Military Ranks In Nigeria and Their Salaries

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When we talk about the military ranks in Nigeria, we are basically talking about the signs or mark that shows that one has attained a certain level in Nigeria military.

In this article, we will attempt to do an itemized breakdown of the Nigerian military positions (the Army, Navy, Airforce and the Police Force).

The military, for the most part, are widely known for their simple like order and benevolence. Because of their high qualities for control, the military class has had the option to live path over all the social issues that regularly inundate the non-military personnel division. Looking to acquaint yourself with information concerning the Nigerian military doesn’t just position you to comprehend them better but also makes you progressively patriotic.

The Nigerian Military comprises of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, the police force and the Nigerian AirForce. The following are the Nigerian Military Ranks for Army, Navy, Airforce and the Police force.


Second Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant is the most minimal position in the class of appointed officials.

It is anything but difficult to recognize them as the badge assigned to this rank is a solitary “six-pointed star”, the star found in the Nigerian Army token.

Salary; ?120,000

First Lieutenant

Next after the Second Lieutenant is the First Lieutenant. Similarly, as the Second Lieutenant is the second substitute of a chief, the First Lieutenant is the Captain’s first substitute.

You can distinguish a First Lieutenant, by paying special mind to the “vertically adjusted two six-pointed stars” checked identification on the uniform.

Pay; ?180,000


As talked about before, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant are subordinate to the Captain.

The emblem of a Captain is comprised of three six-pointed stars that are vertically adjusted.

Salary; ?220,000


In the progressive system of the Nigerian Army, the position of Major is next after the Captain.

They can be recognized by a “silver hawk” set apart on the identification of their uniform.

Pay; ?300,000

Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel is one the most significant positions in the Nigerian Army, and getting to be one isn’t a simple accomplishment.

The badge for this rank is comprised of one silver falcon over a vertically adjusted six-pointed star underneath.

Pay; ?350,000


Colonel is one of the top positions in the Nigerian Army.

The badge for Colonel is one silver bird over a vertically adjusted two six-pointed stars.

Pay; ?550,000


Brigadier is the most minimal positioning general official in the Nigerian Army.

Like that of a Colonel, the emblem of a brigadier is comprised of one silver hawk and six-pointed stars organized in a triangular structure.

Salary; ?750,000

Major General

The Major General is the second position from the base in the list of positions in the Nigerian Army.

The image of Major General is comprised of a brilliant falcon and a cross of sword and cudgel.

Salary; ?950,000

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General is the third most dominant position in the Nigerian Army. Its image is made out of all components making up the image of Major General, and a brilliant six-pointed star.

Salary; ?1 million


Known to be the most noteworthy achieved rank in the Nigerian Army, a General is distinguished by a silver falcon, two brilliant six-pointed stars and a cross of sword and twirly doo.

Pay; ?1.5 million


Admiral of the fleet

Admiral of the fleet is the most elevated position in the Nigerian Navy. It can be likened to the Field marshal (most elevated in the Nigerian  Army) or Marshal (most note worthy in the Nigerian Air Force). It is an honorary rank.


This is the topmost attained rank in the Nigeria Navy. The only rank higher than it is usually given as an honorary award.

Salary; N1,358,595

Vice Admiral

Vice Admiral is ordinarily the closest to a Rear-admiral and direct junior to a naval commander. It is like a lieutenant general in the Nigerian Army and air marshal in the Air Force.

Salary; N1,113,602

Rear Admiral

Rear admiral is, for the most part, viewed as the least of the “naval commander” positions, which is every so often alluded to as “banner officials” or “banner positions”. The Rear Admiral is legitimately beneath the Vice-Admiral and is immediately better than the Commodore (Cdre).

Salary; N1,003,245


In most English-talking nations, Captain is the name frequently given to the rank comparing to authority of the biggest boats. A maritime skipper is comparative in chain of importance to an Army colonel.

Salary; N309,654


Commander (regularly shortened Cdr) is a senior official position, which is legitimately underneath the chief and a prompt better than the position of lieutenant officer.

