The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 15

? Sasha?
I am happy that Mike was there at least to help me if not I don’t know what would have happened to me.

I regret ever opening that damn door, I would have just ignored the knocking and concentrate on my duty.

“What are you thinking? “Mike asked

“Nothing, I am fine “I replied

“Really? See Sasha I know that it’s my fault, I caused you this pains and you might be mad at me but believe me I didn’t mean to “I said hoping she forgives me

“It’s OK, I know it’s not your fault at least you were there to help me if not it would have been a a different story now “I replied

“Sasha thanks for understanding me, I so much appreciate and cherish you because you are such a rare gem to find, I have never seen someone with a caring, soft and lovely heart as you”Mike said holding my hands

“Thanks, I am flattered so can I now return to my room? “I asked

“No not yet”Mike replied

“Why? I am fine as you can see and I want to get out of this….. I paused looking down on my self

“The shirt? That’s my shirt don’t you want to wear it? do you dislike me that much? “He asked sadly

“oh God! Not again, are we still doing this? I don’t hate you Mike, I like you and I even LO… I paused instantly, realizing what I wanted saying

“You even what? He asked

“Nothing I gotta go “I reply sharply and stood up from the bed

Not looking at my self when I stood up, I took some steps before I checked my self to know if I am good to go out, I was so shocked.

? Mike?
I know that she wanted saying something but she suddenly ended her speech, why did she stop and does she dislike me that much?

I was still stunned with her actions that I couldn’t say a word or move from where I was sitting.

She said she wants to return to her room she is free if only she is ready to face the stares from people with the way she is dressing.

I couldn’t help the smile that tugged on my lips when I saw the expression on her face.

“What happened? “I asked smirking

“I can’t walk out wearing this “she said walking back to the bed

“What happened? Don’t you want them to know that you were sleeping in my room all day? “I asked smiling

“No, not that “she replied

“Then what? Oh I almost forgot, you don’t want them to know that we made out through out the whole night right? “I asked and winked at her

“You what? “She asked screaming

“Yea we did or won’t you ask how you come to wear my shirt? “I asked

“You idi©t, who changed my clothes and what did you do to me? “She asked yelling and glaring at me

“Calm down Cinderella, you look so cute when you are angry, I changed your clothes and cleaned you up after the hot love making we had, don’t you remember anything? How can you forget such a lifetime memory, your memory is so poor. “I said smiling

If you see the expression on her face, she nearly fainted, her face went pale instantly and if looks could kill I would be dead by now because the way she is glaring at me, I became so scared

“I even have the pictures with me and guess what you did? “I asked

“What? “She asked

“You hugged me so tight to yourself, you told me not to leave you and you said you love me that you can’t do without me “I answered with a straight face

“You dkhead, I said that? “she said jumping on me making us fall on the bed with me on top of her.
We stare at each others eyes passionately.

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