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Episode 29


I entered the doctor’s office with a strategize plans

“Hi doctor “I greeted smiling, I walked to the empty chair and settled down without the doctor’s permission

“Morning Miss , how may I be of assistance to you? “He asked with keen interest

“Not much of a thing but I want it urgently and without a trace of suspicion or mistake “I replied sharply

“What could that be? “The doctor asked

“I had a miscarriage last night because of some pills I took, I don’t want my fiance to know of the miscarriage so that’s why I need your help”I shot out nonchalantly

“But you know that I can’t help you with what you want besides anything can happen at anytime “the doctor lamented

I slipped my hand inside my hand bag and redraw a check, I placed it on the table

“So doctor do we have a deal? Or do you want your principles to deprive you of 5 million naira? “I asked grinning

“What do you want from me? “He asked sadly

“I want to strike a deal with you, let’s make it a secret between the both of us “I replied

“So what should I do? “He asked

“I will act as if I am still pregnant then once it is due, you will give me a new born baby “I shot out smiling

“Ok, there is no problem at all “he replied


My mom came back with a disgusting word.

I couldn’t even dream even in my wildest life that my mom would stup her self too low to lie to me just too gain my forgiveness.

But she showed me a picture that she snapped, though I couldn’t recognize anyone’s face because they were walking while she snapped them backwardly.

I need to go somewhere……

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