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Episode 25

?Jude ?

Mike couldn’t come with me because of the urgent call that came in, I had to run along myself.

On reaching the house Sasha was lying on the bed like a lifeless being

“Sasha? “I ran to her shaking her profusely but she didn’t make a move

“Stop worrying your self take her to the hospital right away “my mom yelled out angrily

“Mom what really happened? “I queried

“You careless boy are you asking me that question? “She shot back at me

“Am sorry I have to call for a doctor “I redraw my phone from my pocket putting a call through to my doctor friend.

?Mike ?

I was called by my mom to rush down to the hospital that Theresa blacked out all of a sudden.

On reaching the hospital, she was attended to by a doctor

“Mom what happen to her? “I asked

“She fainted that’s all “my mom responded

“Doctor will she be okay? “I asked sadly

Though I dislike Theresa, I don’t wish for anything bad to happen to her

“She will be fine Mr Mike, it’s just stress, she should take a rest and look after her self especially now that she is carrying a life inside her “the doctor smiled

“Doctor what do you mean by that? “I asked

“It’s true Mr Mike, she is pregnant that is the reason she should take a rest please no one should stress her okay? “She answered scurrying out

“Pregnant? But how? “I asked my self

“Mike, why aren’t you happy, Theresa is pregnant, she is carrying your child my grandchild you will soon be a father honey “she hugged me happily

“Excuse me mom, I need to go somewhere “I pushed her aside walking out of the room.

?Ma’am Anita ?

Oh thank goodness that my dreams are finally fulfilled, Theresa will soon give birth to my grandchild and Mike will have no choice but to marry her.

?Jude ?

I was still sitting next to sasha’s bed, I am waiting all night till she wakes.

“Mr Jude can I have a minute of your time? “The doctor asked

. “sure doc”I walked up to him

“Mr Jude, am so sorry to say this, that lady’s condition is complicated “he said sadly

“I don’t get you doc”I scorched up my face

“What I am saying is that, the lady is depressed of so many things she needs a partner by her side and the baby inside her needs

happiness and not sadness, I don’t know how or what you will do but you must do something about her if not you might loss her or the baby “he said walking away.

I am so confused about what the doctor said, should I start acting as though I am the father of the child or what?


I opened my eyes and discovered that I am in the hospital but how did I get here.

I close my eyes and tried recalling but something flashed through my mind, it was someone’s voice yelling at me

Who could it be and why was she yelling at me?

I can’t see the person’s face only her voice and harsh words

Oh god please save me

“Thank God you are finally awake “someone said and I turned to see Jude standing beside me

“Please save me from her please “I screamed

“From who? “He asked pulling me to her self

“She is yelling at me, she wants to hurt me “I cried out hugging him to my self

I tried discarding what is playing on my mind

But it became too much that I screamed and blacked out.


She was screaming and crying holding her head.

What could possibly happen to her?

She is acting strange and scared

She blacked out with a loud scream.

“Doctor “I yelled in fright and he came running inside

She was quickly put back on the bed and he attended to her

“Doctor please talk to me, what is going on here why is she having attacks? “I asked

“Calm down Mr Jude, I am not sure yet but I will notify you once I carry our this test on her “he answered taking a little blood from her body and walked out

I went closer to where she lay and touched her forehead tugging her hair behind her ear, she is so beautiful and innocent.

This shouldn’t be happening to her, she shouldn’t be going through all this.

“I give you my word Sasha, I won’t ever let anything happen to you or your unborn child, I will do

anything and everything to make sure that you are safe and alive, this is my promise to you dear”

I touch her hands squeezing them lightly, I bend over kssing her forehead before walking out of the room taking a glance back at her before closing the door behind me.

Guys what do you think is wrong with Sasha?

What will Mike do about Theresa’s pregnancy?

And what will Jude do?

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