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Episode 30

?Authoress POV  ?

Mike stood up in anger, frustration and confusion.

He was contemplating on what to believe.

He paced round the big sitting room, cracking his brain on the next thing to do but non came to his mind so he decided to go meet his friend Jude.

He put a call through to him and his house address was sent to him

Mike took his car key and headed out of the house, he entered his car, ignited the engine and off he went with a high speed.

On getting there, he was ushered into the compound by the gatekeeper.


I was told by Mike that his friend will be coming over so I decided to take over the kitchen.

This is the first time Jude’s friend will be coming over to his house so I became so happy.

“Jude please let me help you today “I had said to him when he told me

“What are you talking about “he quired with a raised eyebrow

“I mean, let me cook for you both today “I shot out pouting like a cat

“Really? “He asked smiling but immediately change

“What’s with the sudden face? “I asked praying to God to answer my prayers even for this once

“You can’t cook, I won’t let you do that I will just order the food there is no problem “he said walking away

“Jude please…. “I said with my hands joined together in a pleading manner

“Hmmm, ok you go ahead but I will only give my consent on one condition “he said with a straight face

“Which is? “I asked walking up to him

I held the aim of his shirt squeezing it lightly

“That you won’t hurt that angel in there “he pointed to my baby bump looking into my eyes

“Sure, I won’t dare “I replied

“Good then “he kssed my forehead and walked out

Thank goodness that I have finally got to convinced him.

Long minutes gone, the food was ready

I dished it out into bowls and dressed the dinning table.

After putting everything in place I informed Jude about it and headed upstairs to freshen up.

I heard the door bell and I wanted going to get it when Jude stopped me

“You have done enough already , why don’t you settle down this once “he pushed me inside the room and closed the door.


I opened the door to see Mike with a sad face

“What’s up man? “I queried giving him access fully into the house

“Guy nothing is fine, I am so confuse and angry at the same time “he responded pacing the whole place

“I can understand you but nothing will get solved if you don’t calm down, at least let’s have lunch first before talking things through okay”I shot out leading him to the dinning

We sat down and began digging in but after taking in a few spoon mike’s countenance fell

“What is the problem dude, don’t you like the food or you prefer another dish? “I asked

“No, not that the dish is nice, well prepared and delicious it made me remembered someone “he said sadly

“Who? “I asked

“My fiancee, the girl I told you about, she was our maid before I fell in love with her, things got complicated and she went missing, this cooking taste like hers “he said smiling all of a sudden

“Really? “I asked with a keen interest

“Yes, who prepared this food, can I meet her please? “He pleaded

“Sure but give me a minute “I excused

I went to Sasha’s room and told her to come join us in the dinning once she is done .

Some few minutes later, she walked down from the stairs smiling so beautifully, i can’t help but adore her beauty.

Mike looked at her as though he has just seen a ghost, his cutlery fell off his hands and his mouth hanged open in awe he blinked increasingly…

Guys what do you think will happen here?

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