Access Bank Customer Care Phone Numbers, Emails and Live Chat Contact

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access bank customer care

In this post we will be showing you all the contact details of Access bank customer care and the best and fastest way to contact them. We will be showing you their Helplines that is available 247, their official email addresses, social media handles and how to chat with them live.

Access bank is one of the biggest bank in Nigeria in terms of capitalization and turn-over. Their network of banks has grown tremendously in the past few years after the acquisition of Intercontinental bank and more recently Diamond bank. This has led to them becoming arguably the largest bank network in Africa.

With so much growth comes so many customers and with many customers then there will be lot of transaction issues, complaints and inquiries. Therefore, there is need for a proper and effective customer service that is easily accessible and dynamic.

Access bank did not disappoint in this regard as they have created lot of channels to easily and quickly reach their customer service.

Access Bank Customer Care Contact Details

This table shows all the contact details of Access Bank customer care
Contact MethodContact Details
Phone Number+234 1- 2712005-7
+234 1- 2802500
Live chatAccess Bank Live
Facebook AccessBank

Access Bank Customer Care Phone Numbers

If you have any emergency issue that you will like Access bank to help you to solve, then one of the fastest ways of reaching their customer care is by calling their helpline

The phone numbers of Access bank customer care are listed below;

  • +234 1- 2712005-7
  • +234 1- 2802500
  • 07002255222377

Please note that you will be charged your normal network call rates as Access bank customer care helplines are not toll-free.

Due to the waiting time (which is dependent on the number of customers in queue) you might need to load your phone with enough airtime as you may not be able to predict how long your call session with their customer care will take.

Access Bank Customer Care Email

Access bank has dedicated an email address to help their customers solve various issues without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. To contact Access bank by email, just send your complaints or inquiries to the email address below;

Access Bank Customer Care Email:

Alternatively, you can fill a contact form on their website by visiting their contact us page. Just enter your name and email address and a Access bank customer care representative will reply you on your email.

Access Bank Customer Care Online Chat

One of the fastest means to reach Access bank is through the live chat on their website. This method is so fast, effective and do not cost you anything save your browsing data. I highly recommend this method. To get help via live chat just follow the steps outlined below:

Overall there is no specific wait time as your wait time depends on how busy that day is and how many people are before you in the queue. Generally the wait time is usually between 3mins to 25 mins.

Although calling Access bank customer care helplines is also a fast way to reach them, I prefer live chat as you won’t have to spend lot of airtime credit to talk to them.

Access Bank Customer Care WhatsApp Phone Number

Unfortunately Access bank doesn’t provide a means for contacting a customer service personnel via WhatsApp. We will let you know as soon as they provide a whatsApp details.

Access Bank Customer Care Facebook Details

You can also reach Access bank on Facebook just forward your complaints or inquiries to the official Access Bank Facebook page and a customer care representative will reply you within few minutes.

Access Bank Customer Care Twitter Handle

Access bank also provide a twitter handle whereby you can reach them to solve some issues. Just send them a message on twitter and wait for their response

Access Bank Twitter Handle: @accessbank_help.

Please note that their customer care Twitter handle is very active so avail yourself of the opportunity.

List Of Support/Services You Can Get From Access Bank Customer Care

  • Information on Access Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all Access Bank products and services.

If you have any previous experience with Access bank customer care, let us know how your issue was resolved in the comment section below.

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    My account number is 0772614351
    Ogbomoso Branch.

    Please I had a little problem on my account , the problem occurs for the past two month, any time i wishes to transfer on my phone or check my balance with *901# it reply me that you have denied access to this service, contact your bank for more information. I did it for many times and i couldn’t see any changes, my phone number is 07037659479. please help me to solve this problem

  2. My name is Adejuwon Jeremiah Adekunle account number 0029781001, I received an email informed me to Update my account on 26\10\2019. Right now I am not in Nigeria and some of the information needed to be submitted for updating are not with me. Please what can I do ? Or can I visit any access bank in Zambia for updating. thanks

  3. I requested for loan-25.000 on 301219 and money was not completed because some amount that was removed as management fee- 250.00 and 37.50 for life insurance that the no paper sent to inform me, and 1000 was taken from the loan collected as loan interest, aba. I asked for 25.000 and 23.766.8 was credited my account, this is too much, just for 25000, please stop all this cheating before anything happened.

    • You need to read their terms carefully before proceeding, it is clearly stated. Moreover you will be paying back only #25,000 as the interest and other charges has been deducted already.

  4. good morning from access bank my acct name semiu adeola acct number 0064396089 I use my ATM card to transfer money true pos the money was not created but was debited from my acct sinse on 13 08 22 till today the money was not created bact pls help me out the money was 300k

  5. Good Day Team,
    I applied for pta in your bank which has been rejected . But the rejection process has not been completed thereby hindering me from doing a fresh application to another bank . The ADB supervisor in your bank has not approved the rejection or done his part.
    My details on trade monitoring system:
    Form A number: AF2022664963
    Please treat as urgent .
    Thank you .
    Telephone number 08135410405

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