All GLO Call Tariff Plans and Subscription Codes For 2022

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All GLO Call Tariff Plans and Subscription Codes

While we all know that GLO are the Grand Masters of Data, that’s why I’ve written this article solely for ardent GLO subscribers. This post contains the cheapest Glo Tariff Plans and subscription codes applicable to all the working devices which includes Android Smartphones, PC, Laptops, iPhone, iPads, iPods and other unknown devices.

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glo call tariff plans

How do I migrate to Glo tariff Plan?

GLO Nigeria has varieties of different tariff plans and packages that allows you to choose the one best suitable for your calling needs. The one solely dedicated for your call needs. Here is how to migrate to GLO  tariff plan:

*. Insert your GLO SIM
*. Switch on your mobile phone
*. Dial *777#
*. Choose your Tariff Plan
*. You will be migrated immediately

Cheap Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Codes

This is the list of all GLO tariff plans and their migration codes
Glo Tariff PlansMigration Codes
Glo 11k/s Prepaid PlanDial *211#
Glo Jollific8Dial *123*PIN#
Glo InfinitoDial *100*9*2#
Glo G-BAMDial *100*5*1#
GLO BUMPA bonusDial *100*10*1#
Glo YakataDial *220#
Glo BounceDial *170*4#
Glo Free TomorrowDial *300#
Glo Generation GDial *170*5#
Glo FormulaDial *323*PIN#
Glo IDD PacksDial *777#
Glo BiiGy PacksDial *170*1#
Glo Jolof N25Dial *0805*25#
Glo Jolof N50Dial *0805*50#
Glo FlexiDial *123*PIN#

Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan

And as the name implies, Glo 11k/s plan is a simple flat tariff plan that rewards subscribers with heavily discounted call rate at 11k/s to ALL national networks and top 30 international destinations.

The Glo 11k/s calls to 30 top international destinations includes: Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US ).

Note: The N5 daily access fee will still be deducted even if you don’t call for a day. Therefore, I recommend that you continue using in order not to loose.

How to migrate to Glo 11k/s Plan

To migrate to Glo 11k/s prepaid tariff plan is very easy. Simply dial *211# and you will be automatically migrated to the plan rand start enjoying the great perks the plan offers. Please note that the daily access fee of ?5 is charged on the first call of the day and is valid till 11.59pm each day

When you migrate to the GLO 11k/s plan, you enjoy 10 minutes of free browsing monthly (if you use your line continuously). Also note that the free data is valid for 7 days.

Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan

The Glo Jollific8 tariff plan is specially designed to give new prepaid customers eight times more value on every recharge. New customers also enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge.

Glo Jollific8 offers new subscribers 800% more value on every recharge from N100 and above. Subscribers enjoy perks such as bonus to call all local networks, free browsing, and free data that can be gifted to other subscribers.

  • N100 recharge equals N800 + 10MB (N50) = N850
    ? N200 recharge translates to N1,600 + 25MB (N100) = N1,700
    ? N500 recharge equals N4,000 + 50MB (N200) = N4,200?
  • N1,000 recharge means N8,000 + 100MB (N400) = N8,400
    ? N5,000 recharge equals N40,000 + 500MB (N2,000) = N42,000

How to migrate to Glo Jollific8 plan

To enjoy the  Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan, all you have to do is buy a new Glo Sim and then register and get it activated (you’ll automatically be on Jollific8 tariff plan). The next thing to do is  dial *123*Pin# and you are all set.

Note: Only new SIMs can enjoy the GLO Jollific8 plan. Existing customers are excluded. When You migrate to this plan, you enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a new SIM, recharge, and  begin to get 8 times the value of recharge plus free data to gift someone. To check your data balance, simply dial #122# and *606# for data gifting.

Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

Glo introduced the Glo Infinito as a simple prepaid plan with attractive calling rates to ANY network and the cheapest calling rate to reach out to your family, friends and associates.

Glo Infinito has  no hidden charges, no rental payments and no conditions.Subscribers enjoy flat calling rate of 20K/s and the access to call ANY network in Nigeria at 20K/s from 1st to the last second of your call.

How to migrate to Glo Infinito plan?

Migrate to Glo Infinito plan by dialing *100*9*2# and enjoy amazing bonus offers . You can also add 10 family and friends mobile number by dialing *101*1*Mobile No#. Calls to FnF is charged at 11K/s

Family and Friends rate of 11k/s means you can call 10 frequently called family, friends and associates at 11k/s once you register such numbers. Subscribers can deregister/delete an FnF number by dialing *101*3*Mobile No#.


The GLO G-AM plan offers you amazing flexibility that allows you to call five special numbers at only 11k/s and enjoy 5MB free browsing every day. Designed specifically for Nigerian youths, the prepaid plan allows them to check their mails, enjoy Facebook, Twitter, among other benefits.

