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Episode 32


I was still occupied with thought when Mike stumped out of the house angrily.

He didn’t even wait to tell me of his departure.

“Jude? “Sasha called

“Yes, any problem? “I asked with a straight face

“Why is your friend behaving that way? “She asked taking a bite from her food

“Like how? “I asked pretending not to understand what she is saying

“He is acting strange or haven’t you also noticed it? “She asked looking at me from the side

“No, I didn’t notice anything or did you? “I shot back

“Not really but I noticed that you were lost in your own thought, I had to pull your attention back

She fired back

She stood up all of a sudden and walked away

“Where are you heading? “I asked

“To my room “she replied without a glance

“But you haven’t touched your food “I said

“I did and you know that but I suddenly lost my appetite thanks “she yelled back climbing the stairs.

?Sasha ?

Who could that guy be, why was he behaving that way, he felt hurt seeing me, I haven’t seen or know him before but I felt very happy and whole when he took me in his arms, it felt like home, like I have found my lost home.

After much deliberation, I decided to take a short nap, to clear my mind of the early hours event at least my child needs it more than I do.

?Mike ?

I left the house in a hurry, not because I couldn’t face sasha but because I was too shameful to talk to her.

What happened back then was all my fault, I caused her to ran away, I caused her to leave me, I caused her to run into another man’s bed.

I left the house when I discovered the bump on her stomach

“Oh my God, Sasha is pregnant, with another man’s child.

She gave her self to another man without thinking of me “my mind said

“No, Sasha will never betray me, she loved me and she cherished our friendship and what we shared but why all this?

Could it be that there is something going on that I can’t placed my hands on?

“Mike, have you forgotten so soon what happened there? She didn’t recognize you Mike “my instinct yelled

“Yes….. She didn’t recognize me, she acted like I was a total stranger to her but why is she with Jude, how did she end up with him and how long have they been with each other but what about the pregnancy? “I asked my self

. “Mike no body will give you answers to the question except you, yourself go find things yourself “my mind fired and that minutes I turned back to judes’s direction


I was in my office trying to put some documents in place when I heard Sasha yelled and scream out in pain.

I left what I was doing and ran to her room, I knocked for some time no reply came so I decided to take a look at what is happening in side, at first I was scared

“What if she gets angry for barging in on her without her permission,

What if she is nked? “I asked retrieving my hands from the door knob but she let out a loud scream again that ended with a thrum

I didn’t wait for anyone’s permission before I barged into the room with my eyes taking in everything in the room

I saw on the bed with tattard bedsheets

I touched her gently calming her down

“Sasha its’ okay, it’s me Jude “I whispered to her hearing

She snapped her eyes open and sat up looking at me with tears falling from her eyes

“Sasha are you okay? Why are you crying all of a sudden? “I quired cleaning her eyes with my thumb

“I can remember “she shot out

“What can you remember? “I asked

“I can remember everything, I recall everything Jude “she said with a loud cry Hugging me to herself

“You have gotten back your memory? “I asked

“Yes, and I know him “she said looking at me

“You know who? “I held her hands

“Your friend, his name is Mike , Mike my boyfriend……. “She trailed with tears

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