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Episode 24


When jude’s mom moved closer to me, I became so frighten that I held the aim of my dress as though it will rescue me from my present predicament.

“You look so gorgeous my dear “she complimented looking at me with a kin interest

“Thanks ma’am “I faked a smile

“Why all the formalities, call me mother already “she smiled

“Mo… ther”I stammered

“There You go dear so tell me how many months have you gone so far? “She shot smiling all mouth

“Uhhhummm, I don’t really know but it should be a month plus “I responded and her countenance changed immediately

“What do you mean it should be a month plus or so? You mean to tell me that Jude hasn’t yet taken you for a check up already? “She yelled standing up immediately

“Calm down mother”I pleaded

“You said I should calm down? In this kind of situation? Why is Jude this careless and carefree, is this

how I raised him up? Did I teach him how to live I don’t care life? “She yelled with anger in her voice

“Mother, you have to calm down you know that this is his first time so he is not that an expert in this,

.  he is still a novice okay? Just stop yelling he will amend once I talk to him.

Really? A novice? Who taught him how to impregnate a woman why didn’t he tell me that he is a novice

I should come and teach him how to impregnate his wife, as a matter of fact if anything happens to my

grandchild Jude will see the other side of me, I have been praying and crying for a day like this to come but now that it’s here, a careless

boy wants to spoil it all for me hell no it won’t happen “she untied her wrapper and wrapped it again on her waist pacing up and down the place

“Mother why don’t you just take a sit first, I will get you something to drink and after that we will talk things through “I said like a whisper

“Drink? What has drink got to do with this issue, is drink more important than my grandchild’s life? “She yelled again

I went back to my sit and settled down taking in her every move at some point I began feeling dizzy

and restless, I think it’s because of the way she kept pacing to and fro

“Mot… her… Please sit down the baby inside me doesn’t like it “I managed to say with my last strength and everywhere went blank.


I was still catching up with Mike when my mom called, I excused myself  for some minutes

“Jude where are you, you careless son? Mom yelled through the phone

. “mom why are you panicking, are you okay? “I asked

“Stop asking senseless question and get down here already “she shot out

“Mom please what is happening over there? “I asked running back to where mike was sitting

“Your wife has blacked out so you better run down here already “she hanged up immediately


Jude came back in a hurry breathing heavily as if he was been chased by a wild animal.

“What is going on man “I asked

“I gotta go bro there is an emergency in the house I need to attend to it urgently lest someone dies “he shot out walking out while I tagged along

“Bro you are speaking in parables, someone’s life? Who is dying and when did you become a doctor “I quired

“It’s a long story bro, let’s discuss this once we meet again okay? “He patted my shoulder

“Can you drive in this your present state? Let me help you man, I want to come with you to your house “I said entering his car while he hopped into the passengers Sit.

I ignited the engine but a call came in that I couldn’t afford missing it.

Guys do you think that Mike will still go with Jude?

Will Sasha recover?

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