How to migrate to G-bam

Migrate to the Glo G-Bam tariff plan by simply dialling *100*5*1# and enjoy all the features and bonus it offers. When You migrate to G-BAM, you NOT only enjoy amazing access to your social media accounts, but social apps like WhatsApp and Instagram too.

Glo Yakata Offer

Glo Yakata Offer rewards you with voice and data benefits when you buy a Glo SIM. Buying a new Glo SIM makes you eligible for up to 6GB data every month for 6 months (that translates to 36GB of data) plus massive N2,200 on every N100 recharge to call ALL NETWORKS.

The GLO Yakata SIIM is available on both physical and e-recharge platforms. With the GLO YAKATA OFFER,  you will enjoy voice benefits; plus the more you recharge, the more value you enjoy.

How to migrate to Glo Yakata Offer?

To migrate to Glo Yakata offer, simply get yourself  a new sim card. Any GLO SIM card you purchase puts you automatically on the Yakata Offer.Existing customers should dial *220# to subscribe.

Please note that  new and old customers can confirm the plan’s subscription by dialing #100# on their Glo line. If your 1st recharge of the month is N200 or more, you will get a special data bonus that is 2.5 times higher than the regular data benefit. Bonus is valid for 7 days.

Glo 4x Plan

The Glo four times (4X) plan gives customers the 4x value of EVERY recharge of N100 or more with the all-new Glo 4X recharge bonus.

With the Glo 4x plan, subscribers can enjoy call to all networks in Nigeria, browse the internet and even send SMS across the nation. And included is call to 23 international destinations.

How to migrate to Glo 4x plan

To enjoy the 4X bonus, simply recharge your Glo lines by dialing *323*PIN# OR top up electronically with any of the following values: N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050 and N10,050.

The 4x on E-Top Up offer is available to all new and existing prepaid customers. N150 gives you N600, and it is valid for 14days, N250 gives you N1,000 valid for 14days, N550 gives you N2,200 valid for 30days etc. Dial #122*30# to check your 4X balance.


Glo JUMBO SIM is a prepaid plan targeted towards new customers with preloaded N200,000 credit that gives you access to browse, send SMS and call other GLO subscribers whenever they recharge. Existing customers  can migrate to the 4X plan by dialing  *224# .

How to migrate to Glo Jumbo

Dial *224# to migrate. Plus subscribers can enjoy, unlock and exhaust the N200,000 for 6 months.Dial #122*24# to confirm or check your Jumbo Bonus balance (locked bonus), and #122*23# to check your unlocked bonus airtime.

Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

Glo Bounce tariff plan costs as low as 15k/s flat rate to all Networks and for Campus Zone Rate Onnet-11k/s, Offnet-15K/s and 11k/s to other users on the Glo Bounce Plan. SMS rate is ?3 per SMS.

Glo Bounce tariff plan offers best and competitive flat rate tariff to all networks with unlimited and unparalleled value most especially for our upwardly mobile customers. Remember, the Call go as low as 15k/s flat-rate to all networks and as low as 11k/s to your friends who switch to or are on the Glo Bounce Plan.

Simply dial *170*5# to migrate and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 50% bonus on recharge of N100
    · 100% bonus on recharge of N200
    · 200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above
    · Discounted Campus zone rates
    · Discounted Peeps rate to others on Generation G
    · Free 15MB on every recharge of N200 and above
    · Unlimited free SMS

How to migrate to Glo Bounce plan

Dial *170*4# and start enjoying the offers and benefits. Customers on Bounce plan can call other Bounce subscribers at a heavily discounted rate of 5k per second and send SMS at the low rate of N3 per SMS. Bounce customers also stand to enjoy the Campus Zone rate of 5k per second to any Glo line and a flat rate of 10k per second to all other networks.

Glo Talk Special

Glo Talk Special  is currently the most used tariff plan by Glo users, and I’m not surprised. Glo Talk Special plan offers you six times the value of the amount you load.It also gives you  additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free.

That means if you migrate to and activate the plan for say N100, you will automatically be entitled to N400 talk-time to call all networks.

How to migrate to Glo Talk Special

Migrating to Glo Talk Special is as simple as ABC. Simply Dial *303# and select the bundle of your choice. Check your Talk Special bonus balance by dialing *606# on your Glo Line.

To transfer the Gift data, just dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to any Glo customer. Please note that, you cannot share the free data.

Glo Twin Bash Plan

Guess what? The new Glo Reloaded Twin Bash will give you six times the amount of recharge you make plus an additional data to gift to another GLO customer for free, especially for those who uses more data and less voice.

For instance, when  you recharge with N200, you’ll automatically get 125MB data worth N500, part of which you can gift 25MB data to another Glo customer and N200 talk-time to call all networks.

How to migrate to Glo Twin Bash Plan

Subscribe or migrate to the New Glo Twin Bash Package simply by recharging with *223*PIN# or *303# for the bundle package.

