The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 19

? Mike?
Where could Sasha be? I am tired of searching for her already and I am already late for my flight.

I called the search team to help with the search but there wasn’t any progress. I decided to wait for one more day if there will be hope but it was in vain because Sasha didn’t come back.

The next day I traveled out of the country for the meeting all through the meeting my mind wasn’t there. I was lost in my own world of thought.

At some point I will take my leave at the middle of a meeting, I don’t mind the stares and the questioning look but I ignored and pay no attention to them.

That is not my problem for now, I just need back my Sasha that’s all.

? Ma’am Anita?
This past few days had been an happy and joyous days for me, oh so this is what it feels to be happy, I was so lacking in the area of being happy.

Now Mike will have to marry Theresa and no one else will be on the way.

?Sir Luke ?
I tried finding out where Sasha could be but I couldn’t, there is no passing day that Mike won’t call to know how the search is going, oh my poor son, I know that feeling of guilt, heartbreak and sadness.

But I will put in all my best to make sure that Mike smiles again.

? Theresa?
Now that the bitch has gone missing, let’s see who’s shoulder Mike will cry on and when that happens, I will definitely be right there to console and bring him back to his feet.

Theresa you have nothing else to worry about just sit back and enjoy your self.

?Silvia ?
I was in the kitchen cooking in the morning since Sasha isn’t feeling too well, I decided to take on the post.

Some hours later, Sir Mike came running to me at first I thought that something is wrong with Sasha but to my greatest surprised he told me that Sasha is no way to be seen.

“What? “I yelled dropping the knife I was holding

“She was in the bathroom when I left for my father’s room but on getting back I couldn’t find her “Mike explain pacing round the kitchen

“I haven’t seen her either, since she was with you i didn’t bother checking up on her “I replied

“Please can I have her digits? At least let me call her “he said sadly

“Sadly, no sir I don’t have a phone neither does she has any “I replied

“Fk, what the he¢k are you trying to say that you all here don’t have phones? Why and by who’s authority? “He asked yelling angrily

“Calm down sir Mike, it’s your mom’s command “I said

“Who the hell is my Mom, I don’t have a mom so I don’t know who you are talking about and who ever gave this silly command should better take it back “he said storming out of the kitchen

“Oh my poor friend, where are you and what has happened to you, I thought you are brave and better than this but why did you leave just like that without a fight “I muttered to myself

A month later

?The Authoress POV ?
Sasha is seen lying on the hospital bed lifelessly with a bandage body, she was badly injured in everywhere.

Unfortunately she spent a month in the hospital because of the vital accident that occur month ago but like fate would like it she eventually slipped into coma without showing any sign of recovering or coming back to life.

Through out the months she was in coma, Mike’s life became a living hell, he became a shadow of him self, he got engaged in every type of weed smoking and what have you, he became a drunk and irresponsible young man.

All hope and effort to restore back his normal life became abortive.

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