SarTimes Subscription Packages, Channels List, Prices And Decoders

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StarTimes subscription packages

StarTimes is a broadcast company that offers digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to its customers, providing technologies to countries and broadcasters which are switching from analog to digital television. As at July 2019, StarTimes operates in 30 countries and serves 26 million users worldwide.StarTimesas aCable TV have been a major source of entertainment since itwas introduced toNigeria in 2010. Given the high fee to access anduse satellite pay TV services, at the moment, majority of Nigerians can only receive a limited number of analog TV programs with poor audio-visual quality. StarTimesdedicates itself to supplying high-quality and numerous digital TV programs to enable every family in Nigeria to enjoy digital TV, and enhance the progress and awareness of the society at large.

More importantly, StarTimes has seen the cognitive importance of integration for the overseas operation,which involves multiple local channels covering news, movies, sports, music, etc.while programming. StarTimes is one of the best direct to home (DTH) pay cable TVs available in Nigeria. This popular cable TV has enabled millions of Nigerians the access to local, national and international TV channels. While the cable TV might not be the most exclusive, it is one of the most sought after TV cables in Nigeria and boasts a large database of customers.It provides services at a relatively cheaper rate  but high quality viewer experience.

StarTimes consists of many interesting channels that educate, entertain, update and also inform the people of the country on all aspects of life. At first, StarTimes decoders came with an antenna which aids its signal, but as time passed by with latest technology, their recently invented decoder no longer comes with any antenna. This is because their signals are now sharper and clearer than what it used to be in time past. StarTimes has relatively cheap monthly packages and that’s one of the reasons why 90% of average Nigerians have their decoders in their respective homes. We will expatiate on the various packages, prices and decoders.

All StarTimes Packages (Bouquets) and Their Prices

StarTimes at the moment has four bouquet packages for their customers.That however does not reduce the quality of service they provide for their customers. These packages include:

Nova Bouquet Package

This package is the cheapest of all the available bouquet packages and this will set you back at a sum of N900 in which customers for this package will be able to watch up to 26 channels for a month. Regardless of the relatively cheap price, NOVA Bouquet guarantees you quality image and view, interesting, educational and news channels. StarTimes also offers daily and weekly packages which costs N60 and N300 respectively. The codes to subscribe the three packages under the NOVA bouquet are as follows:

  • Daily subscription: Dial *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*60# at N60 for 24 hours.
  • Weekly Subscription: Dial *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*300# at N300 for 7days.
  • Monthly subscription: Dial *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*900# at N900 for a month.

Nova Bouquet Channel List

The channels activated for the NOVA bouquet package includes:

At, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile, Cool TV, DOVE TV, E-STARS, Galaxy TV, IQRAA, LTV, MIT, NTA Entertainment, Nta Sports 24, ORISUNSTAR Kung-fu, REAL Star, Silverbird TV, Star Zone, STV Guide, TVCStar, DadinKowalski, TVC News, Wazobia TV.

Basic Bouquet Package

This package is more of an upgrade to the NOVA bouquet  package because it consist of all the channels available in previous package with up to an additional ten interesting channels.The package allows you watch over 40 channels including local and international channels. The additional channels added give rise to a slight increase in the subscription rate.

  • Daily subscription: Dial *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*90# at N90 for 24 hours.
  • Weekly subscription: Dial *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*450# at N450 for a 7 days.
  • Monthly subscription: Dial *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*1300# at N1300 for a month.

Basic Bouquet Channel List

The channels activated for this bouquet package include:

At, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile,Cool TV, DOVE TV, Galaxy TV, E-STARS, IQRAA, LTV, MIT, NtaEntertainment, NTA Sports 24, ORISUN, REAL Star, Silverbird, TV Star, DadinKowalski, STAR Kung-fu, Star Zone, STV Guide, TVC, TVC News, Wazobia TV, AL Jazeera, AMC, AMC Movies, AMC Nigeria, ANIMAUX, BBC World News, CORE TV News, DTN, Da Vinci Learning, even, Nickelodeon, MCS Extreme, FARIN Watauga, Nigeria, STAR ONE, STAR CHINESE 2, STAR Novela 1, TBN, Wap TV.

