How To Sell On Jumia And Konga

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We are in the last quarter of the year, and you may be searching for ways  to advertise and sell your products. It is a well known fact that if you need to sell more items, you need more people to a.) discover you and b.) know about the goods you’re selling.

When you cross these two obstacles (trust me, this is not an easy accomplishment in Nigeria), at that point you would now be able to confront the task of persuading clients to part with their money in exchange for your products.

When you make use of an online store, you have  successfully open up your merchandise to not just individuals strolling by before your physical store, however now to individuals who are searching for your items while on their telephones in their workplaces, toilets, spa and so forth. Whichever way it is, clients will be finding you then. and, are two of Nigeria’s biggest online shopping centers. Konga propelled its commercial center stage in 2014, while Jumia propelled hers in 2012. These two organizations are opened up free to merchants. Rather than purchasing and conveying their very own items, they choose to open up their stockrooms to dealers to discover clients for their items through their platform, viably taking care of Problem A and B stated above.

Konga and Jumia help would be buyers find what they are searching for, and link them to the vendors who have the items in stock. Merchants in all regions of the country can benefit from Konga’s and Jumia’s quality client base shipping services and uncomplicated shopping experience offered to buyers.

As indicated by Sim Shagaya in a 2015 Forbes show, he expressed that in 2014, Konga deal with 8,000 merchants on their online commercial center, while Jumia, in 2015 rolled inan income $234 million, leading to  265% increase from the previous year. This article talk about in detail, what you have to do before  selling on Jumia and Konga.


Before plunging into how to sell on Konga and Jumia, it is essential to know the advantages of selling on these platforms. Listed below are a couple of them:


  • Free Vendor Training

The Jumia University offers free merchant prepping. Instructional courses incorporate the choice of offline training. Here, you get the chance to study the Jumia Seller Center. Besides, you become acquainted with how to list your items and have complete learning in regards to request bundling and transporting.

The sessions offer counsel and tips on the best way to support your business volume and make most engaging, proficient substance for your items. You additionally pick up everything with respect to account explanation. All these for nothing!

  • Brand Trust

Jumia organization has long standing understanding and great administration; subsequently individuals trust it. In this manner, instead of purchasing from obscure online stores, most purchase their things on Jumia.

The organization offers you the chance to utilize its believed image name as a name for your items. Accordingly, you get the chance to partake in its prevalence.

  • More Reach

In Nigeria alone, 4 million guests run the Jumia stage each month looking for things to purchase. Furthermore, you have to recollect that its essence is felt across numerous other African nations.

In this way, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to publicize your items to a huge number of buyers each month. There is no  Maximum Upload Limit

At Jumia, you can list the same number of things as you need to, since there’s no most extreme cutoff. In addition, this platform deals with upkeep charge, posting expense, and other uncommon costs.

  • Hassle-Free

Jumia makes selling quite straightforward. The main things you have to do is finish the enrollment procedure, complete a committed instructional meeting (for new venders), list your items, and you’re good to go.


  • Kongas’ vendor program is available to merchants from all over Nigeria. This implies you can sell on the platform paying regardless of where you are based.
  • On the other hand, vendors can likewise reach clients from everywhere throughout the nation regardless of where they are based.
  • The site includes an organized item catalogue
  • You can compare items among sellers: This implies costs are aggressive, and there’s less probability of being ripped off.
  • Logistics are simpler to oversee
  • Customer gets products shipped to their doorsteps guaranteeing buying comfort

How To Start Selling On

Signing up is very easy. You will require the following data to begin

  • a store name
  • store description
  • personal data
  • contact information
  • government provided ID (International passport, voters’ card and so forth)

Complete the four-arrange enlistment procedure and trust that your store will be approved. Guarantee that your email, home/store address and telephone numbers are right to lodge sign up and request satisfaction mistakes; Also, you will be required to enter your account details for payments.

How To Start Selling On Jumia

As a new merchant, you undergo a 3-step procedure before you can begin selling. You complete enlistment, go through training, then list your items prepared to begin selling.


To sell on Jumia, you need to enroll as a merchant, a procedure that takes about 5 minutes. Visit the Jumia site and look down to the base of the page. On the base left corner, click on “Sell on Jumia.” And adhere to the directions on the new page that opens.

The “Organization INFORMATION” area requires subtleties on:

  • Company Location, for example Nigeria, Ghana, and so forth.
  • Your First and Last Name
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email (Used for check and email enactment)
  • Preferred Jumia Store Name
  • Business Entity (Individual or enrolled organization)
  • Address
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Whether or not you consent to let Jumia stock your item

On “Item INFORMATION” segment, the accompanying fields are required:

  • Main Product Category, for example Autos, Electronics, and so on. Here, Jumia gives a connect to the commission structure of every item classification.
  • Whether or not you’re selling on different sites
  • The quantity of items you intend to list on Jumia

When done, consent to the terms and conditions by ticking  the box, after which you click on “Register Now.”

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On

There are monthly participation expenses required for access to the platform. Subsequent to joining, you will be required to pay this expenses to sell on the platform. There are 2 plans – A Silver arrangement costing N1,000 monthly which enables you to list up to 10 items  monthly, or a Gold arrangement which enables you to list a boundless number of things monthly, at the cost of N2,500 per month

Commission rates

In addition to the participation plan, Konga likewise charges you a commission rate on anything you sell. These charges fluctuate depending on the number of things you sell per month.

Items posting

After enrollment and store check, you will be sent an entrance connect to the SellerHQ platform. Sign in to get to your dashboard, alter settings and start item postings. You are permitted to transfer 5 pictures (500px X 500px) of every item, an all-around itemized title, description, cost and VAT. The item goes live on the site after Konga’s quality endorsement and audit.

Order handling/Invoicing

Taking care of your first deal appropriately is significant. At the point when a client purchases your product on the site, Konga affirms the client’s details and sends you a notice on your dashboard. Then you have 24 hours to acknowledge or reject the request fulfillment. In the wake of accepting the request, click on order on your dashboard to print order rundown and receipt, bundle the order perfectly and ship.

Shipping logistics

Shipping logistics on Konga are done by self-fulfillment, KOS express (Konga owned), Courier Plus, QUO, EMS and DHL logistics. These logistics organizations offer delivery administrations at arranged extraordinary rates for Konga across the nation. For customer satisfaction, you can offer free dispatching for zones inside your region, this expands deals by 30%, or deliver at doorsteps. In the event that you consider utilizing KOS express, you need to take your order to a drop-off area and the client pays the delivery costs.

You are relied upon to ship orders  under 3 days, visit your delivery settings on your dashboard for KOS express charges. In the event of profits, it will show on your dashboard which KOS Center is nearest to you.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On

Jumia doesn’t charge dealers hoping to build their business on the stage, not except if the vendor gets the chance to make a sale. Here, Jumia acquires from merchants according to the Revenue Share agreement.

This platform settles on the income share. For example, if the Revenue Share is 85:15, for an item that sells for $80 and acquiring a delivery cost of $20, Jumia pays you $85 and keeps $15. Additionally, Jumia charges a Return-to-Vendor expense, which relies upon the size of the item.

For a little item, you’ll bring about an expense proportional to ? 150. Medium things pull in a charge of ? 300.

The turnover offer varies depending on the item classification.

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