How To Make Money Online As A Student

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This is a special post as I am going to be showing you how you can create a small business online and start making money online as a student. This post is not for students alone but for everyone that has very little time to devote to making money online and also does not have enough money to start an online business. You may not be a student but you may be working a 9- 5 job or engaged in some other activities that avail you just a little time and also you may not have money to create an online business. You may be wondering if you will be able to create a successful online business with little time at your disposal. I’m talking of online businesses that will generate at least $300 – $1000 and above for you and you can build up from there.

I will be showing you a 30-day action plan that you can follow starting from today and it will help you to build a strong online business. So if you have zero money to start an online business and you can spend just 1-2 hours per day then you need to follow these action steps religiously and you’ll be able to build a strong online business. Please note that all these steps are connected and should be followed strictly.

30-Day Action Plan To Making Money Online

This action is divided into 3 main methods that are connected and interwoven and you will get the best result if they are linked together.


For the first seven days, you have to focus on freelancing. Freelancing simply means providing a service or a skill online for money. If you have any skill at all or you can provide any service efficiently, then you can get paid. Now when I say skill, I am not talking of something big and professional but any small skill you have or can develop can generate income for you.

You may have graphics design skills, there are people that need a logo, you may be good in handling social media pages, you can offer social media managing services, you may be good in developing a website or even an app, are these are skills that you can tap into. You may even have a good voice, there are people looking for someone to sing for their loved ones on their special day and the list goes on.

If you still think you don’t have any skill to offer or are still confused, go to and browse through all the categories and you will see a lot of ideas that you may already have a skill in.

So the first step is to identify the skill you can offer as a freelancer and if you feel you have any viable skill to average on, then click here to see the list of services you can offer if you don’t have any skill. The video will show you a step-by-step guide on how you can be offering freelancing services without any skill.

The next step is to list your service on some popular freelancing websites like,, and This is very important as it is on these websites that you get offers for whatever service you are offering.


The next stage that you need to start from the 2nd week is blogging. You need to create a blog where you will be writing blog posts that are related to the service you picked in the first strategy. What I mean is this, if for example the skill and the service you chose to offer is graphic design, then you need to create a blog where you will be writing about graphic design and use the blog to promote the services you listed on the 3 websites listed above.

Now when I said you should create a blog, I am not saying you should embark on another huge investment but you can create a free blog for this and it will work just fine. You can visit to create a free blog or you can create an account on and write posts on it to promote your services.

You need to create about 10 high-quality posts in your niche that will provide high value to the readers and at the same time promote your freelancing service. you may be thinking this is a very simple strategy but I can assure you that the result you will see if done right will be huge.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the 3rd stage that you can start in week 3 of your journey. You will start promoting affiliate products and services that are related to the niche you chose in stage 1. Now using the example of the graphic design we have been using, you will start promoting affiliate products and services related to graphic design in the blog that you have created. A perfect example for this will be to promote Canva and its alternatives, so you can write posts like a comparison post of related services and products in your niche.

Make sure you link well all your posts to relevant affiliate product or service. You can go to the individual websites of the products you want to promote to get their affiliate link or you can visit affiliates products directory like, and the rest, sign up and get the link to promote.

In as much as the above steps look so simple, if they are done well and linked together, you will deinitely see results. Remember only those that take action are permitted to succees. Take action today and you will soon share your success story.

If you have any further question, just drop it in the comment section.

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