How To Get Nigerian International Passport

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Nigerian International passport

Are you a Nigerian citizen planning to travel overseas? Are the beautiful places all around the world reaching out to your soul? Or is it your business obligation to leave Nigeria and travel to countries abroad? Whether you are going to Asia, America, Europe, or anywhere else, If you are planning to travel abroad or outside of Nigeria, you must, as a citizen of Nigeria and even any other country, have or obtain an international passport to be able to travel anywhere around the world.

Regardless of the purpose of traveling-a family getaway or multiple international business trips, this article has got you covered with the step-by-step process on how to easily obtain your Nigerian international passport.

The online application procedure is basic and clear. If you can not afford going to the immigration offices to do it, spare yourself pointless worry and apply online, present your application records well ahead of time of your flight date. When you get your international ID, all that is left to do is gather your packs and fly off!

This article is going to save you the stress and transport of having to go all the way to the immigration office to make enquiries as to how to obtain a Nigerian International Passport.

The Nigerian International Passport Application

The Nigerian international passport is your opportunity to appreciate global travel and investigate various societies, enabling you to travel any place on the planet (if you have the right visa). The international visa isn’t equivalent to the ECOWAS identification, which just awards travel section into 15 West African states. Nigerians needing to go outside of West Africa are required to get a Nigerian international passport.

To apply for a international passport, the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) right now just issues electronic visas (e-travel papers) for new applications. Conventional citizens can apply for a Standard e-international ID (green spread), while official e-travel papers (blue spread) are held for government authorities and Nigerian representatives.Nigerians who are planning to go outside of Nigeria for business, relaxation or different exercises, for example, school purposes need a Nigerian international passport.

The 32-page Nigerian international passport is regularly issued for relaxation travelers or those not traveling internationally frequently. Business explorers, then again, might need to consider applying for a 64-page passport if your activity expects you to visit international excursions for work consistently. If you are an enthusiastic recreation explorer, you may need the 64-page passport too. This will spare you the problem of always expecting to apply for new passports and bearing massive reports.

Step By Step Procedures

The Nigerian international passport application can be handled either online or offline. The two different ways will bring about you accepting a printed copy of your passport.

Online Application

  • Go to the Nigerian Immigration Services web portal
  • Select passport type
  • Select  country
  • Fill and Complete application form
  • Upload scanned copies of required documents
  • Select preferred payment method (payment can be made with ATM credit cards)
  • Once payment is completed, click “Submit”
  • You will be given an Application ID and Reference number
  • Print Guarantor’s form and have it certified
  • Submit completed application form with additional required documents in person at your nearby passport office.

Offline Application

If you want to present your application through an agent in Nigeria, as opposed to online, know that this procedure may take significantly more. Be cautious which agents you work with in order to avoid getting captured in extortion tricks and archives getting lost. Indeed, even with an agent included, you are as yet required to show up face to face at the immigration office with your required archives.

Another passport application takes around 48 hours to process after your bio-metric data has been caught. At times, it has been known to take as long as a month to process, so ensure you apply well ahead of time.

Nigerian Passport Application Requirements

The requirements for first time (Fresh applicants)

Applicants 18 years or more

  • Citizens by birth ought to provide their National ID card or a letter of identification (for Nigerians who can get a record of residence/starting point from their State or Government) or presentation (for government officials who ought to likewise provide a genuine staff ID card).
  • Citizens by naturalization/enrollment must provide their Certificate of Naturalization/Registration which must be issued by the nation’s President.
  • All applications need to finish the exceptional structure plans for international passports.
  • All clients need to incorporate two photographs (the standard passport-size). These images must be validated by the Guarantor (on the image’s back).
  • The Guarantor ought to likewise provide a few archives. This rundown incorporates 1 individual photograph (the standard-passport size), the duplicate of their ePassport issued in Nigeria just as the extraordinary structure (called the type of Guarantor) that is filled in and furthermore marked by Oaths’ Commissioner.
  • Hitched applications ought to provide their official status certificate.
  • Age Declaration or Certificate of birth.
  • Verification of installment.

Applicants under 18 years

  • One image (the photograph ought to be a standard passport size and ought to be marked by one or the two guardians).
  • The uncommon application structure that contains all the required data.
  • The proof of parent/ guardians being the citizens of Nigeria.
  • Certificate of birth.
  • Proof of payment
  • Letter of consent (it ought to be composed by the grown-up relatives). In the event that the parent is inaccessible there ought to be Court Order document.

Cost Of Getting Nigerian International Passport

The international passport issued in Nigeria by the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) are divided in two by pages number. It is either 32 or 64 pages.

Fee for the 32-page passport:

  • Children up to 17 years of age and adults of 60+ years old – 8,750NGN
  • Adults from 18 to 59 years old – 15,000NGN
  • Fee for verification of applicant’s address – 2,000NGN

Fee for the 64-page passport:

  • Same booklet fee for all ages – 20,000NGN
  • Fee for address verification of applicant – 2,000NGN

Fee for the New 64-page passport (10 year validity):

  • Same booklet fee for all ages – 75,000NGN


  • These fees are the same for new, renewed, damaged, updated due to new marriage status documents.
  • The fee for lost/Misplaced documents is 22,000NGN  (booklet + address verification) for all applications.

Those who need a replacement (or apply for deletion) have to pay 22,000NGN plus 30,000 NGN as an administrative fee.
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