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Episode 28

?Authoress  POV ?

Ma’am Anita could be seen walking on the busy street of Lagos with a picture in her hands.

She showed it to any one she could talked to but everyone said they haven’t seen a lady like that.

She strolled for some hours before she became hungry weak and tired, she became so hopeless that she will never get to have his son’s forgiveness because Sasha is no where to be seen.

She entered a nearby mall to get some few things but her eyes got something, two beautiful couples smiling sweetly at each other.

Ma’am Anita became so moved and heart broken because his son would have lived like this but he isn’t because of her greedy life and quest for power and wealth.

She was back to life when someone bumped into her, falling down her handbag, she and the lady  bend down to carry the bag at once.

But she was shocked to her bones, it was Sasha, Sasha is alive.

“Sasha? “She shot out unbelievably

“So sorry ma for the trouble we caused you “some one said taking Sasha by the hand and walked away

?Ma’am  Anita  ?

“Sasha is much still alive, so strong and healthy come to think of it who was that guy that walked with her,

So Sasha has a husband and she is pregnant, she looks so happy and free she lives her life without trouble while my own son is sulking for eternity over someone that does not care about him.

I told him that Sasha does not love him but he refused listening and now look what is happening she immediately  ran into another man’s bed and got herself pregnant without thinking of him, I will have to tell him about who I see.


I took Sasha to the mall, it was a surprise I didn’t want her to know about my plans.

Once we walked fully into the mall,

She looked at me as if I have grown another head.

“Jude, what are we doing here? “She asked hands akimbo

“Sasha I know that I am not so good to you and that I haven’t reach your expectations but this is the little I could do for you and your unborn child “I said holding her

“Jude, you don’t need to say this, I really appreciate all the attention and care you have shown to me and my inborn child, thanks so much, you are one of a kind “she replied shedding tears

“Stop crying already, now there is a reason I brought you here, so quit the tears and lets start the business of the day, we are shopping for the baby “I shot out sharply leaving her dumbfounded

“Really? “She asked happily smiling

“Yes dear why don’t you take your own basket while I take mine “I said walking away while she tagged behind me


I stood up from the bed running into the bathroom, I took my bath and hurried out of the house making sure that no one sees me.

I zoomed off to the hospital, on reaching the hospital in was told to wait for some minutes that the doctor is attending to someone important.

I became so furious, who on earth could be so important that I should wait out here for God knows how long.

Long minutes passed a couple came out of the doctors office walking out happily and cheerfully

“Sasha? “I whispered

I ran to them stopping them on their track

“Hello young lady “the guy greeted politely

“Hello Mr, please I am so sorry for stopping you but I want to have a word with your wife “I stammered

“With my wife? “The guy asked all through our discussion Sasha was just staring at us without saying a word

“Hi Sasha “I said smiling

“Hi, please who are you? “She asked, at first I thought that she was afraid or ashamed of her self because I got her with a man but at the second thought i noticed that she isn’t pretending something is wrong with her

“Oh!I am one of your friend, I stayed with you in the mansion you were working “I responded

“Work? “She repeated

“Excuse me Miss, you know where she was working? “The young man asked happily

“Hummmm, not really but I know that she was once working in a mansion”I responded sharply covering it with a fake smile

“Oh so sad, I thought that we will finally get to meet someone that knows her “the guy said, thanked me and took her hand walking away

“Oh my! Sasha isn’t dead she is alive and she is pregnant

Theresa look at you, you nearly gave out your self, I won’t let sasha knows of Mike’s where about and I won’t let Mike have any idea about Sasha’s existence

I don’t ever wanna loose him again, Sasha can enjoy her days with her new catch “I thought to my self walking inside the doctors office.

Hey guy’s do you think that Mike will believe her mother’s word?

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