How to Prevent Hunger During Intermittent Fasting

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curb hunger during intermittent fasting

In this post, I am going to show you how to prevent hunger during intermittent fasting.

When on intermittent fasting, it is normal to be hungry, that is why I want to share a few techniques that has worked for me and some of my friends in curbing hunger during intermittent fasting. See below for those tips

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Drink plenty of water.

You need to start walking around with a bottle of water if you are looking for the healthiest and simplest method of preventing hunger while you are on intermittent fasting. The body is made up of more water than any other thing and when we feel hungry, it is our body way of telling us to grab more cups of water. Normally, we are supposed to take an average of 8 glasses of water every day, intermittent fasting could be your best tool with achieving this. This is your number one powerful artillery for fighting hunger. Ensure the water you take is clean and healthy. Experts advised we take sparkling water in this case.

Take Organic Tea/Coffee

Another way you can keep hunger away from yourself is by taking at least a cup of plain tea or black coffee and a maximum of three will suffice for each fasting window. According to Dieticians and other health experts, having it on early in the morning or after your hit-the-gym period is the best time to take both coffee and tea for the best results being expected from intermittent fasting.  

It was advised we take coffee or tea plain in order to maintain the normal course of intermittent fasting, adding refined sweeteners or cream can easily render your fast useless because of the additives that are in these products. If you want to properly hydrate your system, boost your energy level, wage war against hunger and deliver a surge of antioxidants then you need to take a cup of coffee or tea.

Engage in Household Chores

A very beautiful way you can keep hunger at bay is by keeping your mind off food. Allow me to burst your bubbles, you know it’s natural to think of food when you are hungry, I mean who wouldn’t? Don’t even hold your breath yet, there are people who can do it, you can and I can, yay! Can a guy who’s to meet with about 5 people at a stretch to raise enough funds for his business think of food for once until all the ‘T’s has been crossed and the ‘I’s dotted? I haven’t been able to think of food on Saturdays up to about 2PM once my water bottle is close by, it’s chores all the way. Yours might be gardening, but the magic is that the mind is often focused on the work at hand and you will rarely feel hungry until you are truly hungry. Well, it is my personal experience and a good number of people attested to it from findings I made. You can try and share your experience in the comment box below. But honestly, you should consider gardening sometime, nothing is as beautiful as harvesting what you have planted for your meals. I mean can you be so sure of any other food as that?

Aside from engaging in another Spring cleaning, you can take that time to do some other meaningful and rewarding things like updating your long-deserted blog, finishing up your book, writing letters to far and near loved ones. Think about it, who writes letters with post stamps anymore but it’s something you can muse over and actually do and wait for amazing responses. Someone like me will actually appreciate receiving a handwritten letter, I consider it genuine and not automated, other people who will likely appreciate it are your grannies and parents especially if they are baby boomers. In essence, engage your mind in something that gives you joy and can give you a rewarding feeling and tell us if you did not forget about hunger within that time frame.

Go for a Walk

If you want to quickly burn fat, walking briskly might be an option for you. Aside from burning fat, you get to lock hunger up in a cell up in a high tower, the more you walk the higher that tower is and you do not want to pity it, it won’t even cross your mind to deserve any form of attention. Not only does walking briskly help you prevent hunger and burn your fat, it is also an age long tool for promoting a healthy health, which promotes the total wellbeing of the body. Do not get carried away though so you do not overdo it unless it’s something that comes naturally to you, you do not want to stress your system while it is at a state of fast. But honestly, you need to take a more self-aware look of your environment, appreciate the beautiful nature, smile up at the sun and breathe in that fresh air in the park, and I do not see any other better way of doing this other than walking.

Engage in Sporting Activity.

As long as you do not overdo it and of course you’d know if you are overdoing something when it starts taking a toll on your body…you can engage in any productive physical activity. This can help enhance the process of fasting too as we have been told by experts. You can engage in your favourite sport8ng activities such as basketball, tennis, and others that keep your adrenaline pumping, then you can engage in them during your fasting period. Sporting activities are good in the sense that your mind is focused on the activities rather than fasting, and the amazing thing is that your mind is also kept at bay from exercising…it’s just about the activities, that very moment.

Try Short Exercise

You can try short intense exercises like weight lifting, sprinting, etc about 30 minutes towards the end of your fasting period is good as the people who have tried it out attested. Not only does engaging in short exercises suppress hunger, they also help smash fat and supercharges your muscles. Please ensure you are well hydrating before, during and after any of the exercises you decide to engage in.


This is one of my best methods, because not only does it keep anxiety away from me, it also helps me forget about hunger.  During meditation, you sit still, relax and take charge of what you think. It This method might not be easy for those who are new to meditation but I don’t see a better way to be in tune with yourself and the universe. Short try-outs can help you if you are just beginning, I am not guaranteeing you that it is going to work like magic beans and make your hunger go away immediately, but it can surely help you accept and even embrace hunger the more you get better and consistent with it. 

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I can see your face from here and you are like eat? How can eating be allowed during fast? Well, one beautiful thing about intermittent fasting (depending on the type you are on) you are definitely allowed to eat. You can help your mind stay off hunger by eating but you cannot eat just about anything. When you are on long duration intermittent fasting like the Warrior Diet, then you can eat something like fruits and vegetables including carrots, papaya, and other fruits you know your body tolerates. Fruits and vegetables are recommended by Dieticians because they have the least impact on your blood sugar levels than foods that have gone through cooking process.

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