All GUO Transport Terminal Locations, Travel Routes, Price List and Online Booking

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 This short Article takes you on a trip to the world of GUO Transport, highlighting their services, terminals, locations, booking process, ticket prices and travel routes.

 Founded in 1980, GUO Transport Company Ltd.  G. U. Okeke & Sons Limited has become a symbol in the transportation industry, providing secure, pleasurable and reasonable travel to millions of passengers annually.

guo transport

While GUO transport Co. is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service, the company also provides a number of other services for its customers such as haulage and package delivery to many destinations in Nigeria.

With strict safety precautions at GUO Transport, they are sure to get everyone safely to their destinations. Drivers are civil, experienced, highly trained professionals.

GUO Vehicles are inspected and regularly maintained to ensure reliability, flexibility which allows meeting the ever-changing needs of customers.

Customers experience courtesy from all GUO staff at all terminals and beyond, this ensures partnership with customers which align with the collective goals of the organization in order to exceed expectations.

With a lofty vision to be recognized among customers as the model of excellence in the transportation industry, through the integration of innovative business practices and consistent emphasis on customer satisfaction, GUO has the following services under its belt;

·       Charter Service

GUO charter makes elite travel easy and affordable to all class of people.

·       Round Trip services

Consistently making round trips with G.U.O qualifies customers for mouth-watering discounts.

·       Hotel/Airport Pickup

GUO services extend to picking up passengers from their hotels to designated terminals, or from their airports to terminals to board our vehicles to their destinations.

·       Haulage Services

GUO‘s up to date fleet of over 80 vehicles are dedicated to their top-notch haulage services.

  • GUO Transport Bus Rental Services

GUO Transport Limited offers rental and or charter services at reasonable prices. To rent or charter a bus from GUO Transport Limited, visit and fill out a request form.

Prices depend on vehicle brand, number of passengers, distance between place of departure and final destination, cumulative number of hours spent, facilities and other perks offered to the passengers.

Courier Services with GUO Transport

With years of experience and professionalism GUO delivers parcels and packages to customers across 36 states of Nigeria.


To make your bookings online,


  1. Choose one way trip or round trip depending on your preference.
    -Departure State
    -Departure Date.
  2. Choose seat

  • Click the red ‘view seats’ button to view the seats on the available bus.
  • Pick any of the available seats. (Blocked, Booked and Selected seats are not available).
  • Click Continue

Fill in the personal details form shown on this page

  • Phone number
  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Next of Kin Name
  • Next of Kin Phone
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Click the orange ‘process transaction’ button.

  1. Make your payments online.
  2. Print out details of your bookings sent to your email address

Please note that you can make changes to your travel date at any time at no cost.

GUO Transport Terminals/Bus Parks

GUO Transport Terminals/Bus Parks

ABA, ABIA0807509062925, Milverton Avenue, Aba
UMUAHIA, ABIA08113790584Uhia General Park, Umuahia
ACCRA, GHANA+233240565854Abossey-Okia Mortuary Road (Opp. 2nd Total Filling Station), by Kaneshi R/About, Ghana.
YOLA, ADAMAWA08075090653Jendutu Park, Yola.
AWKA, ANAMBRA08075090642St. Michael Shopping Plaza,  Unizik Junction, Awka-Onitsha-Enugu
AWKUZU, ANAMBRA 07035227941Awkuzu junction
EKWULOBIA ANAMBRA08175090687 7, Awka Road, Ekwulobia
IHIALA, ANAMBRA0807509603242, Osha Owerri Road Patigian Hotels, Ihiala
NNEWI, ANAMBRA08075090684Address: 2, Ibeto Road, Opp.First Bank, Nnewi
ONITSHA, ANAMBRA08075090618166, Port Harcourt Rd, Upper Iweka, Onitsha
UMUNZE, ANAMBRA08076092468Round About, Umunze

GUO Transport Routes and Pricelist

GUO Transport Company Limited bus fares generally depend on the type of bus of chosen, the distance covered, time of travel and the general economic situation of the Country at that time. Discounts are available for first timers at GUO Transport.

The average prices of using GUO Transport Company Limited from Lagos to some popular cities in Nigeria are available below;

G.U.O reserves the right to review their prices at any time, it is better to confirm prices before going ahead to make bookings.

Take advantage of GUO Transport online bookings complete your bookings in 5 seconds and enjoy a very comfortable trip, instead of standing in line to book before your trip.

(Ajah Terminal) Lagos To  :-

G.U.O. Ajah Terminal Lagos Travel Routes

Port HarcourtN7,125

 (Iyana-Ipaja Terminal) Lagos To  :-

G.U.O. Iyana-Ipaja Terminal Lagos Travel Routes

Port HarcourtN7,125



From Lagos – Cele toBus TimetablesOne Way Ticket Fare (Adults)One Way Ticket Fare (Per Child)
Aba6:00 am; 7:00 amN6,650N5,250
Abakaliki6:30 am; 7:00 amN6,650N5,250
Abuja6:30 amN8,550N6,750
Awka6:30 amN5,700N4,500
Ekwulobia5:30 amN7,600N6,000
Ogoja5:30 amN7,125N5,625
Port Harcourt6:00 amN6,650N5,250
Umunze6:00 amN6,175N4,875
Umuahia5:30 am; 6:00 am; 6:30 amN6,175N4,875
From Lagos – Coker toBus TimetablesOne Way Ticket Fare (Adults)One Way Ticket Fare (Per Child)
Abakaliki6:00 amN6,650N5,250
Ekwulobia7:00 amN7,600
UmuahiaSienna Bus- 5:00 am; 5:30 am
Luxury Bus- 7:00 am
Sprinter Bus- 6:00 am
From Lagos – Ejigbo toBus TimetablesOne Way Ticket Fare (Adults)One Way Ticket Fare (Per Child)
Aba6:00 amN6,175N4,875
Abakaliki6:00 amN6,175N4,875
Abuja6:00 amN9,025N7,125
Umunze6:00 amN5,225N4,125
Umuahia6:00 amN5,225N4,125
Ojoja6:00 amN5,225N4,125
Port Harcourt6:00 amN6,175N4,875

Other Reputable Transport Companies You Will Love

God Is Good Motors (GIGM.COM)

God is Good Motors is said to be fast becoming Nigeria’s leading road transportation company with their second to none technologically driven services.

Incorporated in 1998 with the headquarters in 202B Uselu Lagos Road, Benin City Edo State and the GIGM ultra-modern bus terminal at Jibowu Lagos sets them apart as being the best bus terminal in the whole of West Africa.

ABC Transport

ABC transport operates luxury bus services according to accepted international standards. Established in 1993, Capital Alliance Private Equity (CAPE) acquired 30% of ABC Transport in March 2003, positioning it for greater service delivery and by all means the only Transport Company in Nigeria gone public.

Corporate office is located in Amuwo – Odofin,Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi way by Festac Bypass.

The office headquarters can be found in KM 5 MCC Uratta Road Owerri, Imo State.


Founded in 1995, and currently runs a fleet of 2,000 buses, head office is located at 4, Okpara Avenue, Enugu, and makes use of a wide range of vehicle brands including Foton buses and Toyota Hummer buses.

Peace Mass transit also provides courier services.

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