Silverbird Cinemas Galleria Movie Schedule For This Week and Ticket Prices

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The Silverbird Cinemas Galleria Victoria Island Lagos is owned by the Silverbird group. The Silverbird Group was established by Ben Murace Bruce in 1980 and has since being at the fore-front of Media entertainment in Africa. The Silverbird group has since it inception diversified into Radio, Television, Beauty pageantry, Real estate and cinemas.

Silverbird cinema galleria Victoria Island is a state of the art cinema, that boost of modern cutting edge technology in delivery the best cinema and entertainment experience.

Silverbird cinema is the first to introduce the 4DX cinema experience in Africa. Silverbird cinema has become a de-facto leader in leisure and entertainment industry they claimed to have paved the way for others and in their own words they described themselves as “remaining unique in functionality and operating on stellar customer service”.

Silverbird galleria located at 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos was launched in the year 2004 and since then they have grown to 9 cinemas in 5 states in Nigeria and 2 other African countries making them the 1st to span across countries in West Africa.

Other Silverbird cinemas in the country are Silverbird cinema Ikeja, Silverbird cinema FESTAC, Silvebird cinema SEC Abuja, Silverbird cinema Jabi Mall Abuja and Silverbird cinema Ibom Tropicana Uyo.

Schedule of Moving Showing This Week At Silverbird Cinema Galleria V.I. Lagos

Like most cinemas, Silverbird cinema galleria also releases their movie schedule weekly. The weekly schedule starts from Friday till the next Thursday.

I will be listing below the schedule of movies now showing this week at Silverbird cinema galleria Victoria Island Lagos. This list will be updated on a weekly basis so you can be sure to check back and meet the current schedule of movies for the week you check.

I will advise you to bookmark this page so you can easily get the up-to-date schedule anytime you need it.

Movie Prices and Promo Days at Silverbird Cinemas, Galleria V.I. Lagos

This the up to date list of ticket prices and promos at the Silverbird cinemas galleria Victoria Island Lagos.

  • Monday Special: Ticket ?1,500 Flat (Popcorn).
  • Tuesday & Thursday:Ticket ?1,500 Flat(Popcorn).
  • Wednesday Promo:Ticket ?1,500 Flat (Popcorn).
  • Weekends: Ticket ?2,500 (Popcorn and drink).
  • School Excursions (Monday-Thursday): ?1,000/Person (Movie and Excursion Popcorn).
  • Bollywood Movies (Regular): ?3,000 Flat (Popcorn and drink).
  • Bollywood Movies (VIP): ?3,500 Flat (Popcorn and drink).
  • Blockbuster Movies: Ticket ?3,000 (Popcorn and drink).
  • Movies in 3D: ?3,000 Flat (Popcorn and drink).

For more enquiries, call the box office on 07012655677, (MON-SUN: 10am – 9pm)

Silverbird Cinemas, Galleria V.I. Lagos Location and Contact details

Address: 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Box Office/Enquiry: +2347012655677

Box Office Working Hour: MON-SUN: 10am – 9pm

Business Manager: +2348187925294

Marketing / Advert: +2348139288803 / +2348131277268


Silverbird cinema galleria is the first cinema to launched the 4DX cinema experience in Nigeria and even in Africa at large. The agreement was signed on April 25th 2018 at CinemaCon in the presence of Executive Directors; Jared Murray Bruce, Jonathan Murray-Bruce, and Franson Davis Lancy (Frankie) General Manager, Silverbird Cinemas West Africa

The 4DX cinema experience makes the audience enaged in an active way with the movie because it brings alive the senses and experience of the movie real life to the audience.
To explain further, you will experience the movie as if you are live at the location for example your chair will rock side to side when there’s a car crash, a slight mist will be sprayed to refresh your face whenever there’s a scene with rain or sea,  and your sense of smell is going to pick up a few interesting fragrances. There are currently eight smells utilized by 4DX; floral scents, coffee, burning rubber and even gunpowder.

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