Cheapest Data and Call Plans In Nigeria

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Cheapest Data and Call Plans In Nigeria

I’ll keep hammering it in your ears and I no go tire until you gree see my own. And that’s why I’ve carefully compiled a list of all the cheapest data and call plans in Nigeria from your favourite telecom providers.

If you get my gist, then you’ll understand why you need to subscribe or switch to cheap and affordable data and call plans without your finances taking a hit.

So to cut that slack, I will be sharing all the various data bundles from the top telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

Without wasting your time, check below my best & cheapest data and call plans in Nigeria| Airtel, Glo, MTN, Etisalat (9mobile), Ntel etc.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans


  1. Airtel 6GB for N1500

I’m sure your jaws are dropping like mine, right? Just don’t let it drop reach floor abeg. Lool.  Jokes aside, while the deal sounds good, it has a very big flaw. Here’s what I discovered when I researched the plan;

If you’re very observant, you would have noticed that the 3GB for N1000 data plan won’t work for non-MTK Android phones.


Those non-MTK android users (Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG and co) that can’t use the Airtel BB10 3GB plan can simply opt in for this plan. Works well on all devices (PC, Android, Windows, Mifi etc)…

  1. Airtel 2G Plans

Slow but cheap, that’s what I call this because you get 2GB for N200 & 6GB for N500.

Airtel has provided a slow but cheap data plans that work only on 2G network.


As cheap as it is, you can’t use this plan when you switch network to 3G or 4G.

  1. Airtel N25 Naira Night Plan

This is a perfect remedy for soothing the wahala you face with your regular Airtel plan.  This night plan is suitable for anyone using SmartTRYBE prepaid tariff plan on Airtel.


  • You get 500MB for N25.
  • 5GB for N200 on the same package. Works well on all devices.
  1. Airtel 4.5GB for ?1000 & 2.25GB for ?500

Is this for REAL?

In February 2017, Airtel introduced the 4.5GB for ?1000 & 2.25GB for ?500

  1. Airtel 150% Data Offer

Airtel introduced 150% data bonus and it seems to work on some selected SIM.

If you’re lucky to be selected for the plan, you don enter be that! With just N500, you get to enjoy a whopping 1.8GB to last you for 2 weeks. Massive, isn’t it?

To get started, use the activation code below;

Activation code: Dial *418*2# to activate.

If your Airtel line isn’t eligible, opt for the Airtel 100% Data bonus plan below. Dial the activation code without airtime on your line to know if you’re eligible.

  1. Airtel 100% Data Bonus

The Airtel Double data offer gives you 400MB for N200, 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000.

You get free extra 200MB when you activate 200MB for N200, extra 750GB when you activate 750GB for N500, extra 1.5GB when you activate 1.5GB for N1000, extra 3.5GB when you activate 3.5GB for N2000.

Additionally, the data bonus offer is valid for 6 months.

To get started, use the activation code below;

Activation code: Dial *144# to activate.

How to check Airtel Data Balance

Simply dial *140# to check Airtel data balance

Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans

  1. 9mobile Social Plan

9Mobile Social Plan gives you unlimited access to all the social media platforms you can think of.

If you’re looking for an affordable plan basically giving you access to these social apps, the plan is perfect for you.

With the 9Mobile Social plan, you GET TO ENJOY unlimited access to Instagram, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for half the price at N150, valid for one (1) week.

To subscribe: Recharge N150 and dial *343*6*10#

  1. 9mobile Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 500MB, 1GB& 1.5GB

In December 2016, Etisalat modified some of their data plans. This plan is valid for 30 days and best for those that can’t afford to miss social happenings.

  • For 500MB: Recharge N500 and dial *229*2*12#
  • For 1GB: Recharge N1000 and dial *229*2*7#
  • For 1.5GB: Recharge N1200 and dial *229*2*7#
  1. 9mobile Night & Weekend Plans


The 9mobile (Etisalat) night and weekend data plans were designed to give you confidence and allow you enjoy browsing all through your favourite sites, update applications and download as much as you can in the night and during the weekends.

Therefore, this means goodbye to the fear of data exhaustion without prior notice.

Now, here’s what I love about the 9mobile weekend plan;

When you subscribe for the Etisalat 2GB for N1000 (while it’sparticularly made for weekends), you can also enjoy this plan between 7PM to 7AM every weekday (Monday to Friday + weekends) for 30 days!

  1. 9mobile 1GB for N200

Are you aware of the new 9mobile data plan that offers 1GB of data for only N200? Too good to be true, right?

This new 9mobile data bundle is perfect for those who cannot afford the regular plans. This plan is, however, limited and can be used on certain SIMs. In short, the plan is SIM selective.

  1. 9mobile + Tweakware (Social Plan)

For the free browsing lovers, Etisalat is blazing hot on Tweakware and isn’t about to stop any time soon.  With this plan, you can enjoy unlimited browsing using the Etisalat social plan. If you have a 4G enabled device, switch your network to 4G and enjoy the speed.

To enjoy the 9mobile + Tweakware (Social Plan), follow the instructions below:

  • Download and install Tweakware from playstore.
  • Recharge N300 on your Etisalat Sim, then subscribe to Etisalat Social Plan; Dial *343*6*8# to activate.
  • Go to settings » bundle settings » tick bundle » choose (ETISALAT NG) SOCIAL ME 1
  • Connect Tweakware and enjoy!

Note: You have only 100MB for the free server, If you want more… you’ll need N500 to activate the premium servers.

