Flights From Lagos To Port Harcourt

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In this post we are going to be looking at flights between Lagos and Port Harcourt; airlines that offer Lagos  – Port Harcourt flights, tickets prices, flight schedule and flight options available, how to book online and how you can have access to promos and  get cheap flight tickets.

flight from lagos to port harcourt

Since the advent of democracy in the year 1999, Nigeria has witnessed tremendous and very fast development in the social, entertainment and business sectors. It’s like the gate of the country was thrown wide open for fast development in the last 2 decades as many cities, industries and economic sector of the country witnessed unprecedented growth. This development is also accompanied with major population growth, mass movements from the rural to the urban regions and mass movement to and from the country.

These massive movements has led to the growth of the aviation industry of the country. Many airlines have sprung up and the country record hundreds of flights both domestically and internationally daily. Air transport is the safest and the most convenient means of transport in the country. Contrary to previous popular opinion, air travel is now within the reach of the average individuals.

Lagos is widely regarded as the commercial capital of Africa while Port Harcourt is the largest city in the South-west/ South-south region of Nigeria. The Lagos – Port Harcourt flight route is one of the most popular and busiest flight route in the country. In fact most major airlines in the country ply this route.

Flights Between Lagos And Port Harcourt

One of the most popular flight route in the country is the Lagos Port Harcourt. This route record over 50 direct flights daily.

All major airlines offers direct flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt. In the Lagos Port Harcourt air route, There are one-way trips, round trips and even stop over trips. You have many options of different airlines and flight times to choose from if you want ti travel between Lagos and Port Harcourt by road.

How Much Is Flight Ticket From Lagos To Port Harcourt

I will be listing below the price of Lagos – Port Harcourt flights of some of the biggest airlines in the country. I will list price for both one-way flight and return flight. It is important to note that the price of one-way tickets and return tickets on this route is about the same. i.e if you buy 2 one-way tickets or you buy a return ticket its about the same price.

The price of the flight ticket of Lagos to Port Harcourt starts from N20,000 to about N60,000. The price is due to how early you book, the airline you choose then type of ticket (whether its one-way ticket or return tickets).

One-way Ticket Price From Lagos To Port Harcourt

Air peace: N23,300 – N37,800

Dana airways: N18,000 – N26,100

Arik air: N21,996 – N30,988

Aero contractors airways: N20,000 – N33,147

Azman air: N23,500 – N26500

Return Ticket Price From Lagos To Port Harcourt

Air peace: N45,300 – N74,800

Dana airways: N35,000 – N51,100

Arik air: N43,996 – N60,988

Aero contractors airways: N39,000 – N67,147

Azman air: N47,500 – N51500

Please note that price variation is due to day and time of travel, flights are more expensive on some days of the week than others, likewise price is higher during the peak period of the day compare to time with less traffic. Also holidays and festivity also contribute to the price variation as days before a general holidays usually witness high traffic.

If you want to know how you can get very cheap flight ticket then read this article “How To Get Cheap Flight Tickets” where I exposed the secret of how you can get very cheap ticket of up to 60% off.

How To Book Flights From Lagos To Port Harcourt Online

Gone are the days of having to get to the airport before booking your flight, you can now book for your flight ticket online in the comfort fo your home or office. Booking your flight ticket online gives you the advantage of avoiding the queue at the airport and you can also get up to 20% discount as airline are encouraging customers to book online.

To book online just visit the official website of your preferred airline, select your departure and destination city, your type of ticket and click on book now. You then proceed to pay with your ATM card, Mastercard/Visacard or through transfer from your bank account.

How Long Is The Flight From Lagos To Port Harcourt?

The Port Harcourt Lagos flight takes approximately 1hour 15 minutes. The time may be lesser for certain airlines with faster aircraft and a bit higher with slower aircraft.

For multi-stop flights, the time spend will be significantly higher than this depending on the number of stop.

Although the driving distance between Lagos and Port Harcourt is around 617.4 kilometers, the flying distance is 278 miles i.e  about 447 km. The flying distance is the shortest possible distance between two places.

We would like you to share your flight experience from Lagos to Port Harcourt by air with us. Have you ever traveled by air from Lagos to Port Harcourt? what was your experience like? which airline did you travel with? kindly share your thought and opinion in the comment section below.

If you have any questions also as regards to air travel, flight schedule and airlines drop it in the comment box.

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