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Episode 26

?Authoress pov ?

Mike was taking a few bottles of drink, after some hours has been whiled away 8 empty bottles were littered on the table.

Mike stumbled out of the bar trying to keep his eyes open till he reaches the house.

Unfortunately for him, he got involved in a critical accident which he was later rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately for him, he was only having a fracture on his arm and a few bruises on his body.

?Jude ?

Days later, Sasha was back on her feet healthy and strong but what keeps me worried is the fact that she is behaving strange, sometimes she mistook me as someone she knows.

I don’t know if she really knows what she has done to me because I can’t wrap my head around it anymore, I can’t stay a day without seeing her face or talk to her.

?Ma’am Anita?

I received a call that Mike was involved in an accident, I ran out of the house like someone in sane, I entered the car zooming to the address I was told.

On getting there Mike was sound asleep with a bandaged arms and a bruised body.

This is all my fault, I nearly lost my son because of my selfish and greedy needs and desire.

God thank you so much for preserving my son’s life, I know that this might be a warning telling me to let him have his way, I

promise myself that I will never forced him into doing things against his will “I touched his forehead crying bitterly

I just couldn’t control the tears that kept falling down, he blinked his eyes open staring at me

“Sasha? “He said like a whisper

“Mike it’s me, your mother “I said with tears

“Mother? What are you doing here and why are you crying? “He fired with a harsh tune

“I am ashamed of my self son, I thought I have lost you already “I stammered

“Don’t worry over nothing, I am very much alive and strong so stop crying, at least I am alive to dance to your own tune and listen to all your selfish and greedy biddings,

don’t worry mother I am not going to die, not now and not here, I will come back home and continue being your play thing and your puppet “he fired out painfully

“No, don’t say that Mike, you are no more controlled by me, from today you are free to do anything you want to and marry any one you wish to marry ” I shot out

“Really mother? What makes you change so soon? Why are you acting all nice and caring, Sasha is gone and you are now telling me to marry who I wish to marry?

Mother I will only marry Sasha if she is no more then what is the need of your acting? “He yelled standing up

“Mike please calm down, you are not so strong to walk around let me help you with that “I tried holding him but he pushed away my hand

“Stop acting nice and move away from here, since you are not letting me sleep peacefully then I will certainly leave this room for you, it’s all yours now, you can have it “he walked out

“Mike please forgive me “I cried out

“Forgive you? For what exactly mom?

I will only forgive you if only you do my bidding “he shot out stopping on his track

“Really? I will do anything to gain your forgiveness son “I responded happily cleaning my tears

“bring me back Sasha, because she is my happiness, if you fail to do that I will cease being your son and forgiveness will be cleanse out of my dictionary “he fired out painfully

“Mike why Sasha? You know I don’t know her where about not to talk of finding her, she might be dead by now or might probably be with another man somewhere, she does not love you Mike “I yelled out

“Anita “he fired our with his eyes burning in fury

“Mike just called me by my name without adding mother to it “I thought to myself

“Son? “I walked toward him

“Sasha is my happiness and I WANT HER”he shot out walking out

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