How to check 9mobile Data Balance

Dial *228# to check Etisalat data balance

Cheapest Glo Data Plans

  1. Glo Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 4G & 3G

This is the cheapest and arguably the best data plan in Nigeria. Glo have lot of amazing data plans on both 3G and the new 4G LTE network. The most interesting part is that you can enjoy the same amount of data for the same price on 3G & 4G. Both plans work on any device (PC, Android, Wifi, Modem, Windows etc).

This means you can buy 10GB for N2500, 3.2GB for N1000, 7.5GB for N2000 and more (*terms and conditions applies).

  1. Glo Night + Weekend Plan

Just like Mtn, Airtel and 9mobile, Glo is also providing cheap data plans for night and weekend. Glo night plan offers 1GB for N200 and weekend offers 3GB for N1000.

How to check Glo Data Balance

Dial *127*0# to check Glo data balance

Cheapest MTN Data Plans

  1. MTN Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 4G & 3G

Closing hotly on the heels of Glo in providing cheap data plans,MTN has affordable data plans for browsing that allows Android, PC, iOS and other mobile phone users to enjoy its plans without any extra settings.

  1. MTN 1GB for ?500 for Pulse Users

9mobile provides 500MB for N500… That’s affair, right? But isn’t it better if you can get double for the same price?

With MTN Pulse, you will get twice the data 9mobile would give. Imagine how much data you’d get when you accumulate this plan multiple times? Massive, right?

For example, that means you can get 4GB of data for just ?2000!

  1. MTN Night Plan

This plan is solely designed for Pulse users. It’s perfect for those who have no intention of using up their regular internet plan.

With the MTN Night Plan…

  • You are allowed to browse only within specified hours of the night (12 am to 4 am).
  • You also get 500MB with just ?25 and the speed is perfect especially if you’re using a 4G enabled phone. Additionally, the plan is applicable on all devices.
  1. MTN YouTube Data Plans

Are you a sucker for watching YouTube videos? Do you love of streaming videos on YouTube? If you tick yes to both, then the MTN YouTube Data Plan is what you should opt for.

This plan is particularly designed by MTN for YouTube crazies.Therefore, if you follow a lot of channels that share videos frequently, bother yourself no more. This plan was specially made for you. The MN YouTube Data Plan comes in two different packages – 1 hour for N150 and 3 hours for N400.

How to check MTN Data Balance

Dial *559*4# or *131# to check MTN data balance

Cheapest Ntel Data Plans


NTEL might be the new kid on the block; but make no mistake; the newest mobile telecommunications brand isn’t about to let the bigger brands take all the glory.  While Ntel is not yet available in all states, subscribers based in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are in for a sampling of heaven with the Ntel 4G LTE service

  1. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans

While NTEL offers unlimited data plan, it’s very expensive for a start and considering the financial capacity of an average Nigerian, it’s very unaffordable.

However, there’s nothing bad if you give it a trial. You can sample their daily plan reputed to be extremely fast and truly unlimited.

Other Cheap Data Plans In Nigeria

Big telecommunications brands aside, here are other cheap data plans in Nigeria you might not be aware of:

  1. ExpressWiFi Data Bundle

ExpressWiFi by Facebook offers one of the cheapest and most affordable data plans in Nigeria. Here is an updated list of their bundle size, rates and validity.

ExpreeWifi Daily Plans

100MB | 1 Days | N40

300MB | 1 Days | N110

ExpreeWifi Weekly Plans

750MB | 7 Days | N270

3GB | 7 Days | N820

ExpreeWifi Monthly Plans

5GB | 30 Days | N1,250

10GB | 30 Days | N2,000

  1. Flobyt Free WiFi

If you’ve not started enjoying free Wifi in Lagos, abeg no fall my hand.

Flobyt Free WiFi was launched by popular celebrity and Mavin Records head honcho – Don Jazzy. Flobyt is a free Wi-Fi mounted in public spaces and offers free and unlimited internet plans.

  1. TSTv Box

TSTv HD SMART Set Top Box (Connected Set-top box) converts your existing LED TV into a Smart TV besides showing you more than 100 Channels & services in High Definition and Standard Definition.

But that’s not even what’s got my feet tingling;

TSTv provides amazing features and other things you don’t know about this device. One of them is awarding subscribers with affordable internet plan as a bonus on their decoder subscription.

Check out the table below to view their full packages and prices.

TSTv Bouquet Subscription Table

Bouquets   Price Data Allowed

TSTv Monthly Bouquet   N3,000        10GB

TSTv 2 Weeks Bouquet   N1,500        5GB

TSTv 10 Days Bouquet   N1,000        3GB

TSTv Weekly Bouquet     N750 2GB

TSTv 3 Days Bouquet     N500 1GB

TSTv Daily Bouquet        N200 500MB

Without mincing words, TSTv is the biggest thing to enter the Nigerian telecoms market in 2017.


This post has carefully taken you through the various cheapest data and call plans offered by telecommunication brands in Nigeria – Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Ntel. However, the network and plan type you choose solely depends on your financial capacity and the strength of the network signal in your location.

When deciding on which network to pick, carefully analyse the strengths of each network and weigh the deficits vs. the benefits carefully. For example, there is no need to forcefully opt for cheap Glo data plans despite its affordability. As affordable as they are, the network strength and quality is nothing to write home about; just as opting for Airtel when it can’t even buffer an ordinary video on YouTube.

Therefore, your major deciding factor should be network strength and quality. Trust me, there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow internet!

Additionally, say goodbye to the era of wasting or using data lavishly.

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