it says “No details found” Please what could be the problem.

  55. Have done my registration but my dashboard isn’t showing ” You are in stream II you will be notify when to print your call up letter” but my course mates have that in their dash board. what should i do?

  56. Please the DOB on NYSC portal is different from the one am using cos according to NYSC am already 30 of which am not I’ve already done WAEC Verification but was alerted by the NYSC that my exemption certificate is in progress please Is there still hope of going this August….. NOTE: I’ve done verification and it was successful. Just want to know if I can still go with this present stream

  57. Please the DOB on NYSC portal is different from the one am using cos according to NYSC am already 30 of which am not I’ve already done WAEC Verification but was alerted by the NYSC that my exemption certificate is in progress please Is there still hope of going this August….. NOTE: I’ve done verification and it was successful. Just want to know if I can still go with this present stream

  58. Good evening, please I registered yesterday but I haven’t been able to print out my green card, instead is showing me awaiting callup number…. Do I have any cause to panic if no, please tell when it’s going to display for me to print ….. Thanks…

  59. pls my name is out,I dont want to follow batchB should i register now and revalidate later for batchC or shoul i wait and register when am ready because some said i should register now but i suldnt printout my callOff letter dat by November il now revalidate,that if i suld wait n register later that my school will have to forward my name again.Pls enlighten me

  60. Pls ive registered and printed out NY call up letter but my date of instution entry shows 0 instead of 2015.
    Pls nd pls how to I rectify this problem?

  61. Good morning, pls have registered for my NYSc and I was posted to Edo state due to some reason I don’t want to go this August can I go with October/November?

  62. Pls my name is out nd ave been posted to sokoto but my question is must I get to d camp by tuesday bcos it said d streaming will commence on tuesday….pls tell wat to do

  63. Can someone still use weac pin to change NYSC date of birth… during nxt batch
    It’s showing exemption certificate process and will b sent to your institution..
    Plz urgent reply needed..

  64. I graduated from the polytechnic and i applied to HND with my Distance learning Dgree. Please what is my stand.

  65. if my name is in the senate list for nysc batch c and i register but i was not moblized what can i do

    if my name is in the Senate list for nysc batch c but I want to go with the next batch what van I do

  66. Thanks for this opportunity, I was mobilized in previous batch but didnt show up in camp,I just revalidate now,will I have a new call up number or will I be regiven the old one

  67. I am 23 Years Old, Mistake has been made during my jamb registration which read 1986 instead of 1996. To the best of my sincerity this information is legit, when i click on the column for the correction of date of birth (waec) in my dash board it is writing me registration has closed this service is no more available, pls i need me a solution so that i will be able join the 2019 batch c, i’ve been mobilize since batch b 2019 but have’nt complete my registration until when the portal is open for the 2019 batch c.

  68. Pls the name on my certificate is arranged differently from the mobilized one for nysc I.e okonkwo ndidi blessing and okonkwo blessing ndidi,and I have printed my green card already for this batch C,pls do I need to apply for change of name or can I just leave it be?

  69. Good afternoon Sir, Please i went to register on Thursday evening and i made some silly mistakes due to so many things bothering me. I made mistakes in year entry of primary, secondary , university but every other details are correct and please i really want to know if it’s going to affect me for going to camp.. I need your assistance Sir plz….

  70. Good morning sir, please my name is on the senate list and I’ve been trying to register since last week Friday all to no avail. It’s displaying no state for deployment. Please I need your reply

  71. Please I register for Batch c and I was told to upload my Original Olevel cert which I have done but the message is still on my portal and I’m trying to print my verification slip is showing error printing report.
    Please come to my aid because registration already start today

  72. i CHANGE my DOB on nysc portal using waec verification pin on 22 oct. how long wil it take to be rectify and how wil i kw dat de problem have been solve?

  73. i was mobilized previously but i didnt know. i was waiting for batch c, but my name was in batch b. i checked nysc graduated list. can i register with batch c?. how do i do the registration please?. I saw fresh registration and revalidation, where do i start from

  74. You have not yet been mobilised because valid details were not sent from your institution. However, your institution has been notified. If rectified you are likely to be in stream II
    This is what I have been facing since yesterday what do I do Pls I have been unable to even select state


  76. Hello house, I wanted correcting my d.o.b i’ve been mobilize with the batch b, but have’nt complete my registration till this batch c, after successfully registring when i click to the link to d.o.b correction it shows me registration has close this service is no longer available, pls what should i do?

  77. while registering for nysc, i couldn’t submit stage 2 because the server or portal couldn’t provide my institution and course of study for HND after completing the foundation program details. OND. in details. i graduated in 2000 but have not served ie not 30 then. mobilized in 2015 batch b but not aware. please kindly advised. thanks

  78. good morning admin,,,,I really wish to serve in the stream 2 of the 2019 nysc batch c …….. please I’d like to Know when the stream 2 for batch c would be leaving for camp, thank u

  79. i feel like following batchC Stream2 pls,what if my name comes out in stream1 what should i do?should i printout my calloff leta or not or is there a way i can check my stream without printing out call off letter?if i print out my call off letter and am in stream 1 wot should i do.2ndly it brought out jst one state for n told me i have successfully registered dat i suld go printout my green card.will it affect me.Pls reply me cos m confused.Plssssss

  80. Please am seeing Stream 1 in my call up Letter, and I was just admitted in the hospital today, don’t think I will be fit for Tuesday, hope I can join stream 2,even when I have already clicked and open the call up letter?

  81. I’m not happy at all,
    I registered early for batch c stream 1 on login to check my call up at my dashboard got the information that I’m not on this stream.its really annoying and frustrating please

  82. waiting moderation.
    I’m not happy at all,
    I registered early for batch c stream 1 on login to check my call up at my dashboard got the information that I’m not on this stream.its really annoying and frustrating please

  83. Pls sir I need your help..when I was registering it only brought out one state for me and I registered successfully but now I can’t any call up letter link on my dashboard ..Pls help me sir

  84. Pls i need your help sir..when I was registering the link only brought one state for and I registered successfully but now I can’t see any link to call up letter on my dashboard pls help..Thanks for quick response

  85. My name is in stream 1 and I’m not feeling too fine to go moreover the place is too far and I’ve already printed my call up letter,can I follow stream 2 without problem

  86. please help me out, my name is on senate list with a status that reads ‘has not been matriculated cannot register’ mean while my name is on matriculation list

  87. good morning sir, am isah aliyu my problem is that I have been registered since bach b 11 and have been verify and I collected my verification paper but still not yet evaluated. after that what I want to know is i must go for verification again or not. thank U FOR YOUR CONCERN

  88. […] NYSC 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream 2 Registration Portal (Detailed Guide …   […]

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