Top 50 Hairstyles For Medium Length Black Natural Hair

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hairstyles for medium length natural hair

With so many African American natural hairstyles for medium length hair to pick from, you’d think it was barely possible to fall into a ‘hair rut’, but so many women do. It’s easy to fall into the comfortable and familiar pattern of asking for the same thing, knowing what works for you and staying with it, perhaps just changing up the color or length every now and again. 

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This article aims to point in you in the right direction. In this article we list the top 50 hairstyles for medium length black natural hair. See below to make your perfect choice/choices as the case may be

1. Rasta Braids 

One of the most astonishing things about these black medium length hairstyles, is that they are so customizable. Like this Rasta plait look, for instance, which we’re clearly fixate don.

Rasta Braids

2. Naturally Fierce n’ Curly Medium Length Hair

Want something a little edgy? These beautiful curls is the way to go.

Naturally Fierce n’ Curly Medium Length Hair

3. Fabulous Tight Curls

Leave your twists firmly sprung and astounding for a mid-year look that is asking to be flaunted.

Fabulous Tight Curls

4. Large Lemonade Braids 

There are such a significant number of extraordinary various alternatives open to you when you’re on the chase for regular hair, large lemonade braids is one of those choices.

Large Lemonade Braids

5. Flat Twisted Up Top 

Flat twists are perhaps the most straightforward style to learn at home, sparing you the time and cash of hair arrangements constantly. 

Flat Twisted Up Top

6. Corn Rows + Afro Puff

Blend some braided hair with an Afro puff and you see that it is just as awesome as you’d need it to be.

Corn Rows + Afro Puff

7. Chunky, Kinky Havana Twists 

We’re all here for these kinky Havana bends, a marvelous and extraordinary search for your next hair motivation.

Chunky, Kinky Havana Twists

8. Pretty in Pink n’ Natural 

If you were searching for something beautiful in pink, this look may very well be straight up your road.

9. Cute Easy Knots 

There’s something very calming about wearing your hair loose and for some ladies, it’s a treat and something to be completely anticipated.

Cute Easy Knots

10. Lovingly Lilac 

What an impressive shading this is! if you were considering infusing a few shades of the rainbow in your life this year, this would be one approach.

11. Twisted & Simple Natural Hair for Medium Length

 You could likewise blend and match various highlights from various looks as well, picking one perspective from one and consolidating it with another viewpoint from another.

Twisted & Simple Natural Hair for Medium Length

12. An Elegant Edge 

This awesome hairdo is easy to make and would suit those of us not patient enough, but want to look elegant.

13. All Yellow 

Would you be able to have colored hair when you’re additionally on the chase for natural hair? All things considered, that is absolutely an inquiry easy to refute, and the appropriate responses you’ll get will be altogether different from various ladies.

14. Red & Black 

The name says all about this style, why not add that red spice to your look?

15. Straight n’ Sleek

For those occasions when just straight hair will do, what about this straight n’ smooth look, weaved to the shoulders and totally as wild as you need it to be?

Straight n’ Sleek

16.  Twisted Braided Look for Natural Hair 

A look, simply like this one would be ideal for those sweltering, summer days.

Twisted Braided Look for Natural Hair

17.  Messy Puff For Lazy Days 

Searching for a touch of something uncommon for a major occasion or event? What about this stunning look? All you’d need is the privilege cheeky lip color and you’d be great to shine the whole night.

Messy Puff

18.  Accessorized Twisted Up-do

This concealed look has been made utilizing twists that join the increasing thickness in with the design.

Accessorized Twisted Up-do

19.  Beautiful Bantu Knots 

Obviously, you could generally decide on the Bantu bunch look, one that has turned out to be to some degree broadly connected with great ladies of color, for example, Janet Jackson.

Beautiful Bantu Knots

20.  Full Bodied Twist Out

What about this full-bodied twist-out, an impressive blazing look that could be stirred up with a wide scope of various shades and hues.

Full Bodied Twist Out

21. Cute Kinky Twists for Medium Length Hair

Also, for those occasions when just unusual will do, these twists for medium hair length totally rock.

Cute Kinky Twists for Medium Length Hair

22. Side Swept & Sultry

Lovely winding twists like these are only that ravishing but at the same time they’re pleasantly spiced up with some charming little braids.

Side Swept & Sultry

23. Hair So High

In some cases, you need hair that is similarly as high as your objectives in life. In case you’re trying to achieve the impossible, it’s just right that your haircut does as well, and this simple, regular look has got the majority of your bases secured.

Hair So High

24. Boldly Blue Locs

How bold would you say you are feeling today? Bold enough to go blue? These enormous braids with extra blue tones have infused some genuine new life into a look that may seem like other hairstyles you’ve had previously.

boldly blue locs

25. Ravishingly Red

There’s something just so brilliant about red hair. It’s the rarest hair shade of all, and the hardest one for such a large number of individuals to accomplish unnaturally.