Classic Bouquet

This package seems much more expensive compared to the basic bouquet package but it comes with better customer viewing package as the number of channels to be watched increases from 40 channels to over 60 channels. This package is more family-oriented, sports, and entertainment. This starTimes package/subscription offers quality value for your money. Classic bouquet has all nova and basic bouquet channels plus the extra channels for your maximum pleasure.

  • Daily subscription: *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*180# at N180 for 24 hours.
  • Weekly subscription: *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*900# at N900 for 7 days.
  • Monthly subscription: *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*2600# at N2600 for a month.

Classic Bouquet Channel List

The channels available for this bouquet package includes:

AIT, AMC Movie, AMC Series, Bet, CCTV 4, CCTV 9 Documentary, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile, Cool TV, Discovery Science, E! Entertainment, EuroSport News, E-STAR, Fine Living, GET TV, DOVE TV, Galaxy TV, Fox Sport, Fox News, Fine Living, GET TV, IQRAA, Iroko Play, JIM Jim, LTV, MIT, MTV Base, Nature and History, NTA Entertainment, ORISUNSTAR, NBA TV, NTA Sports 24, Pop, QYou, REAL Star, Silverbird, Star Africa, Trace, Sport Stars, Wazobia TV, TVC News, TVC, Trace Sport Stars, TLC, Tiwa’n’Tiwa, STV Guide, Star Zone, Start Sports 2, STAR kun1, Star DadinKowalski, Star Bollywood TV.

Super/Unique Bouquet Package

Unique bouquet is the most expensive StarTimes bouquet packages. It offers more than 100 Tv Channels. This is the biggest package StarTimes offer as it covers all the channels available.

  • Daily subscription:  *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*240# at N240 for 24 hours.
  • Weekly subscription: *322*1*ATM/Merchant code*1300# at N300 for 7 days.
  • Monthly subscription: *322*1*ATM/Merchant*3800# at N3000 for 30 days.

Super Bouquet Channel List

Channels available on the super bouquet includes :

ST Novela E., DISCOVERY SCI., FINE Living, Jim jam, ANIMAUX, BBC WORLD News, Bloomberg TV, ETV, FOX News, FOX Sports, FOX SPORTS 2, MSN, MTV Base, ST Africa 2, ST Bollywood, ST Dadin Kowalski, Star Gold, ST Movies Plus, ST Music, Star Plus, ST Rise, VIASAT E, VIASAT New, NTA NEWS 24, NTA E, Silverbird TV, GALAXY TV, Channels, MIT, E Stars, ORISUNSTAR, FarinWatauga, TVC News, Nickelodeon, NTA Knowledge, Nigeria, TBN, IQRAA, Zee Cinema, EWTN, DBN, TVC NG, WapTV, EUROSPORT News, CGTN, Al Jazeera, ST Series E1, Baby TV, DTN, AIT, NTA HAUSA, YORUBA &IGBO, Wazobia TV, NTA Parliamentary, Dove TV, Gaming, Liberty, AMC, Da Vinci Learning, Smile of a Child, Pop, Fox, ST Guide, ST Swahili, ST Sports Focus, Gospel Music TV, ST Zone, IROKO 1, AMC Series, NTA Lagos, NTA SPORTS 24, NTA Lagos 10, AMC Movies, ST Sports Premium, NBS, CGTN Doc, France 24, Fashion One, MINDSET LEARN, ST Gospel, God, Deen TV, Channel Ten, CNC World, ST Soul, ST SA Music, Kiss etc.

StarTimes Decoder

StarTimes decoder are of 4 types,each of them packaged with a remote, you can use these decoders with either StarTimes satellite dish or in-door antenna and you will also get a free one month unique StarTimes bouquet. The different decoder types includes:

SD Decoder: This decoder is sold at a rate of 4,500 Naira. Decoder + Antenna is 5,900 Naira.

Combo Decoder: This type is sold at 8,900 Naira. Decoder + Accessories is 9,900 Naira.

HD Decoder: This decoder is sold for 7,500 Naira. Decoder + Dish is 12,900 Naira.

DTH S2 Decoder: This decoder is sold at 7,900 Naira. Decoder with complete set is 11,900 Naira.

Their 10m yagi outdoor antenna can be bought separately for N1,900.

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