Top 10 Men Shoes For Every Occasion

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There are many shoes for different occasion, but in order to save money there are shoes you can where for every occasion, shoes that suit all occasion, affordable and attractive, they goes on every attires either native or English dress.

I will be showing you top 10 shoes men can wear for every occasion; occasion like wedding party, dinner party, interview and business occasion.

Are you aware that it was men  who first wear heels that women are now wearing, there a lot of shoes specially made for men.

These are the list of the top 10 shoes men can wear for every occasion.


Brogue shoes are adorning with heavy perforation and suit all occasion, it has decorative addition, its design to match all occasion and dress.

the brogue


Loafer shoes are very durable and laceless, they fit every occasion and it is affordable and comfortable and its good for summer, loafers are the ideal shoes for creating a laid back yet give luxurious appearance.

the loafers


Oxford shoes are specially made and suit every occasion, it has lacing system, low heel and short back, it is easy and comfortable to wear, just remember to go for traditional styles in colors like brown, burgundy and black.

the oxford shoes


Driving shoes has gripped sole that extends up the back of the heels, it is simple but looks good on every attire and suit all occasion.

the driving shoe


Road trip shoes are comfortable, durable, it is versatile and cheap, every man can afford it and it can be wear to every occasion, you can re-wear and last in.

road trip shoes


Derby shoes has less formal and have open lacing system, it is very comfortable  and affordable, it suits all occasion. black and brown styles are always classic, while navy and grey color gives unique appearances.

derby shoes


These shoes are perfect for business occasion, it has buckle outside to tight the shoe and for adjustment, and it can also be wear to any occasion.

monk strap shoes


Though these shoes were design for sports, but today are fashion items, men are now wearing it to occasion not for sport only again as it is before and it all matches all cloth, it gives casual and comfortable look, for a minimal appearance go for white or black trainers.



Nautical shoes are leather shoes, and it has been in existence since 1930’ is more comfortable ,they are definitely casual and everyday shoes, they are better wear in warm weather seasons, perfect to take to work ,dinner or weekend.

nautical shoes


Casual shoes has relaxed appearance  and heavy duty fabrics, it project a perfectly informal and easy going vibe .it is durable and longlasting, and it is better wear in summer period. 

casual shoe

So there you are, which of the shoes do you like the most? kindly share your thought with us in the comment box below.

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