Air Peace: Flights Schedule, Ticket Prices, Online Bookings and Promos

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In this post I will be taking you on a journey to the world of Air Peace, I will show you their flight schedule, how to book your tickets, ticket prices and how you can get cheap tickets.

air peace

Air peace is a relatively young airline operator in Nigeria as it started operation just in 2013 but it has grown to be one of the most popular airline operator in the country and has become many customer’s favourite. Air peace has a fleet of about 22 aircraft and 11 destinations. Their major flight route include Abuja, Calabar, Enugu and Akure among others.

Air peace head office address is 25 Sobo Arobiodu street, GRA Ikeja, their website is

Who Owns Air Peace?

Nigerians generally like to know the brain and face behind any successful venture, therefore it is not a surprise that one of the most commonly asked about Air Peace is “who owns Air Peace?”

Air Peace is owned by Allen Onyema. He founded Air Peace as a private airline business in the year 2013.

Air Peace Travel Destinations

Since Air Peace broke in to the Nigerian Aviation industry in 2013 it has become the favourite of lot of air travelers as a result of their relatively cheap ticket prices and world class customer service. This has led to them adding lot of aircraft to their fleet and expanding their travel route.

Presently Air Peace run passenger flights to about 20 different destinations both domestically and internationally Below is a list of the present travel destinations of Air Peace.

Port Harcourt

Air Peace Ticket Prices

Air peace offers one of the cheapest flight ticket price in Nigeria, in fact, this coupled with good customer service had led to its fast rise to fame as one of the most popular and most preferred airline in the country for both domestic and international travel.

I will be listing the ticket prices for just some of the most popular travel route of Air Peace below. You can find the specific price for any flight route or destination by visiting the official website link of Air Peace here and selecting your desired route.

Note that Air Peace offers one way trip, return tickets and even direct and stop -over flights and their ticket prices vary accordingly. Also note that the day and time of travel also determine the ticket price as peak periods tend to be more expensive than off- peak periods.

Air Peace ticket price starts from N23,000 to about N43,000 for domestic flights.

Air Peace Popular routes and Ticket Prices

Air Peace Popular routes and Ticket Prices

Travel RoutesTicket TypeTicket Price
Lagos - AbujaOne WayFrom N23,300
Lagos - Port HarcourtOne WayFrom N23,300
Abuja - Port HarcourtOne WayFrom N27,500
Abuja - EnuguOne WayFrom N27,500
Abuja - KanoOne WayFrom N23,300
Lagos - CalabarOne WayFrom N27,500
Lagos - KanoOne WayFrom N23,300
Lagos - Benin One WayFrom N23,300
Abuja - BeninOne WayFrom N27,500
Owerri - LagosOne WayFrom N23,100

The prices stated in the table above is the cheapest price for the flight route in the next one week. it is likely your ticket price is higher than that if you are purchasing a ticket for today or for peak periods.

To know how you can get cheap ticket for up to 60% off the normal price see the post I wrote on “How to Get Cheap ticket


Air Peace Address and Contact Information

Head Office
: 25 Sobo Arobiodu Street GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
: +234-90-8760-6709 ( Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm)
: +2349087263355 (For Whatsapp Messages Only)

Office Hours
Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm. (excluding public holidays) 

Need Help?
0700FLYAIRPEACE OR +234-700-359-24773223

Customer Care Hours
Monday to Sunday: 6am – 9pm.

Air Peace Fleet

In my conversation with various air travelers, I discovered that one of the thins that is of most interest to them is the size of the fleet of an airline operator. I have seen people asked questions like how many aircraft do Air Peace has? what is the size of Air Peace fleet How many aircraft does air Peace has available for passenger airlift? Anyways you need not to ask any firther as I will be answering your questions now.

Air Peace currently has about 22 aircraft in it fleet and has just recently ordered for about 20 aircraft more.

Air Peace Online Booking

Air Peace has made booking your flight ticket very easy in fact you can book right now right where you are. Like all major airlines, Air peace also offer incentives to customers that book online, you may even get up to 20% discount in some cases not to talk of lot of promo deals you will get access to.

How To Book Air Peace Flight Ticket Online

Below is the step by step guide of how you can book your flight ticket online

  1. Visit the official Air peace website
  2. Select your location (where you are traveling from) and your destination (where you are traveling to) there are 20 places to choose and the location you choose will determine the number of destinations available. If your preferred destination is not available that means Air Peace do not offer that travel route presently.
  3. Select the type of ticket you want to buy whether one-way or return ticket
  4. Select the date and the number of tickets and click on continue
  5. Fill in your details and continue to make payment

That’s it, you are now done with purchasing your ticket online.

The Peace Advantage

The Peace Advantage is a loyalty program offered by Air peace to reward their frequent flyers with discount and other various gifts. Air peace described it as their own  way of giving customers a well-deserved appreciation for their decision to fly with them always!

To take advantage of this Air Peace , follow this link to register for the Peace Advantage program now


If you have any questions regarding Air Peace, their contact, flight schedule or any issues with booking, then visit our questions and answers page where we answer all questions regarding this; follow this link  . Alternatively, you can ask your question in the comment box below.


Other reputable airline operators you should read about

Arik Airline

Arik air is one of the most respected airlines in Nigeria. Arik Air began operation in the year 2006 after taking over the facilities of Nigeria Airways and since then it has not looked up in delivering consistent award winning air travel. In 2012 Arik air announced that it has transported it 10 millionth passenger. Presently Arik air has over 22 fleets of aircraft and travel to over 26 destinations.

Aero Contractors

Aero contractors i one of the oldest airlines in Nigeria, It started operation in the year 1960. It has it headquarters at the Muritala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos.
Aero contractors operate two wings; the fixed wing and the rotary wing. The fixed wing is for scheduled passenger services while the rotary wing for the country’s oil and gas helicopter services.
Presently Aero contractors has over 17 aircraft in it fleet and travel to about 13 destinations.

Overland Airways

Overland airways is a popular domestic airline in Nigeria. It was founded in the year 2002 and has it hub at the Muritala Muhammad Airport Ikeja and Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport Abuja.
Presently, Overland airways has about 9 aircraft in its fleet and travel to about 10 destinations which include Abuja, Ilorin, Jalingo, Bauchi, Akure, Asaba, Dutse, Ibadan and Minna.

Azman Air

Azman Air, a noteworthy player in the aeronautics business is a Nigerian airline that works both household and international flight courses. Built up in 2010, the airline’s tasks started in 2014 with two Boeing 737-300 aircraft which has 12 business class and 112 economy limits. 

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