Salary; N281,673



This is an official in preparing. The Cadet is paid ?471,038 to ?534,773 yearly.

Pilot Officer

This is the least position in the charged unit. Cadets are charged into this position on finishing of their preparation. A Pilot Officer has a yearly compensation of ?2,077,875 to ?2,245,909.

Flying Officer

This is the second dispatched rank and is the rank officials of the Direct Short Service are charged into on culmination of preparing. Flying Officer acquires ?2,255,911 to ?2,620,801 per annum.

Flight Lieutenant

The flight Lieutenant is the third position of the official unit. An official of this rank wins ?2,404,037 to ?2,789,818 as yearly pay.

Squadron Leader

Squadron Leader is a senior position in the authorized unit. It is alongside Wing Commander and better than Flight Lieutenant. A Squadron head wins ?2,558,954 to ?2,976,052 as his yearly compensation.

Wing Commander

The Wing Commander is a senior Air Force rank beside Group Captain. It comes halfway between the lesser and senior official positions. A Wing Commander acquires from ?3,390886 to ?3,895033 as his yearly compensation.

Group Captain

The Group Captain is the position beside the ‘General’ positions. He resembles the Colonel in the Army and is qualified for a yearly compensation running from ?3,726,659 to ?4,231,579.

Air Commodore

The Air Commodore is the first of the ‘General’ positions. It is a senior position and the fourth most elevated position. A Commodore has ?7,396,656 to ?8,134,745 as his yearly compensation.

Air Vice-Marshal

The Air Vice-Marshal is the third most noteworthy position of the power and the main Marshal rank. An official of this rank wins ?12,038,945 to ?16516,124 as yearly pay.

Air Marshal

This is the second most elevated position of the Air Force and the most elevated at any point accomplished. An official of Air Marshal Rank has a yearly pay of ?13,363,229 to ?17,837,414 per annum. All over a wide span of time Chief of Air Staff have this position as the most elevated any of them has ever achieved.

Air Chief Marshal

Air Chief Marshal is the most noteworthy position of the Air Force and strikingly, this rank has never been achieved by any official serving or resigned.

This rank offers a yearly compensation of ?16,303,140 to ?20,691,400 per annum, making him the most senior and most noteworthy acquiring official of the power.


Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major is the most noteworthy position of a non-commissioned official. A Sergeant Major helps the managerial official of a specific regiment.


Cadet Inspector

A cadet Inspector is the most reduced position held by a cop in the wake of experiencing preparing of administration as a dispatched official. It is usually known as Inspector of Police (IP).

Salary – N73,231.51

Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP)

It is the second-least senior official position. It is above the assessor and underneath the director.


Deputy Superintendent Of Police(DSP)

A Deputy Superintendent is a senior official position, it is higher than Assistant Superintendent.

Salary – N148,733.29

Superintendent Of Police (SP)

The position of a Nigeria Superintendent is between Chief Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Salary – N161,478.29

Chief Of Superintendent Of Police, CSP

This is a senior position in the police compel, it is higher than the Superintendent.

Salary – N172,089.06

Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACP

Assistant Commissioner of Police is the 6th most elevated position in the Nigeria police senior officials rank. It is above Chief Superintendent and underneath Deputy Commissioner.


Deputy Commissioner Of Police, DCP

This rank is between the Assistant Commissioner and the Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner assumes control over the direction without the state magistrate. He directs the Assistant Commissioner of police in their everyday running.


Chief Of Police, CP

The chief of police is responsible for possibilities in a state. He is the main cop in the state.

Salary – N266,777.79

Assistant Inspector General Of Police, AIG

The Assistant Inspector General is the Second in Command of the Police Force.

Salary – N499,751.87

The Inspector General Of Police, IGP

The position of the Inspector General is the most noteworthy position in the Nigeria Police Force. The Inspector General is the most senior official and also the leader of the police power in Nigeria.

Salary – N711,498

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