Portable Rechargeable Multi function Blender, Mixer, Juicer and Extractor

This is available in 4 different colors, purple, blue, pink and green.


Blender, Juicer, Mixer, extractor

This electric juicer cup is convenient for extracting different fruit juice and vegetables, for blending and making tea/coffe and also a powerful mixer . This DIY portable mini blender will not only make your life easier but also healthier . You can enjoy your fruit juice anytime and anywhere. Environment friendly and harmless to your health. USB Output To charge your phone, Table, iPod, etc.

The blender is truly portable and conveniently allows you to blend and drink from the same bottle. Super cyclone electric juice blender. Super powerful blender crushes ice instantly. Easy to sip the juice from the cup

High light transmittance, low inflation high boro silicate glass as well as high temperature resistant.

Easily detachable parts which are very easy to clean.

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