Silverbird Cinema Uyo, Movie Schedule, Ticket Prices and Promos

In this post I am going to be listing the complete schedule of movies showing at the Silverbird Cinema Uyo, their ticket prices and available promos. So if you are in Uyo, Akwa Ibom or surrounding cities this post is for you.

Silverbird cinema Uyo

Silverbird cinema Uyo offers an amazing cinema experience, international and local food, Popcorn, drinks and delicious dessert. Also they offer top notch customer service designed to make your cinema trip an unforgettable one.

Silverbird Cinema Ibom Tropicana Uyo is owned and run by The Silverbird group. The Silverbird group has become a household name in the entertainment industry of Nigeria since they launched the first cinema at The Silverbird Galleria Victoria Island Lagos in 2004.

Other investments by the Silverbird group are in real estate, Television, Radio and beauty pageantry. As a matter of fact, The name Silverbird in Nigeria is now synonymous with world class entertainment. 

Silverbird network of multiplex cinemas is known for a lot of innovations in the cinema industry among which are the 4DX cinema experience launched in April 2018.

The 4DX cinema experience allow you to feel and smell the actual movie settings as if you were there live at the location. You feel the cold, heat, rain, vibration and even various types of smell.

Other Silverbird cinemas in Nigeria are: Silverbird cinemas Galleria Victoria Island, Silverbird cinema Ikeja, Silverbird cinema SEC Abuja, Silvebird cinema Jabi Lake Mall Abuja, and Silverbird cinema Festival Mall FESTAC Lagos.

Schedule of Moving Showing At Silverbird Cinema Uyo This Week

In the table below, I listed the complete schedule of movies showing at the Silverbird Cinema Ibom tropicanna Uyo this week. The schedule starts on Friday and ends on Thursday.

Every week I will be updating the schedule every Friday so you can be sure to get the current schedule whenever you visit. So just bookmark this page so you can easily find your way back whenever you want to check the current schedule.

Movies Showing At Silverbird Cinema UyoThis Week (Fri 19/07/2019- Thurs 25/07/2019)

The Lion KingFRI-SUN: 11:00am, 5:55pm, 8:45pm
MON-THUR: 11:00am, 5:55pm, 8:45pm
Spider-Man: Far from HomeFRI-SUN: 1:15pm, 4:25pm, 8:35pm
MON-THUR: 1:15pm, 4:25pm, 8:35pm
The Bling LagosiansFRI-SUN: 2:40pm, 6:50pm
MON-THUR: 2:40pm, 6:50pm
StuberFRI-SUN: 12:25pm, 4:35pm
MON-THUR: 12:25pm, 4:35pm
AnnaFRI-SUN: 3:40pm, 8:10pm
MON-THUR: 3:40pm, 8:10pm
Men in Black: InternationalFRI-SUN: 2:15pm, 6:25pm
MON-THUR: 2:15pm, 6:25pm
Dark PhoenixFRI-SUN: 12:30pm
MON-THUR: 12:30pm
The Secret Life of Pets 2FRI-SUN: 10:30am
MON-THUR: 10:30am
Another Father’s DayFRI-SUN: 11:00am, 3:05pm
MON-THUR: 11:00am, 3:05pm
Annabelle Comes HomeFRI-SUN: 10:35am
MON-THUR: 10:35am
Coming From Insanity12:40pm, 5:10pm, 9:00pm
MON-THUR: 12:40pm, 5:10pm, 9:00pm
Mad About YouFRI-SUN: 1:00pm, 4:45pm
MON-THUR: 1:00pm, 4:45pm
Everything Happens to MeFRI-SUN: 11:00am, 6:25pm
MON-THUR: 11:00am, 6:25pm
StormFRI-SUN: 2:35pm, 7:05pm
MON-THUR: 2:35pm, 7:05pm

Silverbird Cinema Uyo Movie Ticket Prices & Promos

Silverbird Cinema Uyo, Location and Contact details

Address: Silverbird Cinemas, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Box Office: 234 9092663578

Box Office Working Hour: MON-SUN: 10:00am – 11:00pm

Business Manager: 234 8089549540

Marketing / Advert: 234 8139288803 / 234 8131277268


Our post “Top Cinemas In Nigeria” is the goto guide if you want to know about the movie schedule of other cinemas in the country or you want something different from what Silverbird is offering.

Have you ever been to the Silverbird Cinema Ibom Tropicana  to watched a movie? What was your experience like? What are the things that standout or things you feel need improvement? Kindly share your thought with us in the comment section below.

If you have any question or you are in need of any information as regards Silverbird cinemaUyo or you need information about any other cinema in the country, you can reach us through the comment box , just drop your queries in the comment section and you will get an answer within 4 hours.


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