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Episode 23

?Mike ?

I was in my room still thinking of what might have happened yesterday night after that bitch drugged me.

I tried recalling what happened but I couldn’t my effort were proved abortive.

My phone rang and the caller was Jude my friend

“See who has decide calling after refusing to pick my call yesterday “I picked up the phone placing it on my ear.

“Hey bro “a voice said through the other end

“Wat’s up dude,it been a long time since we last saw”I smiled

“It’s all good bro, every thing is well and you? “He shot out

“Same here dude, I am just so happy hearing your voice, it’s been like ages “I pout

“Mike I actually called because I missed your call yesterday, can we have a drink? At least to catch up in some things we have losed “he exclaimed

“Its a sure thing bro, send me the address and time bro “I hanged up walking inside the bathroom


I have really missed Mike like hell, I wonder what has been going on him, how is he faring?

I walked into Sasha’s room to tell her about my mom’s arrival.

She was so delighted on hearing me mentioning my mom but at some point she suddenly went pale on the face.

“Sasha? Are you okay? “I quired

“Yes I am fine “she faked a smile

“You are not fine, remember we are friends you can talk to me about anything if you have a problem “I shot out sadly

“It’s nothing serious but I am so scared and worried “she said shrugging her shoulder

“Scared? But why? “I asked surprisedly

“You mom might not like me, no body likes me, she might happen to throw me out of the house one day and you know that I am so homeless and helpless and if that happens what will I do and where will I go? “She cried

“Stop saying this already Sasha, I will never let that happen to you this is my house and no body can throw you out without my permission okay? “I hugged her to my self while she cried on my shoulder

?Sasha ?

I am so happy and convinced when Mr Jude said those words to me, it felt as if a burden is lifted up my shoulder.

. “sasha stop worrying over nothing, you will be fine remember your unborn child “my mind whispered and I covered my protruded stomach with my hands smiling

“I know you are listening to everything that is going on here sunshine, I know that you missed your dad and you really wanna come out so soon, that is also my wish I pray that you come out safely so you will appreciate Mr Jude for taking care of the both of us okay? “I rubbed my tommy smiling

The door bell rang

Who could that be, Mr Jude just left some minutes ago or is it that he left something at home?

Who walked to the door and opened it leaving it wide open

My mouth was hanged wide open with my lips trembling

“Oh my goodness, it’s jude’s mom, she is so damn classy and beautiful “I thought

“Hello daughter in-law “she greeted grinning from ear to ear

“Daughter in-law? “I repeated her words

“Come on darling, won’t you let me in? Will you just allow your mother in-law hanging outside? “She shot out

“Mother in-law? Oh of course you are welcome, come in ma’am “I paved a way for her

She walked in cat walking to the couch.

So this is the reason why Jude refuse me coming to see him right?

He planned on hiding this beautiful sight from me.

“You are very beautiful dear, what is your name? “She asked

“Am Sasha ma’am “I blinked my eyes increasingly

“Wow what a nice name for a nice and beautiful girl like you “she smiled coming closer to me.

Guys what do you think about jude’s mom behavior?

What will she discussed with Sasha?

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