The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 13

?Mike ?
I was so shocked with what happened, my mom and Theresa beating Sasha up, I became so raged that I stomped down to them

“Mom “I yelled with so much anger

“What? Are you already bewtched by this wtch?

“My mom asked yelling

“Mike come back to reality, you are mine and I won’t let anyone take you away from me “Theresa said

“You $lut who gave you the right to talk to me that way, let me warn you for the last time, I don’t love you. I have never loved you so you are just a burden to me. You are a parasite feeding on my flesh so back off “I yelled holding her by the hand

“Mike You are hurting me, let me go please “she cried

“Mike do you want to break her hand because of this thing? You will marry Theresa weather you like it or not”my mom yelled

“Now listen to me the both of you, any day you lay your hands on her again, you will all forget about knowing me “I yelled carrying Sasha away in a bridal style.

?Ma’am Anita ?
Mike talked back at me because of that wtch, that low life bch, that good for nothing h’ll pig, well let’s see how it goes.

Is either Theresa or no one else.

I will never sit back and watch my only son get tangled with a low life pig, over my death body.

?Theresa ?
I couldn’t help but let the tears flow, mike’s words were really hurting, he never liked me I was only a burden to him all these years, he never noticed me.

And here I was getting overjoyed over someone that does not love me.

I fell in love with the wrong guy, it hurts so much I can’t take it anymore, I will never let anyone take

Mike away from me, Mike is mine, mike loves me I am not a burden nor a parasite, he is just saying it because he is angry.

I know once his anger subside, he will apologize, he will take back his word, he will hug me and kiss me, yes he will do it.

? Sir Luke?
I have never seen Mike this angry before, I nearly mistook him for someone else if not the fact that we came down here together.

I just wish that he will stand his ground as a man and make his own decision.

?Mike ?
I carried Sasha to my room, she wasn’t still moving, what could have happened to him if I wasn’t there on time.

I cu$ed the day I met that bch and I cur$ed the day my mom knew her

“Sasha don’t worry I am here with you, I will never leave you or let you suffer for the crime you never committed, loving me is never a crime “I said to my self touching his face

“Are You going to just stare at her without treating her? “Someone said and I turned to see my dad on the door step

“Dad when did you come in? “I asked

“Some minutes ago, you were occupied with thoughts “he replied walking fully into the room

“Dad what do you think is really good for her treatment? “I asked

“I don’t really know but I think a towel and warm water will help her “my dad replied

“Thanks dad “I said

“You don’t have to thank me, its my duty as a father to support my son’s happiness and decision especially if it is the right one.

You know from the first day I set my eyes on this girl. I was really drawn to her, she is perfect in everything she does, she is beautiful and free. I just couldn’t stop wishing for one thing “my dad said placing his hands on my shoulder

“What is that? “I asked expectantly

“Her happiness, she has suffered enough already, she is an orphan who faced life challenges all by herself, she is a survivor, she is strong”my dad said
“I hope so too “I replied

“Son take care of her, never you leave her, never you hurt her or let them hurt her and never let her tears flow because of your mistake, always remember this. I am advising you as a father would do to his son. We cherish what we have without letting them get hurt. You should protect and cherish her like an egg because she really is one. “My dad said walking away

“Thanks dad, good night “I said

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