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Robert Sylvester Kelly (born Jan 8, 1967) is an American singer, song writer, record producer and formerly a professional basketball player of Chicago Illinios N.S.  Kelly has a distinctive sound and

style which has influenced numerous hip hop artist. R. Kelly is the first musician to play professional basketball when he was signed in 1997. Kelly has been credited for helping recording R&B HIP HOP earning the nick name King of R&B and king of pop song. Kelly is a great vocalist, an instrumentalist who is an expert in keyboard and guitar.


R. Kelly is the third of four children. Kelly’s single mother, Joanae was a web designer. She raised her children in Baptist. His father was absence throughout his (kelly’s) life.

Kelly began singing in the church choir at the age of eight. He grew up in a house full of women. At age eleven, Kelly was shot in the shoulder while riding his bike home, the bullet is reported still longed in his shoulder as a teenager, he was performing under the Chicago track before he eventually form the group with his friend in 1989 called MGM (Musical Gifted Men) and they released their first singing “why you wanna play me” and after the song they disbanded.


He entered Kenwood Academic College in Chicago Hydy park neighborhood in the late 1981s where he was encouraged to change his mind from basketball into music which was his talent after he and his other friend participated in the talent show (TV) big break hosted by Natake Cork.



Kelly began performing in the late 1980s and debuted in 1992 with the group public announcement

In 1993 he did his first studio album “12 play” which is known for collection of major hit singles like “bump N” grind” “your body’s calling” “ I belief I can fly” among others

He sold of this album over 75 million copies of singles/ album worldwide making him the most successful male R&B artist of the 1990s and one of the best selling music artist of all time. Kelly subsequently released his debut album “born into the 90s” in early 1992 (credited as R Kelly and public announcement) the album yielded the R&B hit singles “ she is got that vibe” “honey love” “ dedicated” and “slow dance” (hey, Mr. DJ) of all which were led by Kelly.

Kelly separated from the group (public announcement) in January 1993. R. Kelly’s first solo album “12 play” was released on November 9 1993. R. Kelly is widely known for his remixes. He remixed his own songs and songs for other artist including Aaliyah, Barry white and Toni Braxton.

R, Kelly released his second album “vibe” in 1995. The album reached number 1 on the bill board 200 chart. Becoming Kelly’s first number 1 album on chart and reached number 1 on the R&B album charts.

On Nov 26, 1996, Kelly related “ I believe I can fly” an inspirational song, originally released on the sound track for the film “ space jam” the song reached number two on the bill board hot 100 and number 1 on the UK chart for three weeks and won three Grammy awards in 1998.

In 1997, Kelly signed a contract to play professional basket ball with the Atlantic Aby sea gills of the USBL. Kelly wore the number 12 in honor of his album “12 play”

In 1998, Kelly wrote and produced the debate album of his portege “sparkle” in 2000; sparkle went platinum due to the success of the first singles “be careful”

On Nov 17 1998, Kelly released his fourth studio album and first double album “R.”. The album spawned different genres like pop, street rap and blues. This album has remained the biggest album to date having sold 8 million copies in the US and 4 million copies internationally. “R.” reached number 1 on the R&B albums chart and entered at number 2 on the bill board 200 chart.

On Nov 7, 2000 Kelly released his fifth studio album “Tp-2.com” all songs (singles) on Tp2.com was written and arranged by Kelly. The album was Kelly second album to peak at number 1 on the billboard 200 charts.

In May 2002, Kelly initial six studio album leaked and was delayed to release in November; instead R.kelly re-recorded the entire album and titled it “chocolate factory” and featuring several of the bootlegged tracks on the bonus Loveland disc.

Kelly released the ambitious two disc set “happy people/ u saved me” with the first disc discussing feel-good, steeping-inspired track while focusing on gospel and inspirational material on the second disc.

In 2005, R.Kelly released his seventh studio album. “Tp3 reloaded” included chapters of “Trapped in the closet”. In 2006, he started the light it up tour and later became his first concert DVD.

Kelly released his eight studio album “double up” which include the hit singles “I’m a flirt” (remix) featuring T.I and T-Pain. The song peaked at number 12 on the on the billboard hip Hop/Rap track on may 29, 2007.

R. Kelly performed the song “sign of a victory” at the 2010 FIFA world cup opening ceremony on June 11, 2010.

On Sept, 1 2010, Kelly released one of his three new album “epic” a collection of Kelly hot epic ballads including five brand-new inspirational songs and the compilation was only released in Europe.

In Nov 2010, Kelly collaborated with several African R&B hip hop musicians forming a super group known as “One 8” the group features 2face from Nigeria, Ali Kiba, Congotese singer, Fally Tupa, 4X4 from Gabon, Zambia JK, Uganda hip hop star, Navio and Kenya’s Amani (the only female in the group ). The group released their first song “hand across the world” written and produced by R. Kelly.

R. Kelly’s tenth album “love letter” was released on Dec 14, 2010. The album includes hit singles which were all written and produced by R. Kelly.

In March 2011, R. Kelly was named the number 1 R&B artist of the last 25 years by Billboard. His career has made him amazed 35 top white and 11 numbers I hit on the R&B/ hip hop song chart.

On June 26, 2012, Kelly released his eleventh studio album “write me back after his throat surgery”

He also released his twelfth and thirteenth album on 2013 and 2015 respectively.

He presented his first Christmas album and fourteenth studio album “12-night of Christmas” on October 21, 2016.

R. Kelly featured on a couple of remixes which include a gorilla” (G-mix) with Brano Mars and Parallel “U.O.E.N” by Rockon “trying to be cool” with Phoenix, “clean this house” by (gospel singer) Isaac carrel, “dirty laundry” by Kelly Rowland and a representation by Ludacris featuring himself and fabulous.

