How To Get Cheap Flights From Lagos To Abuja And Online Booking

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lagos to abuja flight

Air transport is the fastest, safest and most convenient means of transportation in Nigeria. As convenient and safe as air transportation is, the problem is the cost . Air transport in Nigeria is very expensive. In fact it is beyond the reach of an average citizen. An average flight cost about 10 times road transport.

In this post I will be showing you how to get cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja and how you can book online so as to save time and lot of money. I will also be listing the schedule of major airlines plying the Lagos to Abuja route.

You wont value the tremendous impact of the time and stress you save using air transport until you put it into analytical perspective.

Imagine having a conference in Abuja where you are to deliver a keynote address in the morning and having a board meeting that same evening in Lagos. There is no way you can possibly be present at these two event without air travel, also if you were able to manipulate and shift either of the meetings, traveling by road will mean you will arrived at both meetings totally exhausted and not productive.

But with air transport, you can leave Lagos to your meeting in Abuja and return to Lagos for the other meeting that same day without any stress and also saving tremendous amount of time. This amount to much more productivity and everyone involved is happy.

Flights From Lagos To Abuja

Lagos to Abuja flight route is the most popular flight route in the country. In fact some statistics shows that there are about 102 direct flights from Lagos to Abuja.

The popularity of the flights between these two cities is due to the level of activities going on between them daily. Lagos was the capital of Nigeria, the most populous city in Africa, a major port entry and the commercial capital of the country. Abuja is the present capital of Nigeria, home to the seat of government, less populated than Lagos but one of the fastest growing city in the world.

All major airlines offers flights from Lagos to Abuja. There are one-way trips, round trips and even stop over trips. So you have an ocean of flights schedule to choose from if you want to travel to Abuja to Lagos by air.

How Much Is Flight Ticket From Lagos To Abuja

Below is the list of some of the airline that operate flight from Lagos to Abuja and their ticket prices. Some offer one-way flight, return flight and stop-over flights. It is important to note that the price of one-way tickets and return tickets on this route is about the same. i.e if you buy 2 one-way tickets or you buy a return ticket its about the same price.

One-way Ticket Price From Lagos To Abuja

Air peace: N18,000 – N34,000

Dana airways: N20,000 – N35,000

Arik air: N20,000 – N35,000

Medview airline: N22,000 – N40,000

Aero contractors airways: N18,500 – N34,000

Overland airways: N20,000 – N38,000

Azman air: N24,000 – N40,000

First Nation air: N23,000 – N38,000

Return Ticket Price From Lagos To Abuja

Air peace: N34,000 – N69,000

Dana airways: N40,000 – N69,000

Arik air: N38,000 – N68,000

Medview airline: N40,000 – N75,000

Aero contractors airways: N36,000 – N67,000

Overland airways: N38,000 – N70,000

Azman air: N42,000 – N72,000

First Nation air: N42,00 – N73,000

Please note that price variation is due to day and time of travel, flights are more expensive on some days of the week than others, likewise price is higher during the peak period of the day compare to time with less traffic. Also holidays and festivity also contribute to the price variation.

How To Get Cheap Flight Tickets From Lagos To Abuja

If you want to save cost by getting cheap flights tickets each time you travel from Lagos to Abuja, just follow the steps outlined  below. These tips works all the time and be sure to come back here to thank me

  1. Book Early:
    Booking 3 weeks or 1 month ahead is a proven technique of getting very cheap flight ticket price. You can save as at least N6000 for just booking well in advance sometimes you can save up to N15,000. So next time you want to travel by air double check your schedule and book atleast 2 weeks ahead so you can get cheap ticket.

  2. Book Online:
    Most airline companies are encouraging their customers to book online since this will save them the cost of hiring many ticket agents and also the cost of ticket handling and printing. You can save up to 20% just by booking online. If you combine this with booking early you are already having tremendous savings and getting your ticket for dirt cheap price.

  3. Talk To A Ticketing Agent:
    Ticketing agents know how to get you the best deal when it comes to flight prices. They are always aware of promos and deals going on that are not widely advertised. They also have access to those who couldn’t make their flight again and are willing to sell their tickets cheap.
  4. Use Airlines Tickets Compare Websites:
    Certain websites are designed solely for getting you the best price deals by comparing what different airlines are offering at a particular time. Websites like, and are doing a very good job in comparing and listing the cheapest flight ticket price and promos.
  5. Register For Frequent Flyer Program:
    A frequent flyer program is a program introduced by airline operators to reward loyal customers. Each time you travel you are rewarded with points and you can use the points you accumulate to get discount on your flight ticket.
  6. Fly Multi-stop Flights:
    Direct flights are usually more expensive than multi-stop flights. If you dont mind the extra minutes added to your journey and the slight discomfort, then always fly multi-stop flights as they are way more cheaper. On the average customers save between 20% – 60% when they fly multi-stop.
  7. Do Not Fly At Peak Days and Periods:
    We have taken a look at datas from different airlines and discovered that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly. Also note that early morning flights and evening flights are more expensive than flights during off-peak periods.

How To Book Flights From Lagos To Abuja Online

Booking your flight ticket online has all the advantages and no significant disadvantage. You can book at your convenience without having to queue at the airport also you enjoy up to 20% discount as airline are encouraging customers to book online.

To book online just visit the of your preferred airline website, select your departure and destination city, your type of ticket and click on book now. You then proceed to pay with your ATM card, Mastercard/Visacard or through transfer in your bank account.

How Long Does Lagos To Abuja Flight Take?

The flight from Lagos to Abuja takes an average of 1hour 10 minutes. The time may be lesser for certain airlines with faster aircraft and a bit higher with slower aircraft.

For multi-stop flights, the time spend will be significantly higher than this depending on the number of stop.

The Flying distance between Lagos and Abuja is 538 Km which is around 333 miles while the driving distance is around 753 kilometres.


Have you ever traveled by air from Lagos to Abuja? what was your experience like? which airline did you travel with? kindly share your thought and opinion in the comment section below.

If you have any questions also as regards to air travel, flight schedule and airlines drop it in the comment box.

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