The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 11

?Mike ?
I couldn’t believe even in my wildest life that my father was spying on me, but its all good since it isn’t my mom.

I gave a second thought to what my dad told me and he is very correct this will be a very tough, bold and dangerous step to take.

I promise to fight till the end, I am not giving up on Sasha I must make her mine no matter what.

? Sasha?
After running away from Sir Mike to get the first aid box my mind became so worried and it was beating fast

He said he loves me, for the first time someone said that to me

“Sasha someone loves you, he loves you didn’t you see it in his eyes why are you pretending not to notice it “I said to myself

“Sasha you love him don’t you? “My mind asked

“Of course I am also attracted to him as well “I answered

“Remember he has a fiancee “the other mind said

“Sasha are you ok? “Silvia said
I jumped up in fright, it was as if my heart is Coming out of my mouth

“Jesus! Silvia you scared me “I said looking at her

“Sasha are you ok? “She asked

“Yea I am why? “I asked trying to calm my nerves

“You don’t look ok to me, I have been calling you for countless times you didn’t answer “she said

“Really? “I asked in a surprise manner

“Don’t be surprised dear, talk to me why are you lost in thought and why are you becoming a shadow of yourself? “Silvia asked

“Silvia I am fine, let’s talk later”I said trying to walk away

“Sasha I saw Sir Mike in the dinning bleeding what happened? “Silvia asked

“Bleeding? Yes I wanted getting him the first aid box, please where is it? “I asked

“Come let me show you “Silvia said taking the lead

? Mike?
I waited for Sasha without seeing her, I continued waiting with the hope that she will eventually come, minutes later, I saw her coming I walked to a chair and settled down on it till she arrived.

She came and kneeled down beside me opening the box, she put my leg on her thighs and clean the wounded area with cotton wool, she dipped it inside methylated spirit and looked at me

“This will hurt Sir, but you must endure the pains okay? “She said looking at me

“Its OK since you are here with me, it won’t hurt that much “I replied giving her the permission to go ahead

She placed it on the wounded area and it was so hurting but I didn’t feel the pains because all through what she did I was carried away by her beauty, I kept on staring at her beautiful face and her fine fingers.

Minutes later she was done with it, I thanked her and took my leave, I need to rest my head and plan for something nice.

? Sasha?
All through what I was doing I could feel Sir Mike’s eyes all over me, I couldn’t stop my self from blushing so hard, I thanked my stars that I was able to hide it from him.

I watched him walk away though he was limping I couldn’t help but feel pity towards him.

He is so good looking, beautiful eyes, red lips, long hair, round face and beautiful fingers.

A mere thinking of him makes my mind go crazily in love with him and its like I am missing him already.

During night time, I was in side the room trying to change out of my uniform when a soft knock was placed on the door, I walked to it and opened it gently and to my surprised it was Oh my!

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