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Episode 31

?Authoress POV  ?

Mike stared at Sasha with everything in him, he couldn’t help but droll over her beauty, the butterflies in his tommy jump up in joy at the sight before them.

Mike stood up walking down to Sasha with a wide and open arms smiling sheeplessly  but he was surprised when Sasha hugged him slightly as if there are total strangers.

?Sasha  ?

Who is this guy? A mere setting my eyes on him its as if I have known him my whole life, my heart skipped immediately he hugged me and my baby kicked instantly.

I redrew my self from him staring at him, he has done something so magical and unimaginable to me.

“Who are you, what did you do to me, why did my unborn child kicked at the touch of your hands? “These were the unanswered questions my heart kept on asking me

I raised a protective hands to my baby bump and touch it as if I am protecting it from harm, he trailed his eyes down to where my hands were and I could see shock, fear, anger and sadness in his eyes.

“Why is he sad? What is his damn business with my  body, I don’t need his pity look or him to pity me, I am better without anyone’s pity ” I thought to my self

“Sasha haven’t you thought of the main reason for his shocked, angry and fear expression? “My mind asked

“Yes, you are right, but why was he angry? “I asked my self

I walked past him towards Jude ignoring his stars, Jude was just seated dumbfounded with his mouth hanged open

“Hi Jude, why are you absent minded? I mean why the sudden lost in thought I thought we were supposed to be eating already? “I asked digging into my food without sparing a glance at mike’s friend


What the hell just happened here?

Mike lost over Sasha, does he like her already?

“No he can’t act like that for the first time of seeing someone “I consoled my self

“Maybe he knows Sasha or maybe they were friends before”I tried putting my brain to use

“Jude why are you so worried, you are better than this, but why are you lost over Sasha? Are you in love with her? “My mind queried

“Maybe or maybe not “I shrugged my shoulder trying to clear out my thought

“Jude? “Sasha touched me which makes me flinched


What is wrong with jude, he is acting strange all of a sudden.

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