The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 20

? Jude?
After working hours I drove straight the hospital to see the lady I ran into months ago.

On getting there I was directed to see the doctor in charge of her treatment.

I walked sadly to his office hoping to hear a good news

“Good evening doc”I greeted

“Evening Mr. Jude welcome “he replied ushering me to a vacant chair

I settled on it with my heart in my hands, oh God there should be a good news please.

“Doctor how is she? Is she awake already? “I asked

“I am so sorry Mr Jude, sadly no she isn’t yet awake and there is no sign if she will ever wake “the doctor said sadly

“Doctor please, I don’t care about the money all I want is for you to treat her. I want her to be alive please “I pleaded

“Calm down Jude, you know me so well that I render my services without lacking in anyway but in this case it is very different and difficult to comprehend “he said looking at me

“Doctor please I am lost here, what do you mean by being confused? “I asked adjusting myself

“Mr Jude, while was doing a morning check up on that lady. I discovered something and it’s very bad for someone in her condition it’s either we losses one or get rid of one “he replied

“Doctor, you are still speaking in riddles which I don’t understand “I said scratching my head

“Jude that lady there is pregnant, that is the result of the test I carried out in the morning “he replied
That instant, my head went blank, am I dreaming?

Like I nearly killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child , I couldn’t help but feel guilty for everything and now she is fighting for her life and her baby’s own while I am here walking with two legs.

“Mr Jude stop walking up yourself, stop feeling guilty and don’t blame yourself for what happened because if you do you will leave to regret it. As a matter of fact, you told me that that lady ran into your car before you ran her over. So you should stop worrying over nothing, comport yourself and pray for her safety instead “the doctor said

“Thank You doctor, I will be taking my leave but before then can I see her? “I asked

“Sure, this way “he said directing me.
I went inside the room that she was, all sort of electronics and machine were attached to her body and she is breathing with oxygen. I couldn’t help but shed tears for this poor lady. She has been here for
more than a month and no body called or looked for her, is it that she doesn’t have a family? And she wasn’t with a phone that fateful day.

I left the hospital driving straight to my house, I refused eating anything through out the day that will be my punishment as from today, a punishment for putting two lives in danger.

I changed my clothes and rushed into the shower came out and I saw a missed call on my phone, I checked it and it was my long time friend, how I missed this stubborn friend of mine.

I will call him later tomorrow as of now, I don’t have the strength to talk to him, I climb the bed and tried to catch a little sleep.

? Ma’am Anita?
Now this is the opportunity I have been waiting for, I can’t loose it for anything in the world I must grab this opportunity.

I called Theresa to my room, I told her everything I am planning and what I want her to do thank goodness she is always obedient and cooperative.

?Theresa ?
I am just so filled with joy, now is my greatest time to attack and I won’t fail.

I took my bath dressed with the most sxiest dress and waited for mike’s return.

I just can’t wait for him, I will make sure that he won’t be able to resist my body

Well mike the game is on, let’s see how tough you can be.

Can you over look a body like mine?
Can you live without me after having a taste of me? I doubt you won’t last a night without yearning for my touch.

With the thought of it I smiled to myself cat walking to the bed.


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