The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 1 – 10

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Brought to you by Nikki Bella Henry ??

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Episode 1

? Sasha ?
I woke up very early today with the hope of hunting for a job, I don’t want to be so choosy and demanding I just want to do anything I see.

As long as it will put food on my table, I will do it
I hit the bathroom singing while the warm water cascaded down my body it feel so good, I remained in there enjoying my self for some time before coming out.

I put on a simple dress, a straight pink gown with a simple design I settled for a flat black sandal with stone placed on it, I applied a little powder.

You might be asking why I am saying a little powder yes it is the truth I don’t do make-up because I am so endowed with curves, and a natural beauty some times I look my self in the mirror thinking how God gave all these things to me and only me a nobody but I always comfort myself, that God is not an human and he will never be that’s why he is not after looks or personality.

I carried my credentials into my small handbag, breakfast can wait till when I am back I can’t miss this opportunity for any thing.

I walked out of the house hitting the busy street of Lagos, oh my gosh! Because of work I forgot praying to God this is so unlike me.

I went to different stores, boutique, companies and anyway I see an activity going on but they all say the same thing.
“Sorry miss we just employed someone yesterday “
I became so angry with my self, why didn’t I come that yesterday.
I decided to go back home because my tummy was grumbling for food I have to settle it if not there will be a problem.

I walked several miles before I came across a big mansion, at first I thought it was an hotel or hostel but when I saw a notice placed on the gate I realize that it is a house and they need a maid.

I immediately knocked on the gate it wasn’t open, I continued knocking till it was finally opened

“Good morning sir “I greeted the man that opened the gate, I think he should be the gateman

“Morning, who you be? “The man ask looking at me from head to toe that I became ashamed of my self I even looked at my self the second time in case I am dirty or not well dressed

“No be you I dey ask something? “The man said yelling

“Hummm…. I am here for the position of a maid “I replied stammering

“Maid? You?”he asked in a doubting manner

“Yes, I want to work please let me meet the owner of the house “I said praying he let me in

“Madam no dey house, you fit go and come back another day “he said trying to close the gate but someone’s voice stopped him

“Adamu, who are you talking with and why are you telling her lies “the person’s voice came through maybe she is the madam

“Madam, no be anybody o, I dey talk to a begger here “he said still trying to close the gate but I took the opportunity and push him away from the gate gaining access into the compound.

My eyes nearly became blind with the sight before me, holy mary! Is this a house or a paradise?

“Who are you and what do you want? “The woman’s voice brought me out of my dream land

“Am sorry ma, my name is Sasha I saw the poster outside so I decided to ask if you are still looking for someone “I said

“Oh the vacancy poster? You want to take the post? “The woman asked

“Yes ma please help me “I said almost kneeling

“You shouldn’t do that anyways the place is still vacant and you are hired, welcome to Thompson’s Mansion “the woman said smiling

“Thank You ma “I said bowing slightly

“Come with me let me show you your colleagues and give you a uniform, you are starting the work by tomorrow “the woman said walking into the mansion while I tagged along.

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