The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 18

? Mike?
I woked up the next morning to see Sasha sleeping peacefully beside me. She looks so tired, fragile and above all she is still as beautiful as ever before.

I moved back the strain of her hair back to watch her face while she sleeps but the hair covered back her face, I tucked it back behind her ears watching her with keen interest, I don’t want to leave here

until she wakes, I want to watch over her till she wakes up, I kissed her forehead touching her face and lips that minute a call entered my phone.

“Who could it be this early morning of the day? “I asked no one in particular

I picked the phone and it was my assistant in my company, since I came back from the state. I have not gone to the company maybe that is why he called.

“Hello? “I said
“Good morning boss “he greeted from the other end

“Morning Jude, what is the reason you called this early morning, what is so important that it couldn’t wait? “I asked angrily

“I am sorry boss, I had no choice but to call you because its very urgent “he said

“Ok I am all ears “I said trying to be calm

“Boss I have booked a flight already, the biggest share holder in our company organized a mass meeting for all the share holders of our company and it’s very important that we go there if not….. “He said trailing the last word

“If not what will happen? “I asked

“He said that he will redraw his shares”Jude said sadly

“Ok go on book the flight but why can’t you go on my behalf? “I asked

“Boss he personally asked for your presence “he replied

“So how many days are we talking about? “I asked

“3 months Sir “he replied

“3 months? For what? Just an ordinary meeting? “I yelled through the phone. Sasha stood up because she heard me yelled and this is what I was trying to avoid.

“Boss that is what he told me looks like like he will be taking a whole lot of time “he replied

“Alright do what is necessary, I will see you later “I said and hanged up.
I turned to see Sasha staring at me with a confused look

“Good morning honey “I greeted kissing her on the lips

“Morning, what comes about the morning yelling, screaming and anger? “She asked

“Uhhummm, it’s nothing, it’s my assistant that called “I replied trying to sound nice

“Hope there is no problem? “She asked

“Yea a kind of but I am traveling “I said sharply

“To where? When and why? “She asked with tears on her eyes

“Stop doing that already, you don’t have to do that please “I said pleadingly

“Then what about me? What will happen to me? “She asked crying

? Sasha?
When I thought that I could live with my head held high and now this?

Mike is traveling, he is leaving me in this house, to his mom and fiancee. How can I stay here when there will be no one to protect me against their wrath.

“When are you Coming back? “I asked

“In three months time “he replied grudgingly

“Three months?”I asked

“Calm down ok? “He pleaded

“I should calm down right? When you planned on traveling did you at least thought about me? My pains? My trials, my tribulations, what will I be facing in this house did you? “I asked yelling

“I thought about everything, I didn’t want to go but my hands are tied Sasha please understand me okay”he said pacing round the house

“When are you leaving? “I asked

“This morning, any moment from now “he replied averting my gaze

“Really? Any moment from now and I am just hearing it now? “I asked

“Am sorry, I didn’t intend traveling the call just came in urgently “he replied

“You know what? You can travel to anyway you want to and you can as well stay there for eternity it’s non of my business “I said running into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and cried out my eyes.

?Mike ?
I didn’t mean to hurt her, if I can stay back from this damn meeting I will do that but right now I need to seek for a solution first. I will meet my dad.

With the thought of it, I hurried out of the room to my fathers room. I knocked but no was no response. I knocked again and I was told to come in. I walked in side going straight to my dad’s bed, I sat on it.

“Good morning dad “I greeted
“Morning son, you looked so troubled and why the sudden disturb this early morning of the day. Is everything alright with you? Is sasha awake already? “My dad ask adjusting to a sitting position

“Dad hopefully Sasha is sound and awake but there is problem, a big one at that “I said

“Problem? Where and when? “My dad asked

“Dad I am traveling “I said sharply

“Traveling, to where and when are you leaving? “He asked

“Am traveling to California, you know I haven’t checked up on my business ever since I returned from the state “I stated

“Yes, but I thought you have an assistant over there why the sudden traveling issue? “He asked

“I am going there for a business meeting and I will be there for three months “I said

“Three what? Have you thought of Sasha? What she will face during your absence, how she will leave with the hurt and everything? “My dad asked angrily

“Dad please stop scolding me already, that is why I am here, I need your help”I said sadly

“My help? What for? “He asked

“Please while I am out please take care of Sasha for me, please don’t let mom and Theresa do anything to her okay”I pleaded

“Alright son, I will do anything to protect that innocent poor girl from your mother’s venom but always call to know how she is faring, don’t forget her okay? “My dad said

“Alright dad thanks so much, I really appreciate “I said thankfully

“So when are you leaving? “He asked again

“Now, let me go prepare, I need to go talk to Sasha
“I said walking out to my room but on getting there Sasha was no where to be seen, I searched the whole mansion still I couldn’t find her.

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