Glo Generation G Prepaid Plan

Glo Generation G” is a prepaid plan that gives customers BONUS ON ALL RECHARGES and additional unmatched benefits such as 200% bonus airtime and ability to call all networks at 11k per second on Glo (for students).

Any recharge of N200 and above instantly entitles Glo subscribers to 200 percent bonus airtime they can use to call any network any time of the day for a duration of 7 days.

Additionally, you get extra N200 to call 10 family and friends. The Family and Friends feature (FnF) can be activated by dialing *101*1*phone number of the family or friend#.

How to migrate to Glo Generation G

Migration is made possible by simply dialing *170*5# to enjoy  unbeatable rates. Benefits of the Glo Generation G plan includes:

  • 1st 120 seconds of the day on local calls is charged at 40k,

– 30k off-net rate
– Discounted Campus zone rate to all networks
– Discounted Peeps rate to Generation G customers
• 50% bonus on recharge of N100
• 100% bonus on recharge of N200
• 200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above
• Bonus can be used for calls and SMSs to ALL Networks in Nigeria
• Free 15MB on every recharge of N200 and above
• 1 free SMS for 1 charged SMS

Glo Free Tomorrow

GLO Free Tomorrow allows you DOUBLE your daily usage back the next day. With Glo Free Tomorrow plan, you automatically get double the amount you on calls you spent the previous day. No conditions attached.

How to activate Glo Free Tomorrow

To migrate, subscribe or activate Glo free tomorrow, simply dial *300# and  begin to get back Double your daily usage the following day. Subscription is FREE.

Glo Jollof Recharge

With the GLO Jollof Recharge plan, subscribers can enjoy the lowest recharge option in the country at N25 with three minutes of call time and three SMS.

Two of the three minutes are for calls within the Glo network while the third is available for the user to call any other network.

How to subscribe to Glo Jolof

The GLO Jollof Recharge comes in two (2) different packages. There is the N25, and N50 package. To subscribe or activate any of them, dial *0805*25# for N25 package, and *0805*50# for the N50 package.

Note: You can check your Glo Jollof Recharge balances by dialing #122*6#.

Glo Flexi

The Glo Flexi plan gives you  the freedom to use voice and data as you wish. No bundles. No data plans. No hassles. All recharges on Glo are Glo Flexi recharge.

The Flexi Recharge allows you to use Voice as per profile and bundle data at the rate of just N1 = 1MB. Now no hassles, no need to buy data bundle.

How to subscribe Glo Flexi

Simply dial *123*PIN# now to recharge. The Flexi recharge benefits are by default for all prepaid and post-paid customers. The Flexi recharge offer will work on any active Glo SIM by default.

Glo BiiGy Packs

The Glo BiiGy packs comes in different packages such as the N100, N300, N500, N1000, N1500 and N2000 options. Glo BiiGy packs offer bundled packs combining voice, data and SMS as a single plan with validity on committing a fixed fee.

This allows subscribers to enjoy flexibility of packs while providing unprecedented discounts. To activate this plan, check out the different codes below for each bundles and their activation code:
*. For N100: Dial *170*1#
*. For N300: Dial *170*2#
*. For N500: Dial *170*3#
*. For N1000: Dial *170*6#
*. For N1500: Dial *170*7#
*. For N2000: Dial *170*8#

Note: You can retrieve your pack balance by dialing #122# and check your main balance by dialing #124#.


The Glo BUMPA plan offers 200% bonus on every recharge from N100 and above. This means that when you subscribe to this plan, you’re rewarded with 3 times the value of the amount you recharge. For instance, you get N300 for every N100 recharge.

Here’s where it gets better…….

The Glo BUMPA (200% bonus) plan is on every recharge forever.

How to migrate to GLO BUMPA

To migrate to Glo BUMPA, simply dial *100*10*1#.

How To Borrow Airtime From GLO

GLO offers the option to borrow airtime whenever you are short on airtime if you are active and you repay when next you load.

To borrow airtime from Glo dial *321# and follow the on screen prompt. You will be offered airtime based on your eligibility status. See the table below for the eligibility matrix so you can determine how much airtime you are eligibile to borrow based on your usage.

GLO Borrow Me Eligibility Matrix

Denomination (N)Time on Network (Months)Average Monthly RefillsAverage Monthly Usage (N)

How To Transfer Airtime On GLO

Glo aloows you to transfer airtime to your friends and family through a means they called EasyShare. To transfer airtime using EasyShare, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#.

If for example your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N100 to a customer with Phone Number 08155570458, then you will need to dial *131*08155570458*100*12345#. You will then receive a notification via text message once the transfer is completed.

Please note that your default password is 00000.

How To Change Your Transfer PIN On GLO

To change your EasyShare PIN dial *132*[Old PIN]*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#

Therefore to change your default PIN which is 00000 then dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#

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If you have any question regarding GLO and their call tarrif and data plans, ask in the comment box below and be sure that we will answer you adequately and promptly.

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