The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Mansion: Episodes 11 – 22

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Episode 12

?Sasha ?
I opened the door to meet the shock of my life
“Sir Mike? “I called uncertainly

I couldn’t close my mouth because of the shock. I looked at him without blinking I looked down at myself. I was only with a short white towel that I tied round my chest it barely covered my a$$. I was so ashamed of myself that I closed the door on him.

I leaned on the door for some minutes before another knock came through, I thought that it was Silvia this time but this one almost gave me a heart attack

“Ma’am Anita and Theresa “I couldn’t believe my self

“Am I dreaming? “I asked my self inwardly

“Certainly not “my other mind answered

“You wh©re what were you doing with my fiance?

“Theresa’s voice thundered giving me a hard slap across the face

“I couldn’t say a word because its their word against mine “I thought to my self

“Why are you speechless, say something you prostitute you “ma’am Anita yelled pulling me by my hair

“Wait is this how you were dressed? “Theresa asked

“This girl really has no shame, you dressed like this to seduce my son? “Ma’am Anita asked beating me up I couldn’t scream because no body will rescued me

? Theresa ?
I was heading to mike’s room but on getting there I couldn’t find him, I searched everywhere but I didn’t see him, I ask a maid that was passing about his where about and she told me that she saw him entering the maids quarter.

At first I was so confused

“What could Mike be looking for in the maids quarter, there is only one way to find out “I said to my self

I was heading towards the quarter when I saw mike standing at the door step of a maid, I couldn’t see the person’s face clearly so I decided to hid myself behind a corner.

I waited for him to finish what he was saying and return back to his room, immediately he left I went

to the door and checked the number and went back to ma’am Anita’s room, she is the only one that helps me in wining mike’s heart .

? Mike?
I know Sasha will be so shocked and surprised on how I get to know her room, well I once followed her one evening after she rounded up things for the day.

I was waiting for the right time to visit her because if my mom or that bitch finds out Sasha will be in trouble.

? Sir Luke?
We were in the room when someone banged on the door as if the world is Coming to an end.

I waited for Anita to open the door so I could see the person that disturb the peace of this night.

Behold it was the peacock, she whispered something to my wife and she took off immediately with her, I wonder what the problem could be.

I stood up immediately and hurried to mike’s room, I knocked and he opened it instantly

“Mike you are still awake? “I asked him

“Yes dad any problem? “He asked

“No, I don’t think there is any but Theresa just left our room with your mother after she told her something “I said

“What? And where are they going to? “He asked me

“I don’t know either that is why I came down here thinking that the problem is here “I replied

“Dad there is problem “he said and took to his heels

“Wait, where are you going to and what do you mean by that? “I asked tagging behind him

“Dad, she is in trouble “he replied

“She? Who is she? “I asked

“Sasha is in trouble dad”he yelled.

On getting there Sasha was on the floor without screaming or moving, Anita and Theresa were still beating her up

“Anita “I yelled walking up to her

Mike was just staring into space

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