Ravishingly Red

26. Flat Twist + Top Puff

For puffy days, what about level turns with a top puff? It’s simple and basic, won’t occupy too much of your time when dressing for work in the morning.

Flat Twist + Top Puff

27. Simple & Sweet Low Puff Bun

This look, for instance, is excessively basic, very lovely, and too fantastic. Performing multiple tasks like a flat out champ!

Simple & Sweet Low Puff Bun

28. Poppin’ Purple Crochet Braids

We’ve been overwhelmed by blue tones, and sent into overdrive with those searing red tones, yet what are your considerations on these poppin’ purple sew interlaces? Lighter at the finishes, darker at the roots, maybe it’s about time you begun taking a look at what purple tints could add to your life?

Poppin’ Purple Crochet Braids

29. Double Buns Smoothed On Top

Pop everything up high in double buns and after that utilization a baby toothbrush to smooth thing out and sort out those ends.

Double Buns Smoothed On Top

30. Another Day, Another Cool + Twisted Low Look

You don’t have to go insane and colorful with your multi-toned hair. This look demonstrates to you the amount of an effect simply infusing several extra inconspicuous shade changes can have on your general look.

Another Day, Another Cool + Twisted Low Look

31. Half n’ Half (With Some Sass!)

We as a whole have days when our hair needs to scream sass, even when we’re not feeling it. This hairstyle does just that.

Half n’ Half (With Some Sass!)

32. Double Pony Cheat

If you pop your hair into two braids, one over the other, it makes your hair look longer. All in all, the two ‘tails appear as though one major ‘tail, and one with some length and oomph on its side.

Double Pony Cheat

33. Intricately Braided, Twisted & Piled-Up

This look isn’t straightforward and sweet, yet it unquestionably screams advancement and sass.

Intricately Braided, Twisted & Piled-Up

34. Scarfin’ Around

There’s positively no disgrace in not doing your hair in the morning. For those days scarves will be your main guide.

35. Burgundy Burn

When you have to draw out your hot tamale side, this burgundy medium-length hair could be the response you’re looking for.

Burgundy Burn

36. Fourth Day Half Up, Half Down Style

This is an extraordinary look for when you’re three or four days into a natural style, with a touch of shading tossed in for good measure.

Fourth Day Half Up, Half Down Style

37. Elegantly Wrapped on Top

A style that totally shouts tastefulness and effortlessness, braids or locs are effectively turned around into styles that sit high on your head, allowing you the chance to flaunt portions of you that you probably won’t have considered previously.

Elegantly Wrapped on Top

38. Electric Blue African American Natural Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Blue plus space buns/half n’ half hair equals a look that we can truly jump aboard with, and we consider many of you would concur.

Electric Blue African American Natural Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

39. Professional and Elegant Up-style with Faux Bangs

We feel faux bangs aren’t given enough credit. For ladies, the addition of bangs can in a flash make ladies look a couple of years more youthful.

Professional and Elegant Up-style with Faux Bangs

40. Fiery Fauxhawk

The Mohawk is anything but a new look as far as haircuts go, yet it gets patched up sometimes.

Fiery Fauxhawk

41. Atomic Blonde Bomb

In case you’re not feeling those red-hot red tones, what about an atomic blonde look? You can’t generally contend with these brilliant dreads.

Atomic Blonde Bomb

42. Braided Ponytail

If you have wonderful braces as of now, why not utilize them and transform them into a braided pony?

Braided Ponytail

43. 90’s Inspired Space Buns

We love these 90’s enlivened space buns. Slightly hauled out than expected, this natural look is adorable.

90’s Inspired Space Buns

44. Fabulous Fauxhawk

Park everything back and add some smoothing gel and you also could have a Fabulous Fauxhawk.

Fabulous Fauxhawk

45. Simple Styled Pony

You can’t turn out badly with a simple ponytail, regardless of what type or length of hair that you have.

Simple Styled Pony

46. Braid-less Side-Swept Crochet Style

A rochet style look swept throughout the side and smoothed down, and all without braids.

Braid-less Side-Swept Crochet Style

47. Balayage Beauty

A balayage hair look is one that has been normally mixed, something flawlessly accomplished this dark to-blonde look for black hair.

Balayage Beauty

48. Double Trouble

In case you’re aiming for a look that is adorable n’ quirky, this twofold bun regular look may very well tick all the boxes for you.

49. Natural, But With Shape

There’s something exquisite about this normal look, loose and agreeable, yet at the same time sassy and sweet.

50.  Large, Loud & Proud

In case you’re aiming for a look that is adorable n’ quirky, this double-bun-regular look may very well tick all the boxes for you.

Large, Loud & Proud
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