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Episode 33

(Grand -Finale)


I was driving as though I was being chased by some killers or worst

Thousands of thoughts, guilt, decision  and blames  flow through my mind.

I reached jude’s house and ran out of the car running to the door, I knocked it but no response, I loss my patience and started unleashing my anger and frustration on the poor door.

I banged on it endlessly not minding the aching of my knuckles.

. some minutes later the door was opened and Jude came into view.

He stared at my face speechlessly with no readable expression

“Where is Sasha? “I asked walking fully into the house without waiting for his permission.

“I am here Mike”Someone answered and I turned to see Sasha weeping endlessly

I ran to her

“What happened Sasha? “I looked at her face trying to clean her tears

“I am so sorry Mike, for all the pains I caused you “she said hugging me

She weep on my shoulder for some hours, I didn’t disturb her because she needs to unleashed her troubles.

?Authoress Pov?

Theresa went on with her fake mask, pretending to be pretending just to gain mike’s attention and care but she was disappointed.

Ma’am Anita, pulled away from their relationship giving no attention to her, she gave them the right to choose what ever they want to do.

Sir Luke, was very impressed with ma’am Anita’s new life, he thanked God that finally his lost wife has returned to him.

Mike was given the detail of everything that transpired months back till date, he became so happy to have Sasha back in his life.

His life became so bright with the thought and the joy of becoming a father.

Mike took Sasha to a dinner date,

Sasha was dressed in a long red dinner gown that freed her baby bump, she settled for a flat sandals to match, she carried her potable purse ?.

She looked herself in the mirror and she was convinced of her look, she went out of the room closing the door behind her.

She climbed down the stairs gently, with her smile still intact her diamond earrings  glitters through out the room because of the light that penetrated into the room, her necklace was been layed carefully and well arranged in her neck line, showcasing her fine neck lines.

The gown she wears  makes  her curves visible, her b©©bs were firmly packed, she swings her waist to and fro, her baby bump protruded out.

Mike was patiently waiting for her outside the house like a gentleman, he was so desperate and nervous

“What if he rejects my offer?

“What if she breaks my heart, what will happened and where will I go, I will kill my self “he said tapping his leg on the ground

“Mike are you okay? “Sasha said touching his shoulder

“Sure, shall we? “he asked forcing a smile

“Alright let’s go “she replied tagging behind Mike.

Mike opened the door for her, she entered and he closed the door hopping into the drivers seat, he took off zooming off.

Mike and Sasha arrived at a well furnished restaurant they were directed to a well secluded area with only two seat.

It was designed with different ribbon colours, soft music was been played.

They took their seat with Mike helping Sasha sit before sitting on his, they placed their order and some minutes passed it was delivered to them.

After an  awkward silent, Mike cleared his throat dropping his cutlery.

The light went off and everywhere became dark

Sasha became scared, she dropped her cutlery, and shifted uncomfortably on her seat, she called on Mike but no response was heard.

She stood up and walked an inch calling mike’s name but no response still she became so frightened that she screamed out in fright and the whole place became bright with colorful bulbs.

The place was filled with crowds,  they held different inscription

Marry him, please marry him sasha, he loves you dear, he is nothing without you.

Those were the inscription

Hot tears of joy trailed down my face, I turned to see Mike on his knee with a diamond ring in his hands

“Please marry me Sasha “he said smiling

“No, I won’t marry you, but I will spend my life with you so say it the proper way “Sasha said

“Please spend the rest of your life with me Sasha “mike said

“yes, I will marry you Mike because we need you, I need you in my life, our unborn child needs us “she said hugging him and crying

Mike slide the ring into her finger and kssed her passionately all the crowd chattered a loud noise of happiness.

Months later

Sasha was rushed to the hospital because her water just broke, Mike refused staying outside the labour room, he was later allowed entry into the room, he leaned his helping and comforting hands to Sasha through out the tough delivery.

Finally she was delivered of a baby boy named Jackson.


“Mom please I am late for school “little Jackson yelled

“We are Coming dear, your mom won’t let me rest “mike responded

“Mom please just let dad dressed up already “Jackson shot out innocently

“She wants to give you a baby sis or don’t you want one? “Mike asked  grinning mischievously

“Mike will you stop cooking up lies already? “Sasha yelled fuming in anger

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that night we made Jackson “Mike said with a wink

“I didn’t say that “Sasha answered walking away

“Mom and dad, I am tired of living alone with siblings please do something about it already”Jackson said innocently

“Yes baby, I will do something about it but you have to talk to your mom because she is not accepting it “Mike said

“Mom pleases………

“Alright darling, we will do something about it I promise “Sasha answered reluctantly

“It’s certain then, let’s do something about it tonight “Mike shot out grinning………


I love you all ????????

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