Azman Air Flights Schedule, Ticket Prices, Online Bookings and Promos

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Azman Air

In this post we are going to be talking about Azman Air flights schedule, travel routes, tickets prices, promos and hoe you can book online.

Azman Air, a noteworthy player in the aeronautics business is a Nigerian airline that works both household and international flight courses. Built up in 2010, the airline’s tasks started in 2014 with two Boeing 737-300 aircraft which has 12 business class and 112 economy limits. 

According to the President/Founder of the organization, Dr. Abdulmunaf Sarina, the carrier’s vision is to set up a profoundly broadened business combination which gives products and enterprises that would improve the advancement of the economy.

At the initiation of the airline, management had said immense measures of cash and resources were put into the business to grow its tasks by increasing the number of routes and services for the normal traveler.

Abdulmunaf had additionally guaranteed effective services to travelers, including that admissions would be aggressive to coordinate the organization’s services given that numerous Nigerians long to go via air however can not do as such because of the moderately surprising expense of air travel. The airline’s principal hub is based at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano, Nigeria’s second-biggest city.

Azman Air domestic routes includes: Kano, Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Yola, Kebbi, Port Harcourt. International flights from Kano, Abuja and Lagos can be booked week after week on Azman Air flights. The Airline is a perceived carrier for the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Madinah and Jeddah. In 2016, the organization gained 2 new Boeing 777 series aircraft to airlift pilgrims.

Azman Air Flights Schedule

This table shows the flights schedule of Azman Air, flight number and the days of the week they ply specific route.
Departure/ArrivalFlight No.Days of The Week
12:00pm - 12:45pmAZM 2330M T W T F S S
09:45am - 10:45amAZM 2332M T W T F S S
01:15pm - 02:15pmAZM 2335- - W - - - -
03:00pm - 04:00pmAZM 2335- - - - F - S
01:15pm - 02:15pmAZM 2337M T - T F - S
11:30am - 12:30pmAZM 2322- - W - - - -
01:30pm - 02:30pmAZM 2330- - - - F - S
09:45am - 12:30pmAZM 2332- - W - - - -
03:00pm - 04:00pmAZM 2319- - - - - S -
05:00pm - 06:00pmAZM 2319M T - - - - -
06:45pm - 07:45pmAZM 2319- - W T F - S
03:00pm - 03:45pmAZM 2329/6- - W T F - S
02:30pm - 03:15pmAZM 2329/37M T - - - S -
10:00am - 11:15amAZM 2311M T W T F S S
06:00pm - 07:15pmAZM 2315M T - - - S -
06:45pm - 08:00pmAZM 2315- - W T F - S
07:30am - 08:45amAZM 2310M T W T F - S
08:00am - 09:15amAZM 2310- - - - - S -
04:00pm - 05:15pmAZM 2332M T - - - S -
04:30pm - 05:45pmAZM 2332- - W T F - S
11:30am - 12:20pmAZM 2323- - - - - S -
03:00pm - 03:50pmAZM 2335M T - - - - -
05:00pm - 05:50pmAZM 2333/5- - W T F - S
07:45am - 08:45amAZM 2318M T W T F - S
08:00am - 09:00amAZM 2318- - - - - S -
01:15pm - 06:00pmAZM 2335- - W - - - -
03:00pm - 06:00pmAZM 2335- - - - F - S
01:15pm - 04:00pmAZM 2327M T - T F - S
11:30am - 12:30pmAZM 2322M T - T F - S
09:45am - 12:30pmAZM 2322M T - T F - S
03:00pm - 04:00pmAZM 2322- - W T - - -
01:30pm - 02:30pmAZM 2322- - W T - - -

Azman Air Ticket Prices

Azman Air One-way Routes Prices


From Lagos Hub

Lagos ? Kano = NGN 24,500

Lagos ? Abuja = NGN 35,000

Lagos ?BerninKebbi = NGN 3,5000

From Kano Hub

Kano ? Lagos = NGN 21,500

Kano ? Abuja = NGN 21,500

From Abuja Hub

Abuja ?Bernin-Kebbi = NGN 28,500

Abuja ? Kano = NGN 21,500

Abuja ? Lagos = NGN 26,500

Abuja ? Maiduguri = NGN 32,500

Azman Air Return Routes Prices


From Lagos Hub

Between Lagos and Abuja = NGN 48,000

Between Lagos and BirninKebbi = NGN 70,000

Between Lagos and Kaduna = NGN 53,000

Between Lagos and Kano = NGN 49,000

Between Lagos and Maiduguri = NGN 80,000

From Abuja Hub

Between Abuja and Birnin= NGN 53,000

Between Abuja and Kano= NGN 26,000

Between Abuja and Lagos = NGN 48,000

Between Abuja and Maiduguri = NGN 57,000

Azman Air Online Booking

With Azman Air, booking flights online is a lot simpler and regularly less expensive than setting off to a physical travel agent. Pursue the means underneath to book your ticket on the web;

Stage 1. Visit the Airline’s website

Stage 2. Fill in your ideal destination, date and the quantity of travelers, at that point click the ‘Search’ catch for the accessibility of flights.

Stage 3. Select an alternative from the rundown of accessible flights and snap on the “Next” catch.

Stage 4. Fill in your own details on the “Traveler Details” section and pay through any of the favored payment choices.

N.B: Ensure to take a copy of your ticket print-out to the airport on your travel date for simple affirmation at the counter.

Azman Air Promos

Free luggage

Azman Air travelers are permitted to registration up to 20kg of luggage in Economy Class and 30kg of luggage in Business Class. However, if travelers’ things surpasses these free stuff remittances,  expenses for the excess weight are charged.

Travel toll for infants

The carrier doesn’t charge full installment for travelers who are inside 0-23 months – that is, travelers under two years of age. Individuals who fall under this classification just buy the airline’s administration ticket with 10% of typical ticket cost. This contains business class and economy class of movement.

Changing of a flight route

Travelers who might want to change their flight route, class of administration, date of their flight can roll out these improvements by essentially reaching Azman Air Services ticketing desk quickly or visiting the carrier’s open site: The airline may charge extra administration expenses as indicated by fair principles of the ticket.

Azman Air Address and Contact Information

Head Office
No. 1 Zaria Road, Kano.
Phone Number: 09099800600 OR 09029800600

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