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Episode 27

?ma’am Anita ?

Oh I am finished, where will i start searching for Sasha and where in god’s name will I find her.

Could it be true that Mike is really in love with this girl and not from a spell?

If he wants Sasha just to forgive me then I will do it, I will do it for my son’s happiness and for the peace of the whole family members but where will I start from?

?Authoress pov ?

Theresa was called out to a club with her spoilt friends, unluckily for her, she gets into a  threes©mes with some guys.

It was a game of challenge, at first she held herself from competing because of the nature of the game but her friends pushed her into accepting the challenge.

A day after the club, she was afraid of contacting any sickness from them so she made her way into a small chemist in a disguised just to be hidden from people’s eyes.

Unfortunately for her, she forgot telling the doctor that she was with a child, she was given a tablet that will flush away any kind of unseen disease that might have passed in.

She was so happy, she payed the doctor and took her leave but not after checking the environment to avoid any suspicious gaze after making sure that no one is looking at her way she made out into her car zooming off in a jeffy.


I was in the room trying to put some things in order when Jude came in smiling happily

“What’s with the smile “I joined in the smile

“Nothing much, it’s just that I was thinking of what to do that will make you happy and something came to my mind “he shot out coming closer to me

“Really? But what is the thing that popped into your mind “I asked hands akimbo

“It’s a surprise, you are yet to find out, so just drop what ever you are doing and take care of yourself first, you dress beautifully and come out I am waiting for you “he shot out stepping back

“But where exactly are we going to? “I asked

“Like I said it is a secret and a surprise, now please don’t keep me waiting hurry “he responded scurrying out of the room

I breath a sigh of relief, dropping what I was holding, I entered the bathroom to freshen up a bit at least that will help

After some minutes, I was done in the bathroom, I came out walking to my wardrobe, I went through it.

I settled for a long floral dress that will free my baby bump, I applied a light make-up since my face does not need much.

I wore my flat sandals checking my self before walking out of the room, Jude was waiting for me as a gentle man.

“You are fast than I thought “he shot out checking the time on his wrist watch

“Really? “I smiled walking up to him

“Yea, I thought you will be done in the next one hour or more but here you are all dressed up looking so beautiful and gorgeous “he smiled scrutinizing me.

“What ha opened “I asked when I saw the confused and a questioning look on his face

“Hope that the cloth isn’t too tight for that angel? “He asked pointing his hands at my bump

“Not really, she is fine “I replied walking to the car

“Sure, I believe you since you say so shall we? “He asked taking the lead

He opened the car for me, I walked in slowly sitting comfortably before he closed the door and walked to the other side entering in, he ignite the engine zooming off.

A slow and cool music was played in the car making me feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Since on one said a word to each other, it was getting so awkward but luckily for me he played the music.

Because I was even thinking of a discussion to raise that will while away the time till we reach our unknown destination.

?Theresa ?

After taking the drugs as directed by the doctor, I took a nap for some hours.

Waking up from sleep, I couldn’t help but to scream out my lungs.

“Theresa this can’t be happening to you, not now please “I reminisce

“Calm down it’s nothing, you worry over nothing  , you can do it or have you forgotten already that Theresa isn’t a weakling? “

My mind asked me which makes me feel comforted and consoled but still deep inside  me I knew that something is definitely wrong.

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