R. Kelly took root in R&B/ hip hop and soul. Kelly writer any lyrics down but free styles everything in the studio.

R. Kelly’s work has influenced numerous artist including Chris Brown, Allant, Trey Songz, Bruno Mars, Joe, Tagrese, Ginuboine, Donne Jones, Ne-Yo, Tanks among others. He has also mentored and produced for the likes of B2k, Changing faces, Boot & Gotti and Aaliyah. R.Kelly has been compared to artist like Sam Cooke and Marvin Garattis. His music has been used in numerous film sound tracks.

He also featured in video games including “grand theft auto N”. R. Kelly is a song writer and record producer who has influenced many life’s.


In 1996 R. Kelly married Andrea Lee, his former back up dancer and mother to his 3 children. In Jan 2009, (he Kelly) finalized his divorce with her. Kelly then illegally got married to a then 15-years-old singer protege “Aaliyah” in a secret wedding ceremony on august 31, 1994 in cook country conducted by reverend Nathan.


American music awards

1993- Favorite soul/ R&B single “honey love”

1992- Favorite soul/ R&B album “12 play”

1997- Favorite soul/ R&B male artist

2000- Favorite soul/ R&B male artist

2002- Favorite pop rock male artist

2002- Favorite soul/ R&B male artist

2003- Favorite soul/ R&B male artist

2003­- Favorite soul/ R&B album “chocolate factory”

2004- Favorite soul/ R&B male artist

2005- Favorite soul/ R&B male artist

2007- Favorite soul/ R&B album.

BET awards

2001- Best male R&B artist

2001- BET awards and viewer choice

2003- Best male R&B artist

2003- Best award for viewer choice

2004- Best male R&B artist

2006- Video of the year “trapped in the closet”

2011 centric award

Billboards awards

1994- number one R&B producer

1994- artist of the year

1996- top R&B artist

1996- top R&B song “ down low (nobody has to know)”

1999- top male artist

1999 top R&B artist

1999- R&B single of the year “fortunate”

1999- top R&B artist

2001-top R&B/HipHop artist

2001 top R&B/HipHop album “tp2.com”

2001- top R&B/HipHop singles “ fiesta”

2001- top R&B/HipHop  male artist

2001- top R&B/HipHop album artist

2001- top R&B/HipHop male artist

2003- best HipHop R&B singlres “ignition (remix)”

BMI Urban awards

2001-most performed song  “I wish”

2002- song converter of the year

2002- pop producer

2002- Most performed song “ contagious”

2002- most performed song “ fiesta”

2003- top 10 song writer and producer

2004- song of the year “ ignition” (remix)

2004- producer of the year

2005- songwriter of the year

2005 -producer of the year

2005-most performed song “ gigolo( nick cannon featuring r.kelly)

2005- most performed song “hotel” ( cassiely  featuring r.kelly)

2005- most performed song “ step in the name of love”

2005- most performed song “ thio thong”

2010- top producer

ECHO Awards

2008- international HipHop/ R&B artist

Black real awards

2001- best song from a film “ bad man”

2002- best song form a film  “ the world’s greatest”

2013- best original or adapted song “ celebrate”

Chicago music awards

2013- pop superstar of the year

Key to the city

2013- key to the city of baton rouge

Grammy award

1996- song of the year “ you are not alone “

1998- record of the year “ I believe I can fly”

1998- song of the year “ I believe I can fly”

1998- best male R&B vocal performance

1998- best R&B song “ I believe I can fly”

1998 best song written for a motion picture and other visualmedias “ I believe I can fly”

1999- Best collaboration with vocals “ I’m your angle” with celline dion

1999-best R&B vocal performance by duo or group “lean on me” with Kirk Franklin, mar j. bilge, crystal lewt and brono

2000- best male R&B vocals performance : when a woman fe up”

2000- best R&B album “R.”

2000- best rap performance by duo or group “ satisfy you” with puff daddy

2001- best male R&B vocal performance “ I wish”

2003 best male R&B vocal performance “ the world’s greatest”

2004- best male R&B vocal performance “ happy people”

2006 – best long form music video “ trapped in the closet” (chapter 1-12)

2008- best R&B performance by duo or group with vocals “ same girl” with usher

2008- best long form music video “ trapped in the closet” (chapter 13-22)

2011- best traditional R&B vocal performance “ when a woman loves”

2011- best taditional contemporary R&B album “ untilled”

2012- best traditional R&B performance “ radio message”

2012- best R&B album “ love letter”

2013-Best R&B album “ write me back”

2015- best R&B performance “ it’s your world
with Jennifer thason

International Dance Music (IDM) awards

2004- best R&B urban dance track “ step in the name of love”

2005- best R&B urban dance track “ happy people”

MOBO awards (music of black origin)

2001- mobo outstanding achievement

2003- best singles “iginition (remix)”

2004- best producer

MTV video music awards

1994- best R&B video “bump N’ grind”

1996 best male video “ down low ( nobody has to know) featuring Eric isley and Roland isley

1996- Best male video “ I believe I can fly”

1996-best video from a film “I believe I can fly”

2001- best R&B video “ I wish”

2003- best R&B video “ before”

2004- best R&B “ step in the name of love” (remix)

NAACP Image awards

1998-oustanding song “I believe I can fly”1998- outstanding music video “I believe I can fly”

1999- outstanding song “ lean on me”

2000- outstanding music video “If I could turn back of hand of time”

2001 outstanding male artist

2001 outstanding music video “I wish”

2004- outstanding album “ chocolate factory”

2013-outstanding album “ I look to you” with Whitney Houston

Net Worth

R. Kelly has a net worth of about $150Million. He made his wealth from royalties he earned from his songs and various performance. He was also paid when he was signed as a professional basketball player.


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